Combining the perfect mix of melody and wall of noise aggresiveness, EXO's rock attack hints of Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Jane's Addiction.


Since the band's inception in 1999, EXO's goal has been quite clear…to make music by their own standards and no one else's. All original members were heavily involved in the Chicago music scene before being drafted by lead singer/guitarist Scott Tallarida, who had left Trailer Hitch (Man’s Ruin) earlier that year on a mission to create his ideal music machine. Consequently, there was a local buzz about EXO before the group ever set foot outside of their rehearsal room. After an immediate onslaught of showcase shows, EXO became uncomfortable with the idea of others trying to define and mold the band before the band had defined itself. So they disappeared, locking themselves in Scott's apartment to make a record and figure out who or what EXO really was.

The definition of EXO is simple, as it should be.

EXO is from Chicago
EXO is four men
EXO plays rock music

Nothing more, nothing less.

With the self-release of their first full-length album, Say Hello To The Master Siege Control, in December of 2000, EXO emerged with confidence and quickly started to build a loyal regional following. Produced and recorded solely by the band, the album received a number of glowing REVIEWS. After a West Coast tour and extensive national tour last summer and fall, EXO was ready to record once again, this time in a basement studio built by the band, and aptly named Binge.

Through relentless dedication to music they can call their own, EXO has honed their sound into a precise craft…melodic but aggressive, raw but perfect. Upon hearing the noise, people have compared it to everything from the Beatles to Queens of the Stone Age to Nine Inch Nails. Although it's difficult to derive any congruent list of influences from listening to EXO, one thing is for certain: it is EXO, and there's no mistaking it.

The anticipated follow-up to the MSC is slated for release in September of 2003, and EXO is poised and ready to bring it right to your front door and politely ask you to give it a listen. Say hello.



Written By: EXO

1. Hail to the Chief of Petty! Principal of Witless High on the North Side Race against the luxury of your youth appointed judge and jury 2. Thankless Righteous You won’t bend for anyone And you feel so very alive 3. You make such a fuss You must be liberated 4. Made of ten second studies from trips to the local grind over latte 5. Stay about a mile from my face or I might be forced to lie to appease you 6. Helpless Faithless You won’t learn from anyone But you feel so very alive 7. You make such a fuss You must be liberated


Written By: EXO

1. Well it's time to rage I spent the whole day dreaming of sticks and stones for everybody And I'm not afraid I see the look of violence on everybody's face And I can't believe in anything that you tell me 2. I am Unsteady 3. I won't pretend I spent the whole night shaking cause impotent is all I can be And I won't deny I'll make the best of nothing to liberate the mind And I can't believe in anything that you sell me 4. I am Unsteady 5. Stop I don't accept your ignorance But I understand your charm I see the tackle and the bait And I watch your victims fall But I worship everything you do And I study every move And I'll let you break 6. I am Unsteady

God Save the Milky Way

Written By: EXO

1. God made the junkies And God made molesters And God made the mothers of genocide's commanders God gave you T-counts And 3rd time offenders And God gave you cancer in all its shapes and sizes I take the pictures cause I love the drama And I write the bios filled with imperfections 2. God save the milky way for us God save the milky way We'd hate it any other way 3. God made the racist The smug white supremist And God made the fathers of locked up schizophrenics I take the surveys cause I love the madness And I am the MC making introductions 4. God save the milky way for us 5. Hold me while we take this together Stay free and I'll kiss you forever Come clean cause it will be awfully hard to see.


Say Hello to the Master Seige Control - 2000
The Safety Primer Justice - 2003

Visit http://www.exonoise.com for downloads.

Tracks from the "The Safety Primer Justice" being played on Chicago Radio (q101, 94.7 The Zone)

Set List

Private Life
System Undone
God Save the Milky Way
A Day Like Today
Hey, Mr. Everything
The Last of the Super Radicals
She Said
Dear Departed Fool
Normally play 40-45 minute sets