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Exodus Movement

Edmond, Oklahoma, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Edmond, Oklahoma, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Hip Hop Hip Hop




"Savior (Christian Hip Hop Video)"

Scott Williams is the author of Church Diversity and has 102,000 followers on his blog; www.bigisthenewsmall.com. It is truly a honor for him to write an article about our music group and post our music video on his blog. - Scott Williams

"Exodus Movement Drops Album "reDEFINITION" On 3/1/11"

Exodus Movement will drop their newest album, reDEFINITION, on March 1, 2011. With tracks produced by K-Drama, The Advocates, and ScootaBeatz, this album is jumping out of speakers and into the streets. The album contains 15 tracks including their recent debut "Savior", and features artist including CAM, Iam Franklin, and Sean Johnson.
- Keyan Gospel

"New Music Featuring Exodus Movement"

Review: The gritty presentation of the Gospel is back in your stereos. This veteran group always delivers catchy hooks and timeless tracks, all presenting the Gospel and being relevant at the same time. This track is powerful and shows how big God is and how he changes lives. The transitions from both verses to artists are very smooth. And so is the hook.

- Wade O Radio


Exodus Movement's video, 'Savior' featured on West Coast Fiyah Website. Check out the link attached to Press Review. - By P-Dub with West Coast Fiyah

"Exodus Movement - Savior"

Exodus Movement premieres first video, 'Savior' off of album, "reDEFINITION." - rapzilla.com

"Video: Exodus Movement Premieres Video ‘Savior’"

Artist Name: Exodus Movement
Song Name: Savior
Produced by: MVP Films
CD Release Date: 3-01-2011
Record Label: N/A
Website: www.exodusmovement.tv
Follow Me: www.facebook.com/theexodusmovement | www.twitter.com/exodusmovement

Exodus Movement premieres first video, ‘Savior,’ off their highly anticipated 5th album. Exodus Movement will drop their new album “reDEFINITION,” on March 1st. Produced by K-Drama, ‘Savior,’ features recording artists Lil Raskull aka RAS and Iam Franklin and is meant to express the power of God over a city while redefining how Christians view ministry and evangelism. The album can be purchased on 3-1-11 on iTunes, Amazon.com, and many more online music stores. Stay connected with Exodus Movement by visiting their website; www.exodusmovement
- Holy Culture

"Exodus Movement Drops Album "reDEFINITION" On 3/1/11"

Exodus Movement will drop their newest album, reDEFINITION, on March 1, 2011. With tracks produced by K-Drama, The Advocates, and ScootaBeatz, this album is jumping out of speakers and into the streets. The album contains 15 tracks including their recent debut "Savior", and features artist including CAM, Iam Franklin, and Sean Johnson.

reDEFINITION is meant to re-characterize the lifestyle and depiction of a modern day Christian. This album is set to reach individuals in the roughest circumstances by making the strength of God's word applicable to a weakened generation. Their single, "I'm Hood," portrays the truth of living by faith even in discouraging conditions. As living testimonies, Exodus Movement raps about their experiences growing up on the streets, living in fatherless homes and conquering materialism. They encourage listeners to forget negative labels and attain their identity found within Christ.

In addition to the album release, Exodus Movement will premiere the video, "Savior", featuring Iam Franklin on March 1st. The video is the first release from reDEFINITION. You will be able to view the video on their website; www.exodsumovement.tv and www.youtube.com/exodusmovementvid

The album can be purchased on 3-1-11 on iTunes and Amazon.com

Track Listing

1. Lift His Name High (Produced by Halo for Air Tight Productions)
2. Savior Featuring Lil Raskull aka RAS and Iam Franklin (Produced by K-Drama)
3. It's Me Featuring Melanie Clift (Produced by Kadence for Air Tight Productions)
4. Consequences Featuring Rob Clay (Produced by Halo for Air Tight Productions)
5. So Cold Featuring D Woody (Produced by ScootaBeatz)
6. Get Live Featuring Rozie Turner (Produced by K-Drama)
7. Gimme Dat Fire (Produced by Halo for Air Tight Productions)
8. I'm Hood (Produced by Kadence for Air Tight Productions)
9. In The Ghetto Featuring CAM (Produced by Halo for Air Tight Productions)
10. From the Body of This Man (Poem by Apocalyptic) (Produced by Halo for Air Tight Productions)
11. GO Featuring Kamikazee (Produced by Halo for Air Tight Productions)
12. Out to Get The Cheese (Produced by The Advocates)
13. Nightmare Featuring Sean Johnson (Produced by Halo for Air Tight Productions)
14. End Of The World (Produced by Kadence for Air Tight Productions)
15. Altar Call - K Hill

"UCON 2010"

The Exodus Movement had the opportunity to travel to Peoria, IL and perform at the Life is no Game Conference at the Dream Center. This was a great experience for the group and for the those who attended. Check out the link to watch the youtube video for this event and to review info about the Dream Center. - Dream Center Peoria

"Exodus Movement Album Release"

Rising from the streets of Oklahoma City, The Exodus Movement commonly referred to as Exodus of the Indie label Selah Records, continues to generate fresh and fiery tracks after nine years of doing gospel rap. The now four-member group, who lost a member (Carl “Vocab” Wilkerson) due to cancer in 2006, uses the gift of rap as a platform to spread the Word. The remaining members include HD, Lapo, Apocalyptic, and Kadence. The group’s latest album Broken Tablets “ The Rebirth” released April 28th, presents an eclectic style of hip hop that is relative to audiences from all walks of life.

The album title, renamed from a previous album, conveys a message of frustration but uses it as a motivator to refresh and change the calloused heart condition of men towards the Father. The album has appearances from artist such as Cam, Tiny, and Kamikazee. It also features production by “in house” producers Kadence and Halo of Air Tight Productions as well as Tony Tone Beatz.

Broken Tablets “The Rebirth” has a variety of music from street anthems like “ Boyz In The Hood” to thought provoking tracks like “Fade Away” and “Hip Hop”. Exodus gives you a glimpse of their overall mission on the intro track “On Everything” (Check out the video below).

The Album is available now at http://theconnextion.com/selahrecords/. Coming soon to itunes and other online music stores.

For more information visit them on:
Myspace: www.myspace.com/exodusmovement
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Exodus-Movement/44376561697
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/exodusmovement
Youtube: www.youtube.com/theexodusmovement or www.youtube.com/lapo7

- www.Dasouth.com

"Dope Artist of the Week - Exodus Movement"

Back in 1998 a crew by the name of the Cash Money Millionaires took the game by storm and is credited as the creators of the crossover word "Bling". When Cash Money came out they did produce some hot joints but what made them stand out is their hustle game.

They kept producing mixtapes and stayed in your face with multiple music videos. Even if you didn't like Cash Money you couldn't deny the fact that they wanted to succeed in this hip hop game. Now in 2009 a crew out of Oklahoma has made their way to the internet and hustlin' hard to make themselves relevant to the average hip hop listener. This crew is called The Exodus Movement and to me they are droppin' heat. Now for me to say that may be a miracle coming out of my mouth because this statement is coming from a diehard east coast fanatic. When I first saw their video "Boyz In Da Hood" I just felt the energy coming through the screen from these hungry emcees. The beats that they spit over will pound in your truck, Cadillac or whatever you roll in that has some bang in it. The fire that they have will eventually crossover appeal and when I say crossover I'm not talking about from the hood to the suburbs but rather from the Christian audience to the secular cats. I wouldn't be surprised to see a write up of them one day in XXL, The Source or Allhiphop.com.

Since we live in such internet slash visual driven type of world they're doing real good by producing the amount of videos that they're putting out. That is the type of stuff that'll get them in front of big wigs that can make things happen. They keep it gutter for the streets and at the same time not afraid to proclaim the name of Christ. Times are changing and so is hip hop. Listeners are hungry for something with some substance and I think this four man crew can satisfy that appetite.
- www.dasouth.com

"2010 Festival of the Arts"

Sunday, Apr 25, 2010 Start Date: Sunday, Apr 25, 2010, 11:00am- 6:00pm
Location: Downtown Oklahoma City
Dates and times are subject to change; call ahead for more details
Worship Warrior In The House – Contemporary Christian 11 a.m.
Exodus Movement – Inspirational Gospel 12 p.m.
Kanaga – Rock 1 p.m.
The Imposters – Rock 2 p.m.
Cori & Chelsey Emmet W/ No U-Turn Band – Rock/Country 3 p.m.
Junebug Spade – Rock 4 p.m.
Built for Speed – Classic Rock 5 p.m.

- http://wimgo.com/oklahoma-city-ok/2010-festival-of-the-arts-water-stage-sunday/events/117334

"The Exodus Movement"

“Broken Tablets: the Rebirth,” an album released in April by an Oklahoma City gospel rap group, is the latest effort by the quartet “to spread the Word,” a spokesman said.

The Exodus Movement was formed nine years ago as a quintet, but one of its members (Carl “Vocab” Wilkerson) died in 2006, leaving HD, Lapo, Apocalyptic and Kadence as its four members.

“The album conveys a message of frustration,” the spokesman said, “but it uses that frustration as a motivator to change the hearts of man towards God.”

Appearing on “Broken Tablets” are Cam, Tiny and Kamikazee, and the album is produced by Kadence, Halo and Tony Tone Beatz.

The album includes music from “Boyz in the Hood,” as well as the singles, “On Everything” and “Fade Away.”

“ ‘Broken Tablets’ stresses how a ‘peace that surpasses all understanding’ can be achieved, even in the most bizarre circumstances,” the spokesman for the quartet said.

“God can change you,” he commented, “and He can change [those circumstances].”

The Exodus’ first release was the single, “Need Jesus,” which was followed by an album, “Street Testaments.”

The group played a role in another album, “The Slow Lane Chronicles,” and released “The Mixtape (Vol. 1)” in 2004.

“We believe that a song with Christian principles and Christian values can really change the way even a little kid thinks about a situation,” the group’s spokesman emphasized.

“That is one reason why we have come together as a group,” he continued. “We believe that, if that same kid listens to Christian Hip Hop, that could really encourage him, and would give him a positive way of looking at the world.”

The spokesman said The Exodus Movement’s music is designed to broaden the horizons of urban young people.

- Perry Publishing & Broadcasting Company


Let My People Go, 2002;
The Plague Mixtape Volume 1, 2004;
Broken Tablets, 2005;
Vocab: The Final Chapter, 2006;
Broken Tablets The Rebirth, 2009



Exodus Movement Bio

Exodus Movement is a two member group from Oklahoma City, OK that has been doing music for 12 years. They have released 8 albums including their latest, Redefinition.
Their hit single Savior from the Redefinition Album has a video that has received over 80,000 views and is currently playing on 90 different outlets in the USA including; JCTV, Way TV, Urban Gospel Network, Lifestyles-CTN Family TV, and many more.

Exodus Movement has had the opportunity to perform at hundreds of different venues including; SXSW, The Oklahoma City Arts Festival, Oklahoma State Fair, Holy Hip Hop Awards, PeoplesChurch.tv - Oklahoma City, OK; fastest-growing church in 2010, Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois; 3rd largest church in America, LifeChurch.tv, Dream Center Peoria, Illinois, and many more.

Exodus Movement would be honored to perform at your event. Please visit their website @: www.exodusmovement.tv or e-mail jessica@exodusmovement.tv