EX-PALADIN is a guy/girl power duo delivering a heavy rock sound based out of Long Beach, CA.


“Heavy metal and punk rock has never meshed so well in a duo.” -The Wired Baron, 2007.

Ex-Paladin is a power-duo creating a complete sound with distorted guitar, frenzied drums, and compelling vocals. Comparisons to The Melvins, System of a Down, The Troggs, and The Doors have been drawn by enthusiastic listeners who have witnessed this formidable and charismatic live act. One fan described them as “The White Stripes from Hell.”

Pieter Britz formed the band two years ago, finding drummer Annelie McKenzie in Long Beach. After the 7th bass player was still not a good match, they successfully defined their sound as a duo, playing a steady stream of gigs in and around southern California.

Ex-Paladin’s full-length debut album, “Songs of Heroic Deeds”, was self-released in 2007. The 12 songs present a solid set of tracks that include brooding metal, irate punk, and harmony-driven rock.

Many fans have asked about the name of the band, Ex-Paladin. It conjures the image of one who has given up old causes, perhaps changed their personal definition of heroism. This is reflected in the lyrical content of the songs.


Debut LP, "Songs of Heroic Deeds", self-released 2007.