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Columbia, South Carolina, United States

Columbia, South Carolina, United States
Band R&B Singer/Songwriter


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"Collette feature on Kevin Nottingham: "Orange Moon" Remix"

Columbia based (now New York residing) singer Collette will release her CoCo By Request project this Tuesday on Sounds Familiar Music. CoCo By Request will be an appetizer for her full-length Revolution coming in 2012. Check out the first single from the project, a cover of Erykah’s “Orange Moon”. -

"Soul Tracks Review: "Coco by Request""

Collette isn’t easy to describe or place into a category, and to an artist like her, that’s probably a compliment. Marching to the beat of her own drum since the early years (she was a part of jazz and marching bands in her native South Carolina), Collette claims influences from across genres and spectrums (Cher, Duke Ellington, Faith Evans, to name a few) and artfully combines them all with her own confident flair on her second release, CoCo By Request.

Composed of full numbers and ‘request line’ types of intros, Collette is self-assured and authentic in her renderings, whether she’s weaving hip-hop-style breaks and verses into a starry-eyed ode to newly-encountered soul mate (“When he stepped in the room it wasn’t really no question, see he is my blessing and I’m his reflection/ I glow because I know that my orbit is through, he is the sun and I am the moon.”) or a compelling remake of India.Arie’s “Ready For Love,” which isn’t as languorous or reflective as the original, but just as honest and heartfelt. “Angels,” elegantly delivered a cappella style before giving way to a frenetic up tempo backdrop, displays gospel roots without overreaching or becoming hokey.

Whether she’s describing what she needs to keep the love life percolating (the playful and provocative “Sparks”) or putting her relatable flaws out on Front Street (“Dead Wrong”), the only real drawback to the CD is that it leaves the listener yearning for more full-fledged songs and a lot less intros/interludes. Collette is still making her way and has a bit more polishing to do, but it won’t be long before a broader audience finds her flavor, samples it and make moves to cop this enjoyable CoCo…. for themselves.

Vocals: 4.0 stars
Lyrics: 4.0 stars
Music: 3.0 stars
Production: 3.0 stars
SoulTracks Call: Recommended

By Melody Charles

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"TIRM Review: "Coco By Request""

Most artists claim to make music for the people - but seriously, how many actually do just that? An interesting concept when you think about it and Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Collette actually puts that concept into action with her EP Coco By Request. A short collection of cover songs Collette re-imagines for her fans at their request, literally. The EP interposes three fans' requests for their favorite songs through Collette's voice; in one interlude, Collette asks, in her husky singer's voice, about the request for India.Arie's "Ready for Love" and the answer is simple - she can sing the hell out of the song. Collette takes the simple, heartfelt tone of Arie's original to an uplifting, declaratory place. While Collette changes the tone of the song, the sentiment is the same. The stand-out cover is Collette's take on Erykah Badu's "Orange Moon". Collette's full and light voice interplays Badu's hip-hop and neo-soul influence into a contemporary, up-tempo R&B song that keeps Badu in mind when Collette breaks out into a smooth, singsong flow of the lyrics. Collette closes Coco By Request with two original songs from her upcoming album Revolution. "Dead Wrong" and "Sparks" provide a musical explanation for Collette's influences and how she infuses those into the covers on the EPs and her own music. "Sparks" is the more interesting of the two in her own personal request for an extraordinary love over a melodic, intergalactic beat that leaves the listener wanting more. With Coco By Request Collette is giving the people exactly what they want. You're welcome.

"Soul Bounce Review: "I Am Ready For Love" Video"

Collette's cover of Erykah Badu's "Orange Moon" had us thoroughly impressed here at SBHQ and had me convinced, after one spin, that her Coco By Request EP would be worth picking up. As well as giving us a glimpse at her upcoming, full-length album, the EP showcased Collette's knack for taking a track -- impressively, a track with a strong association with the original artist(s) -- and transforming it into something that could almost convince you Collette was the original artist. Nowhere is that more apparent than on her beautiful take on one of my favorite India.Arie songs, "Ready For Love." Collette has put together a very simple, yet effective video to accompany the track, which you can see below. If you haven't picked up Coco By Request yet, you can get it here. -

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"Collette feature on iHipHop Kickstarter Campaign"

Another Revolution! We went from Les Nubians Nü Revolution to Yours! I’m speaking about Collette. She’s a sultry very talented singer/songwriter. Lots of blues, southern soul and a lot of other influences going on. She sings about love, relationships, spirituality, material, the journey and everything else in life. I first met Collette while introducing her to the stage at Frank’s Lounge in Fort Greene. That was her first real show after re-locating to NY from Columbia, SC. She’s hilarious- had the audience in stitches and she loves to make folks laugh! She’s tall, beautiful and sophisticated yet has the b-girl at heart as she’s super young. Let’s just say I was very impressed along with everyone else in the audience and there were key tastemakers and bloggers/photogs in the house that night….Well- it didn’t take long before catching the ears of Talib Kweli, Premier and others. In fact- there are a few hefty urban afficionados who feel that Collette could really break out- One to Watch!!! With that said….Her debut ‘Experience Collette’ created a buzz- laid the groundwork and foundation for the elevated and progressive next project which I hear is more Hip Hop/beat oriented still soulful but younger demo!!!

It’s called ‘Revolution’- but here’s the catch– it needs the finishing touches- mixing/mastering and Collette is looking to raise a $4,000 goal in 30 days and of course if she surpasses that - the project can afford a publicist and all the promo necessary… So through Kickstarter she’s launched the campaign…Let’s support the cause why don’t you….If she doesn’t meet the $4,000 she’ll lose any of the money raised!

Depending on how much you donate- you can get executive producer credit, or an original song written just for you or Collette will come perform at your home- up front intimate & personal! On making ‘Revolution’ Collette says “It’s a movement for personal freedom and love”. Follow her on Twitter she’s throwing out her comic routines there
- iHipHop

"Collette feature on Nu Soul Magazine"

One of our favorite artists, the lovely and talented singer/songwriter writer Collette, is gearing up for her new album with the assistance of Kickstarter, an exciting new site. Click the image above to see how you can help.

Collette on Itunes:

- Nu Soul Magazine

"Collette feature on Soul Bounce"

In this age of free downloads and disposable music, there are still artists out there who put a value on their work. As they should. Studio time doesn't just grow on trees, you know. It costs money to make your dream happen, and for many independent artists the funding just isn't there.

But that's where the website Kickstarter comes into play. With the tagline "A New Way To Fund & Follow Creativity," the website allows people to post projects online that need financing and random people pledge to donate money. Sounds simple enough, but there is a catch--project creators must meet their monetary goal in pledges by whatever deadline they set or they get nothing. That all-or-nothing approach might be a bit daunting, but no one ever said that hustling was easy.

One artist who is utilizing the unique concept of Kickstarter to raise the funds to complete her album is Brooklyn-based songstress Collette. She released her debut, Experience Collette, in 2008 and she's nearing the finish line for her sophomore set, entitled Revolution, but needs some more ends to make it to the end. Through Kickstarter, she has already raised a little over $2000 to date but needs to reach her goal of $3000 by June 1st in order to get all of the money that has been pledged to her. Check out this video of Collette explaining it all right here.

- Soul Bounce

"Collette" - Junior's Cave


Experience Collette, LP, June 2008
You Don't Know, Single, June 2008
Keep Christmas Alive, Single, December 2010
Coco By Request, EP, May 2011
Orange Moon (Remix), Single, May 2011
I Am Ready For Love, Video Single, June 2011
Coco By Request Deluxe Edition, EP, November 2011



Collette began as a pianist and saxophonist in her early childhood. After spending four years in college at Howard University, singing and soaking up the raw energy of Washington D.C.’s go-go music scene, Collette was finally ready to unveil her unique brand of storytelling.

Her 2008 debut album "Experience Collette" was featured on Music Choice network, and earned her opening spots for Chrisette Michele, Eric Roberson, Rachelle Ferrell, Talib Kweli, MC Lyte and more. She was featured in the Gap store "Born To Play" series, and toured the U.S. in support of the album. In 2010, she snagged the John Lennon International Songwriting Contest's holiday prize with her single "Keep Christmas Alive." And Winter 2011 brought Collette's first ever award nomination, a nod for "Best Female Vocalist" from the Reader's Choice Awards.

Today, Collette is hard at work on the 2nd full-length album "Revolution" while enjoying the success of a fan request EP "Coco By Request." With influences as varied as Mary J. Blige, James Taylor and Ella Fitzgerald, she brings a sweet, honest and jazzy vocal flavor. Stay tuned for much more from this Southern belle of soul.