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You can see a small clippit from last years Glasgowbury festival, where one female fan briefly talks about our set to the reporter

check it out here: - BBC ATL

8th May 2008
THEY thrill wherever you place them or wherever you see them.
Gone are the days when Mantic would put on as much of a show with their actions as their music.

Embraced is a culture of hard graft and determination that, after a hell of a long time, sees them finally getting things back on the metaphorical musical map.

We've been with them through the ups and downs and round arounds and we're proud as a bag of peacocks to see them happily reaffirming our desire in live music.

Granted, not everyone will warm to their style. But to act unimpressed with them playing out of their skin at any given time or location is not easily accomplished.

Mantic are the epitome of all that's good in Mid-Ulster's music scene. And yes it is a scene.

If you've left your brain in Belfast while you take your washing home to mammy at the weekend then you shouldn't even be reading this. Go and shop for a new stripy jumper - I hear pink's all the rage these days.

The rest of us will go in search of something slightly more fulfilling. And where better to sample such delights than at one of the most successful music outlets in the country. And surprise, surprise it's in Mid-Ulster too.

The G Sessions take us on such a magical journey. Proving that even out here in the a-hole of nowhere, you can bring together said musical masterpieces.

And then there's our hosts, who kick off in front of a distinctly smaller crowd but none the less enthused and engaged with every note.

Since Victoria's drafting, Mantic have looked and radiated the feel of a much more accomplished and well rounded package; clearly happier and determined with what they do.

And just like the psychedelic circus which kick started all things new a few short weeks ago, Mantic roll out the carpet for another sexily coreographed show of strength, oozing coolness and class with every action.

It's in their dedication to the cause that Mantic really shine through.

Any embarrassment or nerves are left backstage as Odhran delivers the head-banging killer bass lines, as Kev gets absorbed by the band's aura, as Fionnbhar's inch perfect drumming excels, as Victoria up-front delivers kick ass vocals, as Kicky's djing compliments their every movement, as Conor's keys feel the full Mantic wrath...

Newest release Da Da Da Da Da Da Daa is warmly welcomed but until we know full track listings from the forthcoming ep we'll not get lost in other titles.

Their choice to keep the music perfected over the years and allow Victoria to inject her lyrics to the mix doesn't disillusion long term fans but still offers enough freshness to keep them on their toes.

The song once known as Werewolf Love Parade is re-energised with Miss Geelan's up-front persona and watching her bandmates get lost in the howling night time creation behind her is both mesmerising and ultimately satisfying.

For sheer hard work and commitment to the cause, Mantic should be applauded. They deserve everything they get and everything they get should be good. - The Mid Ulster Mail


Our Debut album, 'Mahogany GasPipe', released during the GLASGOWBURY festival which we are playing, 26th July...Currently there is one track up on our myspace, we have 3 tracks up on our EPK

We have submitted another track which will be used on the prestigious Alternative Ulster 5th birthday bash Magazine cd



Mantic put on a show! plain and simple!!...Visually as well as Musically we grab you by the preverbial balls, have you dancing, singing, bobbin and enjoying music!! the way it should be!

Priding ourselves on a BIG sound, and as Energetic and POWERFUL a live set your gonna get outside of a damn stadium!

Influences range from The Mars volta to Frank Zappa, to Jamiroquai to the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Our taste's and influences are diverse, unhinged and down right mad!! chances are you'll get a hint of most styles, genres and musical soundscapes...As well as some of the finest musicians The musical rich island of ireland has to offer! or your money back!

We sound like a lot, but at the same time sound like nothing...Truely Original!