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"Magnet Magazine 1"

"From time to time, sounds are made that prove electricity to be a necessity. The elongated, ebbing waves that earned Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation a spot in heaven. The slow hypnosis of Bardo Pond's "Aldrin" or the shrill sensurround of Flying Saucer Attack's New Lands. Lee "Scratch" Perry's subversive, psychotic suggestions. The last half-minute or so of "Symphony," Love For The Last Time's opener, dares to nudge the above for a small spot at the foot of the sonic bed. After building from Rachel Staggs's breathy, semi-coherent pronouncements, the band sets the controls for hyperspace and plunges forward, guaranteeing the rest of the album a listeners' unbroken attention. How Experimental Aircraft delivers "Contemplative Silence" answers the question, "What would it sound like if George Harrison had ever played slide guitar with My Bloody Valentine?" One earful of the intro to "Seasick" and it's apparent Ex Air has found god. So here's a raised tonic to Ben Franklin, knowing he too couldn't leave well enough alone." - Magnet Magazine

"The Big Takeover 1"

"This review should have been written two years ago when Love for the Last Time was scheduled for its original release. The album was in the can, but troubles with the Austin space rock quartets former label, Devil in the Woods, caused delays and the follow-up to Experimental Aircrafts impressive 2000 debut sat on the shelf. Both the songs and the playing are much more accomplished this time around. Brooding guitars cascade and crash around Rachel Staggss melancholy voice on the aptly titled "Symphony," while a beefy, propulsive rhythm section drives songs like "Johnny" and "Seasick" with a sense of urgent purpose. If 4AD has any sense, theyll pick this band up. They havent had anything this strong on their roster since the heyday of Lush and the Pale Saints." - The Big Takeover

"Built on a Weak Spot 1"

"Third Transmission: Meet Me On Echo Echo Terrace is the third album from the Austin, Texas based Experimental Aircraft. Having been absent for quite some time now, the band has come back as strong as ever with this wonderful album. As far as spacey/shoegaze releases go so far this year, this has definitely found a place among the top of the early pile. In actuality I should use the word shoegaze somewhat loosely with them, as they are much more than your average distortion heavy “wall of sound” type of band. They manage to blend elements of indie-rock and hints of psychedelic influence within the distant sounding fuzz. Experimental Aircraft sound very much like a product of where they are from, with songs that stretch and reveal a hint of haunting loneliness that one can easily be consumed by living in such an area. It sets the mood perfectly. Adding to it all is one of my favorite aspects of the band, which are the gorgeous vocals from singer Rachel Staggs. Her soft drifting vocals complement the bands overall forlorn sound perfectly with her injecting that slight ounce of hope among it all." - Built on a Weak Spot


"Post-shoegazer bands are a dime a dozen this year, but none of them have made a record like Third Transmission, with its shimmering walls of altered guitar and dreamy 4AD-girl vocals. The two principles split singing, each taking the mic for one of two stand-out songs, Rachel Staggs in pulse-droning "Stellar," TJ O'Leary for the more strident, punk-rhythmed "Upper East Side." Both are stunning. No one warned me about this record, and hardly anyone seems to have heard it, but it's a good one, no question." - http://30secondsover.blogspot.com

"SputnikMusic 1"

"It's a shame that Experimental Aircraft probably won't ever get the respect and acknowledgment that they deserve. Realistically, I suppose it would be a little much to expect anything more for the band than the occasional e-props from some obscure blog. The Texas-based shoegaze quartet was formed in 1997, and has only released three full length albums to date; a tidbit made more notable owing to the fact it's been six years since Experimental Aircraft's second album. Given the sheer brilliance of Third Transmission: Meet Me on Echo Echo Terrace, however, the six year gap following Love For the Last Time has been well worth it. With twice as many tracks as both of its predecessors, Third Transmission is an hour long, but manages to capture and maintain the listener's attention for the entirety of the experience.

Opening track "Stellar" effectively offers the listener the rundown on Third Transmission's musical direction. Walls of noise are the foundation in which Experimental Aircraft's sound is built, with emphasis placed more on the hazy atmosphere produced by guitarists Rachel Staggs and T.J. O'Leary. And it is the dominant bursts of fuzzy distortion that give Experimental Aircraft their biggest asset. Despite being pieced together by layers of noise and the occasional subtle melody, as can be heard in "Paintings in the Attic" or "Start Over Again", Third Transmission presents a very serene, dreamy listen. The aforementioned Rachel Staggs helps accentuate the music with her soft, almost hypnotizing voice. Similarly to the spacey overtones heard throughout the record, Staggs sings in the exact same tone throughout the entirety of Third Transmission; that being in an airy, nonchalant manner, in which she drifts in and out of the mix. However, to say that all fifteen of the album's songs sounded exactly like one another would be a tad misleading. "Sit Still", for example, is more of an upbeat indie-rock number featuring a mumbling O'Leary behind the mic. Though perhaps not an album highlight, the song effectively injects some energy into the album, albeit only briefly.

Though Experimental Aircraft's third L.P. features several songs which can be enjoyed individually, songs such as "Stellar", "Remember", "Paintings in the Attic", and "With a Gun", Third Transmission: Meet Me on Echo Echo Terrace is one of those albums one needs to listen to in whole to best appreciate. The album flows flawlessly, with each song contributing towards the sixty-mute blur of hazy noise rock, complete with its beautiful musical backdrop, and engaging instrumentation. Pretty good for a band whose previous release was a seven track recording from 2002, huh?" - Sputnikmusic.com


Thank You For That Perfect Day-LP
Love For the Last Time- LP
Third Transmission: Meet Me on Echo Echo Terrace

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Experimental Aircraft formed in 1997 and has been a staple of the Austin music community since its creation. Originally borrowing sounds from the late 80's British shoegaze scene, the group's sonic identity has evolved methodically and culminated in their 2008 release Third Transmission: Meet Me on Echo Echo Terrace (Graveface Records). The band is currently experimenting in the studio finishing off their fourth full length record for an early 2010 release.