Expiration Date

Expiration Date


Expiration Date will blow you away with the fastest bassman in rock music holding down two guitars weaving out of each other under a vocal line that will not leave your brain. It's the best headache you've ever had.


Roughly 400 broken drumsticks, 100 broken strings, frozen fingers, bleeding fingers, and the bass amp starting on fire have all provided Expiration Date rehearsals with no shortage of excitement over the last three years.

We're the most unlikely of characters, really. Will, the bassist ,listens to Zeppelin and the Chilli Peppers and seems to have been told he's the lead guitarist. Mike plays some great heavy metal, allegedly, but Expiration Date might not be the place for that. Neil's been drumming almost as long as he's been putting out fires - someday we'll get too flashy and require him to do both at the same time.

And at some point, they found a short Brit who grew up on Oasis and U2, and made him the singer. We like to think of ourselves as having the best of both worlds - the songs will stick around in your head long enough that you're sure you heard them years ago, but we really know how to play our instruments. Too many bands sacrifice that, and I hope we haven't yet.