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Explode When They Bloom @ The Sound Academy

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Explode When They Bloom @ Chubby Pickle

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Explode When They Bloom @ CJAM FM

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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Explode When They Bloom is another new band hitting the music scene. Intense and volatile yet maintaining a strong sense of melody, they have elements of both Fugazi and Mogwai, with perhaps a hint of Tool. An impressive jump start, they played a slew of shows in October playing with the likes of Portia, The Run Atlantic and Black Kreek. These guys are just at home at an acoustic showcase as they are at a metal show. These guys could be superstars in a year. Check out some samples from their new EP, Bedtime Sessions, and future show dates at www.myspace.com/explodewhentheybloom - Upfront Magazine

Explode When They Bloom bill themselves as the "New Sultans of Swing," which is, of course, just the kind of witty pop-culture reference we've come to expect from Canadiana. But, as evidenced on the jam titled "Got 'Em in Spades" from their latest offering, As the Animals Make Their Way Through the Crowds, they do offer up a kind of swing — even if it's couched in vocals that head toward histrionic and buzzing post-punk shredding. The hi-hat-snare-kick rave-up chops away underneath a manic guitar energy that should alternately have the kids pogo-ing or running into one another. - Metro Times Detriot

Imagine for a moment if Ian Mackaye had decided to include a few well thought out pop hooks to make Fugazi a little more radio friendly. It seems a little odd, I know, but this perfectly describes the sound of Windsor’s Explode When They Bloom’s latest release “As the Animals Make Their Way Through the Crowds.” From the opening track “Moonlighting Woman” which conjures up images of both the vocal styling and math rock sensibility of No Means No, circa ’94, to the closing riffs of “Satisfaction” it is apparently clear that this band is determined to hold the banner of intelligent post-punk high. These boys excel at controlled chaos, and even in the album’s quieter moments you can feel the dagger of their explosive energy dangling precariously above the listener’s head waiting to drop. Which provides a small insight to their live performance, which I can only imagine is a stunning as the record itself, I sincerely hope this band graces our fair city with a live gig in the near future as I can’t wait to see these ten intense tracks performed on stage. This album is definitely worth a listen. Album highlights include: “We Will be Sleeping,” “GSFUYK?” “Got ‘Em In Spades.”
- londonindie.com

And so it begins, world domination, the new order, call it what you will, but don’t call it mundane. Bridging the Gap is a mini-tour set up by Windsor’s famed Harvesting the F.A.M. organizers, the first one taking place over four days last week within the blustery confines of Southwestern Ontario, ending in Toronto’s Savannah Room.
Windsor’s golden boys, Explode When They Bloom flooded the stage next and the response was nothing short of ecstatic. Some people are born with passion and these boys exemplify that perfectly, when they take a stage people listen. Seeing a crowd of fifty people in a small room dancing around, sweaty, pissed and incoherent is usually a good indication it’s time to leave. Not true when Explode is around, their sometimes dancy, sometimes moshy, mostly infectious brand of music is best experienced live and leaves you wanting more.
The tour is well-intentioned even with a negative atmosphere surrounding Windsor. Erzinclioglu believes that they will remain profitable even as other ventures continue to fail. He believes that art in its various forms brings people together and it is easy to see why. Explode, headlining the four-date tour are a well-crafted machine that hit listeners with a sonic boom of intense progressive rock.
With the recent success of other Windsor acts like Michou and Lodown, Explode are poised to become the next success story as they continue to build momentum around Ontario and beyond. - fazer.ca


"Bedtime Sessions" Ep(2006)
"Got'em in Spades" Single (2007)
"As the Animals Make Their Way Through the Crowds" Album (2008)
New record out 2009

"Got'em in Spades" played on 101.1FM WRIF, 95.1FM theRock, Punkradiocast.com, and across the country on college radio
"Moonlighting Woman" on 88.7FM 89x, 95.1FM theRock, and across the country on college radio



"...Intense yet volatile yet maintain a strong sense of melody, they have perhaps elements of both Fugazi and Mogwai with perhaps a hint of Tool. These guys are just at home at an acoustic showcase as they are at a metal show. These guys could be superstars..."
-Jamie Greer, Upfront issue99

2008 would mark the release of their first full length record "As the Animals Make Their Way Through the Crowds." Produced, mixed and mastered in exactly one year to the day by Brett Humber from Sound Foundry Studios in Kingsville, Ontario. The album would produce the highest intensities and coolest lows, giving the boys the diversity to play along side any genre, and still stand out.

"I have to admit: when I listen to the start of the first song on this disc, Moonlighting Woman, I'm reminded of the melodrama of Danzig. But then the guitars and drums burst into an angular riff and this Kingsville/Windsor post-punk quartet totally redeem themselves. There's stupendous creative energy on this debut album. Seriously, I ended up listening to all 10 tracks in one sitting -- that's how interesting the songwriting is. It's a testament to the band's originality that it's hard to describe what they sound like. Imagine if Fugazi had more of a pop sensibility. Or if At the Drive-In beefed up and took singing lessons. At times, the band really does sound on the verge of exploding. Even when things slow down, like on the track Code Blue Baby, there's a manic current under the calm." 5/5
-Dalson Chen, Windsor Star

"By including a band like Explode When They Bloom in this article, I have included a band that brings a distinctive energy to unsigned music. In We Will Be Sleeping, Explode When They Bloom has a track that simply oozes the quality of being a live favourite. On the whole, and band that poignantly concocts a potion of shout-along verses and harmony-soaked choruses is always welcome here. Here it becomes paramount to recognize the vocal talents of Jay Ouellette, whose capacity to both passionately scream and sing is a welcome addition to my play list. Many argue that he really comes to life on the up-tempo songs, but he is equally at his best on The Truth, a song that not only encompasses Jay’s vocal talents, but also the capacity of the band as a whole to record a song that sounds truthful." 7/10

The band would become known as "local loudsters." Moonlighting Woman and Got' em in Spades would get rotation on major radio stations and "Animals..." has been in the top 30 chart on college radio stations and across Canada. The album is now on major distribution sites such as Amazon.com, iTunes, and cdbaby.com, and available in various record stores in Southern, Ontario. WAMM (Windsor Arts & Music Monthly) Magazine declared "Animals..." 32nd on the "100 Best Windsor record ever released" list. The album being amongst Alexander Spence (Jefferson Airplane), The Tea Party, and Never Ending White Lights. In the same article, the album was dubbed "Possibly the best of 2008".

Explode When They Bloom are now taking to the road, burning down every house they play. The live show is always different with new elements and constant new material working its way in. So let down your hair down, bring yourself a hot date and be the next to fall victim of their electrifying rock and roll.