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Born in Denver and raised just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Chris Knight aka EXP started rhyming the first time he got a taste of hip-hop. With early influences such as Tone Loc, Slick Rick, Kriss Kross, and De La Soul, he fell in love with the art of the rhyme and rap. Utilizing his works as sort of a therapy helping him to deal with negative aspects of his life, EXP found comfort in his new-found craft.

"I never cared much for cars, clothes, or dance music, but my personal creativity and songs are what pulled me in" states EXP. "Music without a meaning is white noise to me. If you don’t have a message then you’re just hustling the system. That is something I can’t stand and have no time for".

Citing influences such as Tupac, Strange Music, Psychopathic Records, and Greydon Square, EXP literally listens to all kinds of music in his spare time. He states two of his favorites as Drakes Thank Me Later and Eminems Recovery. He’s also a big Joe Budden fan.

EXP hesitates to place himself in any particular "Sounds Like Category" however when urged he states

I really don’t think I sound like anyone in particular, I mean I get the Eminem and Asher Roth jokes but I’m sure that’s not a musical comparison, more of a another white rapper type of joke".

When asked who or what inspires his music, EXP replied,"If no one has noticed yet, religion plays a huge role in my music. Every time I see another way religions affect the world, I wake up every day realizing why I’m doing what I’m doing. I know there are more people that think the same way I do. They just need a boost, someone to show them it’s ok to show your Disbelief. The Crusades are over. It’s time to take a stand".

With opulent music and a serious rhyme going on EXP’s music comes both from within and from what he observes around him. Both scenarios affect his music. Performing in front of thousands of his die-hard fans is probably his biggest dream. He wants his audiences to leave an EXP performance feeling like it was worth every penny.

Maintaining artistic integrity is not an issue for this rapper. His message will never change no matter how commercially successful he becomes. "I just want to be taken seriously; I see all these talented independent artist putting out albums and mix-tapes with poor artwork, poor quality, no thought and no originality, but yet they demand respect. You gotta understand if you want people to see you as "The Real Deal" and not just another wanna-be rapper, you need to take yourself seriously. It takes a little bit of money true but I’d rather pay for quality than get trash for free. I love my fans too much to do that.

Keep your eyes and ears open for this emerging rapper. He’ll soon be in a town near you.