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Upon hearing music from artist such as scarface and Nas at age fifteen, Ex experienced the desire to share the feelings that these works gave him with others. Though born and raised in Harlem , Ex spent substantial amounts of time in South Carolina. Experiencing this spiritual and more relaxed environment provided an opportunity to expand both his world views and musical direction . While his hunger is a motivating factor, he's confident he'll stay on the grind well after success arrives. Mean-while Ex. plans to take an ex-acting approach to his craft and ex-traordinary style. ex-habited as he ex- poses his life through music. - Hush Adullt magazine 1st Quarter 2006

"Periodical Feathures"

EX, that's an interesting name. Tell us the meaning behind the name.
Well (EX) stands for "Explicit", basically meaning that i'm not holding back. I say what I want and what I feel. So it may be smooth, Street or raunchy. Whatever the track makes me feel is what EX spits.

Where are you from?
I'm from Harlem, The "best" borough in NYC.

What does Hip Hop mean to you?
Hip Hop is a way of life. It gives us a chance to have a voice. Hip Hop is everything. You know when somebody could hear a song and drop a tear, hug they shorty or even bang out wit they ni#@$s from listing to music, that's Hip-Hop. I love it man. Hip hop is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Your flow, your lyrics and your cadence are sick. Who inspired you to want to pick up a mike?
Everybody inspires me man to do this sh#t, But the dudes that stood out, Nas, Rakim, AZ, Jay, Scarface. Those my favorite ni@#$s right there.

You are hitting the mixtape scene real hard. What are some of the mixtapes you have appeared on?

I did joints fo DJ K-Swiv, DJ S&S, Dj Shorty Love. Sincere, Double R and V12. I'm also looking forward to being on that new DJ Kurupt joint I also got my own Mixtape out "The Professional Hustler". That's out right now on the street corners buzzing like crazy, in the trunk of my car in the hood, bootleggers, downsoth. O'm nation wide baby!!!

Tell us about your independent label OD records.

O.D (order & Dencey) records, that's my label there that i'm starting with my business partner. You know for me I was always in situation wit Ni#@$z and so call labels saying they gone do this and that and when it's time to put up its something else. So I told myself that I'm gone invest in myself and get it popping. O.D Records stands for "Order & Decency" cause that's what we need in this game. Some Damm Order... But be your own man. Don't depend on the next man or company to work hard for you if you don't work hard for yourself, that's why I'm an entrepreneur.

What's your opinion on the current state of music business?

Everybody saying how the game is f#@ked up, it's no money. Which is not true, this is a billion dollar industry and if you hungry, talented, and your business is right how they gone stop the sun from shining.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

5yrs from now I see myself still doing albums, on a professional level. Touring, ghost writing, featuring with top dudes, my label O.D Records jumping off with a couple of hot artist signed the Professional clothing line in every store and just doing music and being the king of N.Y

Any shout outs?

Yeah, My brother Tone, moms, my partner Ski, Menace, show Pro Fam, Pro Life Ent. Professional clothes. my ni@#a Jesus Christ, and of course Rap Fanatic for the love & support! - Rap Fanatic magazine

"Interview with E.X"

iFlow: Harlem is home town? Has its history influenced your movement in any way?

EX: Yeah, I rep Harlem all day, Harlem most def influence me, my swag my personality. I love Harlem it's so smooth like the movie Sugar Hill; all the get money fly dudes come from Harlem. Malcome X made his mark in Harlem and I feel that I could have that same influnece.

iFlow: Being a hio hop artist in today's market, how has the business affected you in becoming more visible?

EX: It hasn't affect me too much. I think artist forget what being a MC means. It's like everybody wants to be Jay Z; which is cool, but it is like dudes go harder with the business than they do with the music. I try to balance it out, the game is different but I love writing!

iFlow: What is your primary focus/concentration in hip hop music?

EX: Just being the best in the business. I want to be the best; I study the greats and I pay respect to them so I feel as long as I continue to grow as a man/artist the sky is the limit

iFLOW : How would you describe your mission…. Quick and in a hurry or Down to earth and straight to the point?

EX: I’m down to earth. I feel the like the Bumpy Johnson of this sh*t and if you study the name Explicit it means straight to point not holding back, I’m giving the people me!

iFLOW: At the end of the day, what matters most to EX?

EX: Being the “ best” leaving my mark, being a legend and not being an overnight success with 1 hit and that’s it. My lil' brothers & sisters are saying, "That’s my brother (go head) boy do that sh*t." I am showing them to never give up because I didn’t.

iFLOW : What was it like to work with Michael Bivens (New Edition)?

EX: I never workes with Mike Bivens hands on. Postaboy, H2O, my boy Menace, and myself had a group called Drugs and we was f*cking with Jay, the A&R from Biv 10 Records, heavy when they was popping. We was putting together a album; it was crazy on some Wu sh*t but with a Harlem swag.

iFLOW : How did your grind change from working with producer like Teddy Riley? Did he provide you with any monumental advice that pushed your career a step further?

EX: I was just getting tracks that Teddy Riley produced from somebody that had his music that wanted to shop me to Teddy.

iFLOW : As an artist, in what direction would you say that your music in going?

EX: I am different and as a artist/MC my music is heading where I believe God wants it to be. I listen to Bobby Womack, Marvin Gaye, Scarface, and Nas. Dudes who make music that stands the test of time. I love Scarface! I represent everyday people, but I feel other then 50 Cent or Jay-Z, I am the next great song writer in the business. I just know how to write good songs. Kanye West is another person who writes good songs. Some dudes can rap they ass off but writing a song, creating it, and painting that picture ~ a lot of artists can’t do what I can (hands down).

iFLOW : How long do you plan on staying in the game. Meaning, are you seeking music as an avenue to startup another business venture?

EX: As long as I feel I’m still hungry and passionate and enjoy doing it, I will always write songs even when I’m old and grey. As of right now I have a label called ProLife Ententertainment that my partners and I are starting. We want to do it right.

iFLOW : If not music, what secondary passions do you presently have that you would pursue if music was not first for you?

EX: None, this all I have. I won’t say that I am not Multi-talented, but I will say that I love making music and I don’t want to act!

iFLOW : Who would you like to work with on your next album project (in terms of production)?

EX: Kanye, L.e.s, Primo, Pete Rock, Swizz Beats, Admonish, and Frequency that s my line up for a mega album.

iFLOW : Any artists that’s in the main stream right now (other than the Jay Z’s and Nas’ or Snoop Dogg) that you are feeling their fire musically?

EX: Scarface, Anthony Hamilton, and Andre 3000. I love those dudes. Scarface is the greatest! the “Fix” is my inspiration.

iFLOW : Other than your music, what is in your cd case right now?

EX: Scarface, Anthony Hamilton, American Gangsta Soundtrack, Slick Rick, and Nas Esco.

iFLOW : Are you mentoring any artists at the moment?

EX: My lil' cousin Arnstar (lil' mama's brother) is going be fire in years to come. His pops, my Uncle Kippy D, was the oringal Rocksteady member. He is all in the Hip hop files written by Martha Cooper. My uncle was in the Wild Style movie, and Afrika Bambatta video dancing wit Crazy Legs and Frosty Freeze. To see him take my uncles torch and bring it a notch higher will make my uncle proud.

iFLOW : If you was to own an island what would you name it and why? What would be the mission for this land? How do you feel about investments outside of the music realm?

EX: I would name it “Peace Island.” Everybody is welcome to smoke their trees, cigars, and drink wine or Henn - iFlow Magazine

"Artist Profile"

EX :: Steppin Out
Reviewed by Aylin Zafar

Listen to a bit of what rapper EX has to offer and it should come as no surprise that he grew up on Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder. The Harlem native has taken his soulful rhymes onstage, opening for acts like Dru Hill, Blackstreet, and KP & Envy and gained some radio airplay in both New York and South Carolina. “Steppin Out” is a light, fun number that comes at just the right time—a breezy track to help you ease into your day and get things started. - URB Magazine


Radio Airplay
91.9 Promo Radio (New York)
93.3 Jamz (South Carolina)
DartRadio.com- J-Hatch and Draw's S.P.O.T.S Radio Show
City College Radio Station (New York)

Television Appearances
Mad Ciphers (New York)

Mixtape Releases:
Where I'm From - Pro-Fam
Professional Hustler
Professional Hustler Vol. 2: The Come Up
Professional Hustler Vol. 3: The Manual

Mixtapes Appearances:
PFR Entertainment- The Legacy, "Brand New Life"
DJ Kool Kid- I'm A Gee, "When Them Things Go Pop"- Feat. Bathgate
Dj G-Spot & Dj Noe Dout- Movin Weight, " Dear Summer Freestyle"
IRT DVD spring 2007 edition "I Can't Live" Music video featured

National Coliseum (Charleston, South Carolina)
Club Cheetah (Manhattan, New York)
The Soul Cafe (Manhattan, New York)
Nightingale (Manhattan, New York)
Downtime (Manhattan, New York)
S.O.B's (Manhattan, New York)
Babalu's (Manhattan, New York)
Club Demorage (Manhattan, New York)
T-NY (Manhattan, New York)
Gasolina Nightclub (South Norwalk, Connecticut)

Artist Collaboration
Lord Tariq
Jinx Da Juvy
LaWanda Michelle
Fame Fortune

Producer Collaborations
Teddy Riley
Micheal Bivins
D.W.I Muzik
Jay Brown
Beat Brewers

YBAD/Strictly #1 Entertainment LLC

Daniel "Mix-Alot" Edwards
Strictly #1 Entertainment LLC
P.O Box 461
NY, NY 10037



EX is a talented lyricist who was born and raised in Harlem, New York. His name represents his exacting approach to his craft and extraordinary style, exhibited as he exposes his life through music. While growing up EX listened to artists such as Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder. At age thirteen EX became interested in the hip-hop world. At age fifteen, upon hearing work from artists such as Scarface and Nas, EX experienced the desire to share the feelings that these works gave him with others. While writing rhymes started as a hobby, over time EX became increasingly entrenched in the hip-hop world.

As a teenager, EX spent a substantial amount of time in South Carolina. For EX, experiencing this spiritual and more relaxed environment provided an opportunity to expand both his worldview and musical direction. EX returned to New York with a heightened awareness of the struggles of all men and an increased desire to share his music with listeners throughout the world.

EX loves music, from writing to recording to performing. He is an intelligent songwriter and a passionate artist that embraces his emotions and shares his personal side with his audience. EX possesses a unique aura and brings a substantial amount of charisma to the game. While he has been close to realizing his dreams in the past, he continues to pursue his ambitions. EX is confident that he has the skills and talents necessary to succeed in his ambitions and believes nobody but God can take his music away from him.

EX has worked with artists such as Blackstreet, Bathgate, Posta Boy, Sacario and Jinx Da Juvy and producers including Teddy Riley, Michael Bivins and Jay Brown. He has performed in front of audiences ranging from 500 to 10,000 people, opening for acts such as Dru Hill, KP & Envy and Blackstreet.

While his hunger is a motivating factor, he’s confident hell stay on the grind well after success arrives, as he recognizes how easy it is to fall out of the limelight. Through his lyrics, EX paints a clear picture of where he came from, both as an individual and as a product of his environment, and where he’s striving to reach. EX believes that the grind he’s endured is only a part of Gods plan and with perseverance he will eventually reach his goals.