Ex Reverie

Ex Reverie


glam rock from the year 1066. melodic and lyrical epics with ample folk instrumentation.


Ex Reverie’s prima mobile Gillian Chadwick's conscious employment of the fantastic within epic confines heralds a return to a reality deeper than most modern folksinger neo-realists can manage to muster. The Door Into Summer evokes a unique realm wherein dulcimers and glam-rock guitar frenzies manifest with uniform importance; the trick of knowing not to discern a difference between them is one which Gillian understands better than any other current acolyte of storied 70's sonic alchemist Tony Visconti (Tyrannosaurus Rex, David Bowie). Lyrically deft and delicate, Gillian's degree in Philosophy as well as a life-long love for myth and science fiction all speak through, and carry the listener through this diaphanous landscape.


Jan 22, 2008: "The Door into Summer" released on Language of Stone, manufactured and distributed by Drag City.