We are EXTAZA an electronic, trance rock band from Las Vegas NV. We are a fun, crazy band who has a passion for good, solid music to make one dance and feel good about themselves. We are truly unique in style and originality.


Andrew David Gaudette is a vocalist, lyricist, producer, bass player, and a synth sound keys player who has a desire to make his music known to the world. He has been writing songs since he was 15 and has four albums on iTunes and Napster. He has released his third album BLOODLINE in 2008. Serve Your Master, his first album was released in 2006 which include favorites like DEMON ENSLAVED and the title track SERVE YOUR MASTER. In 2007 he created and produced DEMONS RISING, a more dark vocal album infused with his vocals and music from RAVE MUSIC. BLOODLINE, the album in 2008 was his first attempt for airplay on local and underground radio feeds. In 2009 ADG met up with former players from BURNING ASHES of LAS VEGAS and decided to start the EXTAZA project. In April 2009 EXTAZA recorded 8 studio tracks from LOVE JUICE STUDIOS in Riverside California. EXTAZA has been playing small venues in Las Vegas since to promote their music. In late 2009 EXTAZA was featured on JANGO RADIO where listeners get to listen to their music for free. So far EXTAZA has been played 124 times on JANGO RADIO! The EXTAZA EP is available for download on iTunes, Napster, emusic, and LIME WIRE. New EXTAZA tracks are planned for 2010 so stay tuned! Any comments or concerns regarding EXTAZA should be addressed to adgmusic@hotmail.com


EXTAZA - self titled debut
EXTAZA can be found on JANGO.com/music/extaza

Set List

We start out with the Descendent intro, Descendent, Enemy of Time, XXX, Love's Sin, DO KOSTE, Fear and Loathing, Claudi, and end the set with Overdrive.