EXTERN : 5-piece genre mongrels who play beat-breaking, kick-ass dance songs.


“EXTERN met in the woods just outside Bristol, England, in April 2003 and since then they've set about creating the lean, mean live sound which is uniquely theirs: darkly infectious bass lines pound against warped keys and samples, altered guitar noises scream and growl across tunes, while the beats are nail-gunned through each track by the band's punk drummer. EXTERN's singer, Dee, sparks off this musical powder keg with intense lyrics cut with sharp hooks. One to watch in 2005, EXTERN is a band guaranteed to feed your head and move your feet.” Inkling

"A definite Pulp Fiction air and quality - then it all kicks off!"
DJ Magazine

“EXTERN… are out not simply out to play music, but to transform themselves into something beyond a collection of individuals. Their sound is complex, sexy and incredibly fresh”.
Decode Magazine


Love Amnesia.

Written By: Donna Rawls

I loved you baby once,
but now I don't remember.
All these pictures are of you
but I just don't remember
stop telling me I do -
I'm tying knots in everything
Because I don't know what this is.

I try to remember what I've seen
and who I've been here,
what I've loved, what I've lost
all the pain that I've caused
with the joy that I've brought.
To all my people, all my friends
and family here,
I'm tying knots from the skin
that we're in
to thing that makes us all
want to sing
I try to remember what I didn't know I'd lost here,
with a memory that's shocked
by a heart that will stop.

I loved you baby once,
but I don't remember.

You say you're screaming underneath,
C'mon then let's take a peek,
Gut feelings are fine by me,
I'll tie them in knots for you baby,
A blood bit or a reef,
Slip-knot tied to eternity -
I'm just trying to make ends meet,
I'm tying two things together
This world and the never never,
Tying knots in everything
Because I don't remember,
I don't remember you.

I can feel you, baby,
but I don't remember.

I can taste you, baby,
but I don't remember

I loved you, baby, once,
but I don't remember you.