Extinct or Alive

Extinct or Alive


Melodic ambiance with a hard rock edge. We play music because its what we love to do. Its not about money and fame. Its about having a good time with great friends.


The musical line up of Matthew Davey, Scott Rebelo, Shawn Reeves and Luke Soppelsa has been solidified for over three years now. What began as four friends meeting a few times a week to explore and expand rock music's unending capacity for growth and experimentation has since led to hundreds of shows, multiple album releases and national tours.

The newest project from this quartet, "Extinct or Alive..." derives its name from an obscure RoboCop comic book, and harnesses accessible sounds while maintaining their fervor for unchartered sonic territory.

The debut EP titled "The Muse", released May 1st of this year, features five fresh tracks and clocks in around thirty-six minutes. The title track is in fact three sequential tracks totalling more than twenty minutes of the listening.

The release of this debut album on the still-new arts and music label "Grow>Build Collective" prompted a 17 day east coast tour as the band travelled and shared the stage with fellow label mates "The Yage Letters".

Recently back from the tour which spanned five provinces and ended in Montreal on May 16th, "Extinct or Alive..." is again playing the local circuit, practicing new music, and wholly intending to keep the momentum of their progress going from whence they began, in venues all around southern Ontario.


The Muse EP released May 2009

Set List

Gone Cold
The Muse
Storm of Vox
Off the Coast

it varies, our set length is usually 30 mins but we can drag it out for 45min