Extra Life

Extra Life


Dark, intense, orchestral avant indie rock with elements of metal, noise and pop.


Before Extra Life, I was a core member of legendary underground avant NYC noise band ZS. I was also a member of Dirty Projectors for a while. Extra Life brings together the harsh confrontational complexity of ZS with the melodic vocal sensitivity of Dirty Projectors. But we've gained worldwide respect because we really sound like no other band around. Our sound is a complete mindfuck, and yet accessible at the same time. From cute indie college kids to perverse metal goth kids, people are moved by Extra Life, even when they don't know why.


I Don't See It That Way

Written By: Charlie Looker

"100 reasons to lurk and creep and turn your eyes / 100 reasons to relive some ancient horror / 100 cogs in this cosmic meat grinder / only one way to really live"


"SECULAR WORKS" (full-length CD/LP, Planaria Recordings 2008)
"A SPLIT" (vinyl split EP with Nat Baldwin, Shatter Your Leaves Records 2008)
"MADE FLESH" (full length CD, Loaf Records, March 2010)

Set List

Our sets are typically around 40 minutes, though we can play longer or shorter. Our set in '10 will be mostly songs from our upcoming record, with a few older ones :
1.) Voluptuous Life
2.) Pay Up
3.) Made Flesh
4.) One of Your Whores
5.) Black Hoodie
6.) The Body is True
7.) Head Shrinker
8.) Easter