Tropical pop with a Meditarreanean beat


The slow accent of Borja Rosal, guitarrist and vocalist of the four Extrapelos; the huge, strange and elegant talent of Cacho Salvador, guitarist and whatever else; the creative versatility of Aleix Clavera, with the box and bassist as a sound magician; and the happy go lucky pianist with her 50s like name that reminds of Anaïs Nin juxtaposing her daring figure reminding us of the Talking Heads bassist, Tina Weymouth: Alba Blasi. Those four figures are Extraperlo. They have made themselves through working all and every situation possible, from parallel projects like Albaialeix, Capitán, or Sefronía, to being on stage with the most popular underground bands. As a matter of fact, Extraperlo started working themselves up from the sounds of the national independent pop music of the 90s, an ancient time for the quartet considering they are all 23 years old. The band now chooses and dares to break away from the standard, being more positive, less worried, and working from a mix of inter-tropical sounds. Changing drums for a box set makes “Desayuno Continental” an excellent pop album, which takes the best of yesterday and projects the sounds of the future. But, which is the sound of the future? The one with no complexes, the one that relays on independent folklore – they love Remigi Palmero-, to make a new pop, one that proves to be extremely bright, colorful, and intelligent. That is exactly what Extraperlo is all about and “Desayuno Continental” is just the first chapter of some of the best and careful music that is played nowadays.


2008 - "Desayuno Continental"