A natural singer since childhood, Eyal has the gift of writing infectious & memorable melodies and tops them off with layers of striking and expressive harmonies.


Eyal Golan is a 21 year old singer/songwriter who hails from Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. He is currently putting the finishing touch on his debut EP. Working with the likes of Nick Apa from Wavelab, and Jbear from Jbear Productions, Eyal is creating what he calls, "An organic reflection thats straight from my heart." If you are looking for raw and honest talent, search no longer. Whether it's his recordings or live performances, "I want my music to leave my soul and be taken in by my fans in the same honest and sensible manner that it left me."


Simple Life

Written By: JBear

The bass is moving right
And this night
You are pressed hard up against me

The lights they catch your eye
You re lookin fly
And my thoughts are getting crazy

The weekend has passed us by
Time to come down from the high
Gotta get back to our lives
Gotta go back to reality

I don’t need a party
As long as I have you by me
All I wanted was I simple kind of life
It aint all about the city
It’s about you and me
And how we’re living in a simple kind of life

The sun on my face
In this place
I aint worryin about the weather

I love the way
We live each day
Like we’ll always be together




Written By: E.Golan

I tried to be the best
I tried to fit in with the rest
I wanted life
I wanted acceptance

You gave me the feeling that I wanted
You sparked the me that was inside to life
Me spirit no longer hurts
Cause its safe in someone’s arms
It was you

Deep inside
My mind is aching
To be all that I can be
Who am I fooling?
I needed drive
I needed recognition


And I will reach high
And I will defy
And I tried



Eyal - "Love What You Fear" - 2006