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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Eye Butterfly - July 2005 demo"

From Toronto, the musical hotspot for gothic artists, comes another new synth pleasure: Eye Butterfly. A new band, both in existence and to the Radio-Active-Music.com family, Eye Butterfly is a masterful mix of sounds similar to Ever, The Birthday Massacre, and Nine Inch Nails. Programmer Greg and vocalist Valerie are creating a very unique and driving sound that caught my attention the very first play, and they have yet to let me go.

Their first demo consists of three songs, all available for listening and download on the band's myspace profile. The songs have created a new fantasy world of their own, speaking of ethereal places and dream-like spaces. They are catching, yet intricate. Each song individually and the demo as a whole are easily listenable on repeat for hours on end.

Suggested Tracks: (yeah, all of them)
“A Face In The Crowd”
- Review by Valdyr Radio-Active-Music.com

"Eye Butterfly 16-Jan-2006"

While their first release may only be a four song demo, the Canadian duo of Eye Butterfly are already showing serious signs of lasting potential and mass appeal. To look at Greg and Valerie from their photos, one would get the impression that they might just be another couple of disenfranchised and disaffected goth kids with odd hair styles and subversive clothing. However, with these four songs, they’ve proven a diversity of musical tastes that incorporates all the best elements of goth, electronica, synthpop, and even a bit of trip-hop. This is especially evident on the opening track “Pandora’s Box,” which is reminiscent of Sneaker Pimps, featuring a slow groovy rhythm and Valerie’s soulful vocals. Her voice and the way she carries melodies are sure to gain a lot of attention from fans of female-fronted music across the board, while Greg’s arrangements of catchy bass lines, layers of synthesizers, and clever beats are nothing short of excellent. He even throws a slight bit of acoustic guitar in the chorus to “Elektroboy,” a song with some really catchy melodies. “Butterfly” closes the CD out with what starts out sounding like typical dance floor fare, before the vocals kick in and the beat changes, becoming something like a cross between Icon of Coil and Faith and the Muse; quite a combination, and probably a good lesson for the current club scene on how to mix things up and keep it interesting. The production on these four songs is remarkably good, sounding much more professional than the average demo, and showing just what Eye Butterfly is capable of. If they can maintain this level of quality songwriting and production on future releases, then fans of Collide, The Azoic, and Tapping the Vein will be in for a real treat.

Track list:
01. Pandora’s Box
02. A Face in the Crowd
03. Elektroboy
04. Butterfly
- Ilker81x (regenmag.com)

"Northeast-In-Tune Ezine"

In the popular and ever growing Toronto Goth Sub-Culture there is an artist that stands out with impeccable sound, talent, image, design and structure; Eye Butterfly! This duo consists of the vocals and lyrics of VALERIE LINAKER with Programming and Keyboards by: GREG KOWALCYK.

As I dive headlong into this Goth culture and music that I’ve been skirting for many years, I’m impressed with the numbers of very hard working, dedicated and talented bands there are in this scene. As a rocker, I’m even more impressed with the sound and fullness they can come up with on stage with but 2 or 3 people. I realize this is the age of Midi and Samples, but it is still very impressive to have a high quality sound and performance with but a couple of people.

Eye Butterfly is incredible at what they do. Programming perfection coupled with keyboard wizardry with a marriage of astral and inspiring vocals makes this artist a must hear for anyone into this scene; in fact, anyone into serious talent and high quality music! Again, as a rocker of old, one thing that I miss about the music scene is that lack of an image. NOT in the Goth, Darkwave world! Here there is serious talent together with image to create a very appealing show and performance; something worth seeing. Eye Butterfly has developed their image and show with the same professionalisms and dedication as they have their music.

Unbelievable stellar soundscapes with captivating beats precisely controlled and delivered to the listener drawing you into the music; you become a part of Eye Butterfly’s music when you listen! I was graced with the band’s 4-song EP of exceptionally clear, textured layers of amazing sound quality and outstanding vocal blends making this, to me, an exceptional release by an equally exceptional artist. Eye Butterfly is truly a band to see and their CD is something that everyone in the industrial / Goth / Electronic music scene and sub-culture should have in their music collection.

Amazingly, these two artistic musicians and performers came together after they each answered an ad from fellow artist wanting to get a project off the ground. Valerie and Greg then got together in the in the cold Canadian winter of 2004 at a coffee shop in Brampton, Ontario and, one year later was the beginning of something simply amazing; Eye Butterfly. A match that was meant to be!

- Bob Donovan Jan 18 2006 www.northeastintune.com

"RAM Music Awards 2005"

Female Vocalist of the Year 2005: Valerie Linaker, Eye Butterfly
Smashing into the scene just recently, Eye Butterfly is a brand new electro-goth band out of Toronto fronted by veteran vocalist Valerie Linaker. With dark and mysterious intonations, her voice is the perfect compliment to Greg's electronic hands.

Demo of the Year 2005: Eye Butterfly
Over the past year, Eye Butterfly has done an impressive job of steadily releasing a stream of demos to entice the fans. With a memorable and unique electronica sound mixed with deeply mysterious vocals, the fans certainly should be excited.

- www.radio-active-music.com


Single - Pandora's Box
Single - A face in the crowd
Single - Electroboy
Single - Butterfly


Feeling a bit camera shy


Eye Butterfly is the project of musical duo Valerie Linaker and Greg Kowalczyk. The concept behind the electronic, industrial-goth mix began in a coffee shop during the winter of 2004 where the veteran musicians met for the first time. Now, over a year later, you can hear the conjurings of their work in intricately layered and harmonized ethereal-industrial sound scapes, fronted with the purity of lush female vocals. The sound has already begun taking up roots in Toronto’s gothic club scene and living rooms around the world. The group’s lyrical and vocal flair tempered with a mastery of electric gadgets and programming unequivocally brings the essence of art into the heart of each track.

Eye Butterfly is preparing their debut CD for release in late 2006.