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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Radio play for Eyeconspire"

Current news EyeConspire
is being played on an
ecclectic rotation in ALL
FORMATS on Morning Show
Central radio online. The popular we based radio
station has been spinning
"No Sympathy" among other
tracks and getting good
feedback from Dj's and listeners
www.morningshowcentral.com - Morning Show Central


We have a 72 minute concept album, "Never Fade"
which will be our debut work, released in 2009 We have a myspace page with
streaming audio- www.myspace.com/eyeconspire
as well as a website



Current news EyeConspire
is being played on an
ecclectic rotation in ALL
FORMATS on Morning Show
Central radio online. The popular web based radio
station has been spinning
"No Sympathy" among other
tracks and getting good

Also, EyeConspire has been
expanding into regional
dates for live stuff...stay

Have you ever heard an acoustic guitar treated like
an electric? How can he play all of those chords so
melodically and heavy at the same time? How can
that drummer beat on those things like it's metal,
then gracefully jump into a tribal driven segment like
that? Is that singer that good- where one second
he has the rockin' sound of Joe Elliot, or the soul of
Bono & other times screams like he's James
Brown-all this while playing insane bass lines like

How do these guys get THAT sound?


Music provides one of our
most important, powerful
and transcendent mediums
of expression. Among other
things, music unites and
divides us; educates and
entertains us; moves us and
stops us in our tracks;
advocates change and
stability; helps us to grieve
and celebrate; supports and
condemns our views;
inspires and discourages us;
frees and consumes us;
soothes and irritates us;
creates and destroys our
celebrities; and inspires
endless yet healthy
discussion and debate. In
other words, music is THE
universal art form. Simply
put, this is what drives and
motivates ... EyeConpspire
to make music.

EyeConpspire is a
three-piece original rock
band with members hailing
from the American rustbelt
cities of Cleveland and
Akron, Ohio. The band’s
music can be most succinctly
described as “aggressive-
that strives to achieve a
new level of “unplugged”
one and vibe. Each member
of the band is an integral
piece of the puzzle and
draws influence from and
has significant experience
with a diverse range of
musical styles, including
classic and modern rock,
metal, prog, blues, jazz,
gospel, punk and even pop.
Together, the members of
EyeConpspire blend their
influences(together with
their blue-collar upbringings
and attitudes) into a
collective sound and style
reminiscent of past and
present dynamic rock
groups such as Led
Zeppelin, Rush, The Police
and Tool. In addition, the
influence of artists such as
U2, R.E.M., Rusted Root, The
Dave Matthews Band,
Porcupine Tree and even
Sting, Def Leppard and
James Brown cannot go

Individually, each member
has drawn from his own
unique background,
experiences and personal
and professional successes
and failures to become a
focused, mature, intelligent
and well-rounded individual,
musician and business
person. Lyrically, the band
presents positive but
honest, direct and sometimes difficult
messages. Musically, the
band emphasizes texture
over flash and the whole
over the individual, focusing
on substance, groove and
melody rather than on mere
EyeConpspire writes in the
moment and does not
adhere to any pre-conceived
song structures or
formulas. The result is a raw
and spontaneous feel with
interesting arrangements
that will appeal to a wide
range of demographics and
musical preferences.
Recently they celebrated
the 2009 independent
release of “ NEVER FADE” ,
their first full-length record,
compact disc. NEVER FADE
is a concept record; a
72-minute song with
recurring and interrelated
lyrical and musical themes.
The song is separated into
eleven distinct songs, or
“chapters”, individually and
collectively showcasing the
band’s versatility and
attention to detail by
presenting a broad palette
of lyrical and musical content
ranging from the electrifying
to the tranquil.

Each chapter seamlessly
flows with and into the
others, resulting in a
72-minute auditory

At the same time, each
chapter stands on its own
as a separate and distinct
giving the band and its
listeners the flexibility to
navigate and highlight
certain tracks for listening,
radio, promotional, live
performance and other
purposes. NEVER FADE is
truly the product of every
ounce of each member’s
heart, mind, soul, time,
energy, money, tireless
work ethic, passion for
music and never-say-die
attitude after years of grinding the gears.

Conspire with us-

EyeConpspire is now
focused on reaching out to
the world with what NEVER
FADE has to say and with
tight, professional, high-quality and
high-energy live
performances. The band
has received outstanding
responses and support thus
far, and is making a
concerted effort to build on
that by constantly seeking
out quality venues and
opportunities to share i