Eye Heart Bullets

Eye Heart Bullets

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A trip into the deep thought of Benjamin Blink. An industrial, trip hop sound with an underground hip hop twist. What you see? What you love? What you would kill or die for. Its Eye Heart Bullets with Benjamin Blink and the ever evolving cast of Bullets.


Eye Heart Bullets all starts with Benjamin Blink.
Born in November of 1984 as Benjamin Linke in Omaha, Nebraska. Growing up with a single mother, life was not easy from the get go. His father was absent from his life due to drugs. Blink slowly slipped into that life. Addicted to heroine by the age of 17 Blink knew that this was not for him. Hip hop was his outlet. In 2000 Blink helped launch local hip hop label Crystal Blue Ent. With them he began his journey into performance, production and writing. Performaning 5 times a month for last 5 years in the local circuit, Blink decided to recruit Mista Mann and Kid Foxx. Standing out from the others because Blink actually played the intruments and made all the beats for the hip hop they performed. With influences from Pink Floyd, Portishead,The Beatles, NIN, and Krayzie Bone, Eye Heart Bullets continues to push the envelope of the genre of hip hop.
Brett Wertz of the Omaha Reader quotes
"Eye Heart Bullets displays Blinks deep introspective style."
In 2007 Blink signs first deal with Dekema Records out of Seattle, WA. Be on the look out for Blink and Eye Heart Bullets, coming to a city near you.


Benjamin Blink Smoke Sessions 2003
Benjamin Blink Smoke Sessions 2005
Eye Heart Bullets 2006

Set List

Eye Heart Bullets has an ever evolving set list.
Very rarely will you catch them doing the same set twice due to the amount of material they have. Sets range from anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours.
Depending on the event