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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



"quite good and very popular"
"sounds like these guys do alot of drugs."
"fuckin insane"
"im excited and i sit around all day anticipating what they are going to do next"
"sounds like old incubus and i cant help but really dig it"
"ill be angry at myself and the world if you dont take over"
"they dont sound like anything youve ever heard before"
"that was real nice guys...real nice"
"their music stems from insanity"
- Assorted


2002 - Dude of Science [D.O.E. Records]
2003 - Eyeless-Ingaza [D.O.E. Records]
2005 - Raver Dave/The Ghost of Danny McErlane Single [D.O.E. Records]


Feeling a bit camera shy


Eyeless began as a way for a few friends, Jerry Nunley, Jordan Silber, and Erik Hischmann to explore their musical capabilities. They pushed their music to its sonic and rhythymic boundaries and were intrigued at what they had accomplished. With the addition of percussionist Paul Blackway, eyeless began playing benefit shows and local coffee shops. Eyeless then decided it was time to spend some brief time in the studio. The products of these sessions landed them a performance on the NBC morning show "10!" and would eventually lead to regular appearances at bars and clubs in the Philadelphia area including area favorites like Manyunk's "Grape Street" and New Hopes "John and Peters." Their popularity continues to spread and the future looks promising for these four as they continue to accomplish what they set out to do in the first place: expand the possibilities of modern music through old tradition and fresh ideas alike.