destroying the expectations of a modern rock band and blowing audiences away every chance they get...


Eyeless began as a way for a few friends, Jerry Nunley, Jordan Silber, and Erik Hischmann to explore their musical capabilities. They pushed their music to its sonic and rhythymic boundaries and were intrigued at what they had accomplished. With the addition of percussionist Paul Blackway, eyeless began playing benefit shows and local coffee shops. Eyeless then decided it was time to spend some brief time in the studio. The products of these sessions landed them a performance on the NBC morning show "10!" and would eventually lead to regular appearances at bars and clubs in the Philadelphia area including area favorites like Manyunk's "Grape Street" and New Hopes "John and Peters." Their popularity continues to spread and the future looks promising for these four as they continue to accomplish what they set out to do in the first place: expand the possibilities of modern music through old tradition and fresh ideas alike.


Weird Pool Party

Written By: Silber/Hischman

a humid summer day, how could i forget
we were going swimming without getting wet
in that room you thought you were the only one there
i know about your problem so why should i care?

so ill destroy you with my cannonball
if you lay out by the pool this afternoon
deploy things you cant see at all
it's too late - you'll find out real soon

i bet that you're a liar, i bet that you can see
you probably lie awake at night thinking about me
and that time you walked into the room and i was there
they say that you are blind but i can swear i saw you stare


when i'm at the zoo i smell baboons and giraffes
but when i smell chlorine - i think of you and i laugh

Raver Dave

Written By: Silber

dont you wish you were a friend of good ol' raver dave
lives way down 'neath that hill in an old forgotten cave
doesnt got no eyes but he plays a mean guitar
that rose out an ocean he perserved inside a jar

oh spin me some electronic time (oh raver dave)
go and put me in your trance
wont you cook me up another dose of that molly (oh raver dave)
show me how you dance

hasnt been the same since he came back from the war
used to be in this here band but he aint anymore
must have really been locked in that can inside his mind
wish that i could tell you more but you dont got the time


in the dead of night
he forgot about guitar, so he
dove into that ocean to see the gypsy in that jar
swam for a thousand years and caught up to that wave
picked him right off the ground and he began to


got to get ourseleves back into a different circumstance
cause weve taken too much ecstasy and were too spun out to dance
but raver dave hell stay awake until his life is done
go on raving every night and laughing at the sun


Gone Hischin'

Written By: Hischman

lets all go for a walk
down that gravel path
past the lake and up the hill
make our way through the grass

reel it in, drop it on its back
reel it in, dont let it snap
set it free then have a snack
goddamn that dam is where its at

we go a different way each time
so no one finds our tracks
if you need some line ill lend you mine
tie on a hook and relax


were fishin in the water tonite
ill have to warn you sometimes they bite
i hope theres batteries for the light
we got the stars well be alright
we can knock em all down if they put up a fight
i wish we could stay the rest of the nite
there is no tension but this line is tight
the stars can always keep us they got the right


slide on down, theres room for more
the fish-to-dude ratio must be explored
slide on down, theres room for more
the hisch-to-fish ratio must be explored
slide on down


2002 - Dude of Science [D.O.E. Records]
2003 - Eyeless-Ingaza [D.O.E. Records]
2005 - Raver Dave/The Ghost of Danny McErlane Single [D.O.E. Records]

Set List

Eyeless is prepared to take the audience on a 2 set mind-expanding journey. The band has a large repitoire of originals plus a few well-chosen classics. This allows them to take great care when preparing a setlists that will be progressive and unique. Fans can enjoy many shows in a short period of time without feeling like they are hearing the same things over and over. There are suprises around every corner including many special guests and audience participation.