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"Eye-on Edition"

Despite the occasional/now boring SKILLZ "Rap Ups" and the new found Chris Breezy UFC drama, it's safe to say Virginia has been the land of the slept on (in Hip-Hop) for years.. This year more VA artists are really going full force with their indie grind and refusing to fall behind so it was a must EYE-HIT the streets and update the world on what's really poppin in the V-Izzy.. From all corners of the earth EYE-BRING you EYE-ON.. Known for Shuttin The City Down and making Gangstas Stand Up this VA General took time out to give me his views on everything from Chris Brown to what's holding VA artists down.. Time to open your EYE's world.. Let's GO!

GLOK: One eye on the streets, and all eyes on Eye-On.. Got the VA spitter himself on deck! How are you today my dude?

EYE-ON: Dandy (meaning all is well) because I still got the breath of life, and the opportunity to experience it (life) still exists.

GLOK: For those with eyes closed tell the world who you are.. and where you reppin from.

EYE-ON: I am man, which is mind.. and I rep from all four corners of the earth. Physically I rest in VA but I won't place any limitations on myself or my music.

GLOK: Whats the science on (origin of) your name?

EYE-ON: The origin is basically the science of the ION being the building blocks of the atom. The atom is the smallest component of the physical world, and the energy of the ION gives the atom it's existence.. Basically broken down (at the foundation of the Original Man is the Creator and it's this divine energy that allows me to exist).. With this being said, my "Eye" is always "On" the prize.. Therefore, when "I" am "on" the MIC I become one with the beat to make beautiful music.. I used the adjective beautiful to describe my music in the sense that the truth always has it's beauty, ya dig?!?

GLOK: You started making music at 10 years old (that's deep).. How did you become involved with Hip-Hop?

EYE-ON: Hip-hop is my culture, so it was always a part of me.. I realized it through listening and watching my family EARLY-ON in life.

GLOK: Who would you say has influenced your style or sound?

EYE-ON: Life has influenced my style and sound, but all artists that share my way of life have always affected my manner of flow.

GLOK: What’s your perspective on the whole southern rap movement?.. and from a Hip-Hop perspective do you classify Virginia as the South?

EYE-ON: Music is music to me (north, south, east, or west).. Labels always bring limitations.. Realistically Virginia is North of Florida and South of Maine..(lol).. I never attempted to classify it.. I just allow things to be what they are, which is a part of the earth's circumference.

GLOK: From an artist's perspective, how do you feel about the newfound (presidential) interest and support other Urban/Hip-Hop artists have been expressing for Barack?

EYE-ON: I could digg it because he (Barack) is considered as one of our own.. As a child me and a couple other lil homies always liked to ask what the other one thought would happen if we had a "Black President".. Now we have one, so we will "all" see what's going to happen.

GLOK: What are your thoughts on KRS-One saying that “the new world order just put on a black face” in reference to Obama?

EYE-ON: I haven't heard him say that, but if he said it I'm quite sure that brother has his reasons.. I can't really comment unless I know if he said it in a positive or derogative manner.. Honestly, everything and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.. I just hope the strengths of us having a black president out weigh the weaknesses.. I do know that Obama appears to be a "sheep" among wolves.. If he's not careful the wolves will devour him.. I just hope that doesn't happen because then he will be a wolf in sheep's clothing.. Let's hope he has a good shepherd (lol).

GLOK: How do you separate yourself from other MC‘s/Rappers?

EYE-ON: I just do me (be myself).. I don't go out of my way to make myself different from them.. The audience has to decide what it is about my music that makes it different from everyone else's music.. I just make music and EYE-ENJOY it.

GLOK: All Missy, Timbaland, and Neptuning aside.. Why is it so hard for artists to really take off from Virginia (as much as we support all these mainstream acts)?.. Why do you think VA gets shout out (and cool to hustle here love), yet no true respect from the Hip-Hop industry?

EYE-ON: I think in the eyes of many (brothers out of VA don't want to see the next one succeed).. My opinion is these underground rappers focus too much energy on the next man in a negative manner.. It becomes wasted energy that could have been used to increase the potentials of a successful career for them.. Long story short: The crab in the bucket theory.

GLOK: What’s the motivation behind your music?

EYE-ON: My experiences motivate me to write/make music.

GLOK: Do you see Hip Hop as a art, culture, a caree - Mafioso


Singles:1.Bout My Mun-E 2.Shut Da City Down3.Good Gurl Shut Da City down is being played on 103 jamz in Virginia.It's also been played on several internet radio stations out of Florida,New York,and Georgia.



Eye-On grew up in different states along the east coast up until he was seventeen.He started making music as early as ten years of age, .He was exposed to the streets and became involved with the activities that youths embrace when they are inspired by the hood.He left Durham,North Carolina and returned to South Carolina.He stayed in South Carolina until he returned to Virginia.He started to collab with his producer Joe Traxx from "Tha Lab "recordings. He began to create beats around the songs Eye-on wrote prior to their introduction.His first demo hit tha streets of Virginia in the summer of 2006. The title was Waiting 2 X-plode.He pushed over 3500 copies, while performing in local clubs with a minimum crowd of 100 people.He appeared on Take Over T.V with an interview and a live performance of his single"Bout My Mun-E."This buzz and exposure set the pace for the release of his next c.d that he mentioned on Take-Over T.V.Since Eye-on has performed in every state from Virginia to Florida opening for artist such as Soulja Boy,Alliance,Lil Scrappy,Crime Mob and Bohagen.He appeared in Florida at the Crunkfest with D.J Demp and DJ Khaled,in which he recieved a interview on B.M.E t.v..His last performances were on the stage in the latter presence of Young Joc and the livest radio station in Myrtle Beach S.C.Eye-on is currently moving mixed c.ds by big numbers to expand his fan base and prepare them for his upcoming Album.Carrying his signature song and quote"Stay fly and Crush a Hater"."Eye-on" would like to give thanks to every one who has showed love and supported his music.He encourages everyone to "stay-up"and by all means "Stay Fly and Crush your Haters"