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Eye-On is basically a name that derives from the fact that a ion is the smallest part of an atom.It also,includes the idea that your "Eye" should always stay "On" the prize.My music is a reflection of who I am as an individual and my past or present experiences in life.


Eye-On grew up in different states along the east coast up until he was seventeen.He started making music as early as ten years of age, .He was exposed to the streets and became involved with the activities that youths embrace when they are inspired by the hood.He left Durham,North Carolina and returned to South Carolina.He stayed in South Carolina until he returned to Virginia.He started to collab with his producer Joe Traxx from "Tha Lab "recordings. He began to create beats around the songs Eye-on wrote prior to their introduction.His first demo hit tha streets of Virginia in the summer of 2006. The title was Waiting 2 X-plode.He pushed over 3500 copies, while performing in local clubs with a minimum crowd of 100 people.He appeared on Take Over T.V with an interview and a live performance of his single"Bout My Mun-E."This buzz and exposure set the pace for the release of his next c.d that he mentioned on Take-Over T.V.Since Eye-on has performed in every state from Virginia to Florida opening for artist such as Soulja Boy,Alliance,Lil Scrappy,Crime Mob and Bohagen.He appeared in Florida at the Crunkfest with D.J Demp and DJ Khaled,in which he recieved a interview on B.M.E t.v..His last performances were on the stage in the latter presence of Young Joc and the livest radio station in Myrtle Beach S.C.Eye-on is currently moving mixed c.ds by big numbers to expand his fan base and prepare them for his upcoming Album.Carrying his signature song and quote"Stay fly and Crush a Hater"."Eye-on" would like to give thanks to every one who has showed love and supported his music.He encourages everyone to "stay-up"and by all means "Stay Fly and Crush your Haters"


They Ball'n

Written By: "Eye-On"

Late at night when the streets ain't right/it's my phone that stay on like the street lights/and they a sight in the club/lil homey pop bottles and throw dubbs/lil homey pop models and stay buzzed/he was down on his luck/i showed him love and he stood up/now he struts around/and I heard he's the talk of the town/i put him down,so i could dig it/but he did it with his own hustle/cause I wouldn't give him nothing/if I couldn't trust him/now he's busting loose/got it kicking like gin,so call me juice/I throw dueces to my lil man/we on a smoothe five hundred,like for-chan/not a grand or two/I pulled him out/cause he the man of his lil crew/and he used to carrying weight/I wanted wine and he crushed grapes.
Hook:Oh, Yeaaah they balling but I'm the one they calling,Oh Yeaah they balling but I'm the one they calling,I'm the one they calling....


Singles:1.Bout My Mun-E 2.Shut Da City Down3.Good Gurl Shut Da City down is being played on 103 jamz in Virginia.It's also been played on several internet radio stations out of Florida,New York,and Georgia.

Set List

5-15 minutes is my typical set list.I usually do two minutes out of different songs when the set extends the length of one song and then end it with a complete performance of my best single for the particular audience.If it's five minutes,I do two and a half minute skits and end it with my single Shut Da City Down...