Eye Rhyme

Eye Rhyme


Hard rock music that is accessible by many people, intelligent with thought provoking lyrics, cool musicianship, and professionalism. Bassist/Singer/Keyboardist is unique in his sound with comparisons to Geddy Lee. Guitarist is solid with very melodic solos and riffs. Drummer grooves hard!


Eye Rhyme is a Canadian rock trio composed of experienced musicians who put a strong emphasis on professionalism in their playing, writing, recording, and live performances. Their original material is intelligent and challenging, yet very listenable and current. Though it is classified as rock, the band's material carries influences from many genres and eras of music. Two albums - “Life Control” and “Soul” - plus a video for one of their original songs are currently in the Eye Rhyme catalog.
Having opened for groups such as Big Sugar, King's X, David Wilcox and Rusty, Eye Rhyme has received much acclaim for their accomplishments. For example, they were the first independent band in Canada to promote and organize their own live-to internet concerts. Sponsored by Molson Canadian Rocks, these events have been promoted through Rock 95, Q107, CFNY, and 97.7 HTZ FM radio as well as Chart
magazine. The band has also placed 4th out of over 1000 entries on a recent “Jam With Pam” (a Pamela Anderson sponsored web site). They also placed 16th out of over 500 entries on HTZ FM’s “Rock Search” and are featured on the CMMS 21st Century Sampler CD which is distributed across Canada to radio and record companies. Eye Rhyme has played many shows and was part of the “Canada Rocks” festival in Mexico. They were the top selling group for this tour and enjoyed heavy rotation on various Mexican radio stations.
With a wide variety of influences, a shared love for music, and a high energy live show Eye Rhyme is a talented and experienced recording act, ready for today's music industry.
Eye Rhyme is also being environmentally responsible by using digital distribution, accessing the web to it’s full advantage with promotion, song distribution, etc., recording in a high tech solar powered studio owned by the bassist/singer and traveling in a van converted to run on waste vegetable oil and hydrogen.

Management Contact: Ian Graham-Small Dog Records


The Dog

Written By: Ian Graham

I see the dog hiding yonder
Ready to drag his victim under
Can’t see the warning
Blinded by might
Anxious warning
Takes out your life

Fury of sight
The fear of change
We’ve become one of them unable to fight
We’ve comformed our rights to release the might
It’s the deph of life here untold

I see the story hiding still
Ready to tell, his victim sells
Can’t see the distance
Full force of change
It’s waited for your life
Sold in vain

Late... In Our Minds

Written By: Ian Graham

Driving for miles with no end in sight
The heat was pounding, a sleepless night
Tracing back my time, all the years that had past
Since the day that I last saw her
We reached our day, we had our time
But it’s late ... in our minds
We ran through fields, we walked down aisles
But it’s late ... in our minds
Smile on my face, memories shining through
What was gone is now here in the back of my
Choices we made, we’re like like two passerby's
It’s too late now we said our last goodbye


Life Control-1994
Stab Em All-Video-1998
Stab Em All-Received heavy rotation on major radio in Mexico City and Gudalajaraha
The Dog has received medium rotation on radio and placed #4 out of over 1000 songs on "Jam With Pam", a Pamela Anderson website.
Currently working on third album "Billboard Messiah"

Set List

Original show consists of 45 to 90 minute set. Songs include Electricity, Stab Em All, Freedom, The Dog, Late in Our Minds, I Am Yours, Distant Light.

Cover show consists of three 45-60 minite sets. Cover Songs range from groups such as Rush, Distrubed, Third Eye Blind, Big Sugar, Metallica, Our Lady Peace, The Tragically Hip, Collective Soul, Vertical Horizen, Cheap Trick, Ozzie Osbourne, Van Halen, Weezer, Alien Ant Farm, Jimmy Eat World and much more.