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Eyes Around

Huntsville, Alabama, United States | MAJOR

Huntsville, Alabama, United States | MAJOR
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Ken McCraken June 15, 2004"

Of all the Birmingham bands that are radio- or MTV- friendly, it's Eyes Around that sound like they've already made it and are just waiting for the audience to notice. These are melodies that stick in your head immediately, arrangements that keep your interest without drawing attention to themselves. Best of all is the passion that comes through the songs -- subtle, without straining - Birmingham Weekly

"Rex Dangerfield - Review of Eyes Around's Self Titled EP"

From the first riff of Eyes Around’s self-titled EP, the band flexes a fully fleshed-out modern rock sound that will likely saturate the FM radio waves in the near future (if there’s any justice in the world).

The first track, Say What You Will, kicks off the CD with lead vocalist Michael Donohue’s initially aloof vocal delivery over some steadily driving guitar, but then the music surges into a melodic sing-along chorus with a Jimmy Eat World pop sensibility. I would’ve preferred a little more lyrical exploration than the chorus offers (“yeah-yeah-eah-eah”) – but, hey, at least it’s easy to remember. The next track, Empathy, shows a darker, more brooding side to the band, with somber, somewhat Cure-like guitar chops and Donohue’s powerful singing style anchoring the song. The verse begins with the wounded plea of “I’m out, I’m out, let me in” and swells to an infectious hard-rockin’ chorus that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser at a live set. The next track, Apples, opens with a dreamy vocal cadence and breezy guitar picking that again shifts into an irresistible chorus, before downshifting again, maintaining the mood and groove of the song. Track four, Everybody Knows It is a slower-paced ballad reminiscent of Dashboard Confessional or any number of similar emo-inspired radio bands. It’s not a bad song, but it’s been done before and holds the title of weakest entry on the disc. But don’t worry; the closing track, Pink Sunrise, kisses you goodbye with a knockout punch. Some initially spacey sound effects and a killer bass line gradually build into a swirl of guitar and aggression. Donohue’s singing ability is really on display here, reaching almost gut-wrenching levels of emotion in a climactic chorus that will have you on top of your bed, pointing at the imaginary crowd and lip-syncing into your hair brush.

This is a solid EP of radio rock the way it was meant to be – injected with energy and some fresh ideas. Good stuff.

- The Birmingham Buzz

"The Ruiner - "Everybody Knows It""

Time for some more power pop. Sugar coated melodies, sing-along choruses, and all. And to fill that bill we've serving up 'Everybody Knows It' from Eyes Around. It's got a big sound and big hooks. It's just a generally great track.

Eyes Around, formerly called 'Elijah Good Knight', are coming out of Alabama. This particular track is off their latest E.P. called 'The E.P.' Thankfully the songs are more creative than that. They've been seen opening up for bands like R.E.M. and Injected. Their sound reminds me a little of Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, or maybe Our Lady Peace. Loud distorted guitars, but still an unplifting feel to the music. Nothing to make you want to rip your friends arm off and beat him with it.

- GigaTracks.com

"Polly Meeks - "Eyes Around at the Nick""

Thursday i returned to the The Nick to see the north Alabama band Eyes Around, where they were opening for a Birmingham favorite Course of Nature. I can not find enough words that even come close to explaining how good these guys were. Of all the shows I've been to see lately there has not been one I enjoyed more. This is one band I refuse to tag with a genre label, as they transgress so many it would be not only be unfair but impossible. You can hear hints of old school alternative with rock, pop and even small amounts of punk undertones, with lyrics that pull you into a menagerie of full rich instrumentation. Mike's voice is almost captivating and when combined with the incredible harmonies by Neil (guitar), Tim (bass) and Russell (drums) it creates songs that you feel you MUST listen to closely so to not miss a thing.

We were treated to the songs from their recently released self titled sophomore CD, including my personal favorite "Empathy", who's pre-chorus and chorus are so catchy you find yourself singing along after only a couple of listens. Eyes Around delivered a solid 30 or so minute set with as much energy and passion as any group could have squeezed into that short period of time. One thing I appreciated the most about them, they delivered non-stop entertainment. Two beats past the previous song and they were blasting head first into the next. Stopping only once (briefly) to thank the audience, remind us who they are and invite us to purchase a CD. (Which by the way, I did and it is the best five bucks I have spent in a long time!) A big giant standing "O" from me on their ability to do that because so few local bands can or will do that. I could continue on and on about these guys, as they impressed me that much, but due to space restrictions and pushing the bounds of boring you I will sum it up by saying - If you see Eyes Around performing near you RUN don't walk to catch the show. You will not be disappointed, even the biggest pop fiend or hardest of metal heads should be able to appreciate what these guys have going. Don't forget to pick up their CD as well, it is well worth the money. You can visit them on the web at (www.eyesaround.com) to check their schedule and snag a CD.
- The Birmingham Buzz

"Spot Light by Smokey (Radio DJ)"

Eyes Around is the product of a group of artists that appear to have grown tired of the bland, cookie cutter sound that seems to perpetuate the music industry today. To subgenera this band into one category would do an injustice to what they have created, a gritty modern rock sound with old school tone and style. Eyes Around embodies what the “alternative rock” movement once stood for.
- WRAX Birmingham 107.7

"W. Todd Phillips"

As an avid listener and audience member, I cannot relate to you how much I enjoy Eyes Around shows. Their performances are vibrant, uplifting and inspiring. Their songs fill me with emotion and I feel things that no music has made me feel since my early high school days when I was first introduced to Rock and Roll. Their's is no plastic, painted-on pop music smile or sarcastic smirk. They are not eaten by teenage angst, self righteous indignity or abandoned bitterness like too much of today's music. Eyes Around are, quite simply, real. I own three copies of their demo: one for my home, one for my vehicle and one for my club. I listen to them constantly. My first opportunity to watch them perform at another venue (in other words, while I was not on the clock) was at Crossroads Cafe (Huntsville), and looking around the room that night, it was obvious that the other two hundered or so Eyes Around fans in the room were just as ecstatic as I was to be there. It is no surprise to me that Huntsville has not been able to hold on to Eyes Around. I knew the very first time I saw them perform that their talent and professionalism would take them as far as they can possibly go before I will no longer be able to see them perform in a smaller, intimate club venue, while at the same time looking forward to seeing them enjoy the success they so deserve. - Entertainment Manager of The Rock Room, Huntsville



-the Alpha e.p. release date Sept. 14, 2010
-the Beta e.p. release date Nov. 4, 2010
-The Voice Inside The Voice LP March 2011



These four Alabama boys have been
brewing something special for the last
seven years. They have churned slowly,
patiently honing their craft while garnering
attention one dedicated follower at a time,
touring heavily in support of independent
releases. The band is releasing
counterpart EP's this year titled Alpha
and Beta, respectively. They serve as a
precursor for their forthcoming LP The
Voice Inside the Voice, which is slated to
drop in 2011 on World Citizen. Rather
than focusing on sonics as an end in and
of itself, they see their music as a vehicle
for something greater: social and spiritual
transformation. “We try to be a
megaphone for the meek, an instrument
for awareness,” explains frontman and
lyricist Mike Donohue. “Lyrically, we try to
be uplifting, but intense at the same time.
It's not a rebel statement, it's anti-political.
It empowers people to view themselves
as leaders". Eyes Around's lyrics are
supported by a musical landscape
shaped by Euro-indie overtones on top of
an aggressive American backbone, or
what Donohue describes as a "European
skeleton with American muscle tissue."

To further brand the duality of their sound,
the band has chosen a owl as it's icon.
"Owls have an intense demeanor, but are
graceful in flight. They also have the
ability to navigate perfectly in the dark."
Eyes Around has been patiently awaiting
this moment, lurking in the quiet cover of
anticipation. And like the owl, their stealth
will result in the surprise of their listeners.
Alpha and Beta are but the quiet
approach of crafty wings. But when The
Voice Inside the Voice is upon us, there
will be no mistaking the identity of the
band that has wrapped its talons around
us and taken us each captive.