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Dynamic lead guitarist Dustin Bingham left Eyes Caught Fire in the fall of 2005, which seemed to end the band's long run as one of the most well-regarded acts from Colorado Springs. Though relatively unknown in Denver, Eyes had built a strong regional reputation for its hauntingly cathartic live show. Despite encouragement from peers and fans, nothing was heard from the group for more than a year, and most assumed it was gone for good. But Eyes surprised everyone by taking the stage again in November 2006, and although its members had entertained the idea of going forward without the irreplaceable Bingham, it didn't really seem like a viable option. Bingham ultimately returned, and Eyes Caught Fire has been warming hearts with inspiring performances of its unique brand of shoegaze/trip-hop ever since. - Denver Westword

One of the deep and hidden secrets in Colorado Music, Eyes Caught Fire write songs with meaning and passion and compassion. Theirs is a dark, lonely music with a bright center. Easy comparisons to The Cure, Hooverphonic, Denali and Sigur Ros can be made but don't really pen in what this band is about. Live they are a powerful and moving band to witness and someday I hope more people from these parts make the time to see something far more interesting than almost anything else going on in these parts. Their message is ultimately one of hope and not the mealy-mouthed, new agey kind of hope but one grounded in the reality of the connection and interconnections between people. That is the genius of their songwriting and the source of their compelling presence on stage. - Denver Westword

Eyes Caught Fire, local wonders whose self-produced CD, 2004’s Felix Culpa, is oddly epic and David Lynch-like. Opening with the syrupy-slow 'Circle Peg, Square Hole,' the album has enough guitar crunch to satisfy any rock ‘n’ roll sweet tooth. The layered, hazy sounds create a sonic wall vaguely reminiscent of old Cure albums and early 90’s shoegazer bands like My Bloody Valentine and The Swirlies, but with a far more daring and assured lead vocalist. - Colorado Springs Independent

The band captured intricate songwriting and delicate, yet forceful melodies on its first full-length release, Felix Culpa.

The album plays as a declaration of pensive cognition, layered with mellifluous vocals, lucid keyboards, fervid guitars and bass, and unfaltering percussion. Each track entrancingly transitions to the next, leaving an assortment of sounds resonating in the listener’s head for days. The fact that Felix Culpa was self-produced makes it even more impressive.
- Colorado Springs Gazette

Like a jealous lover, good music wants your full attention, your unconditional love. Some music forces the listener into submission with a brutal attack. Other music appeals to emotional weaknesses.

Local band Eyes Caught Fire has another approach. Slow and seductive, their music creeps in. It leaves you feeling drugged, disoriented, helpless -- like a babe half-asleep in her mother's arms.

Eyes Caught Fire makes music that is rich and delicious. It's a float down Willie Wonka's chocolate river and into an auditory whirlpool where the sensual moans from Palmbald guide you into the dreamland.
- Colorado Springs Gazette


Felix Culpa - LP



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