Eyes Gone Empty

Eyes Gone Empty


Eyes Gone Empty writes with a confident purpose that makes listening energizing, yet easy. Hard rock elements from several decades are mixed with passionate vocals in a diverse song list that explores the moods between redemption and damnation. Never boring nor deliberate... honest rock.


Formed in 2006 in the wake of "Like Crashing Through Trees," "Eyes Gone Empty" is a four piece band from Atlanta, GA. Their music could be defined as honest rock. We stay away from deliberate attempts. We go wherever a song feels like it should, trusting our musicianship. Look for solos, but not flamboyant rock. Look for layers of complexity, but not math or progressive. Look for hooks, but not pop. Their influences range from Led Zepplin to Glassjaw to The Mars Volta.


EP release in 4/2007

Set List

Sets usually range from 10 to 12 song if doing a 45 minute to an hour set. High energy and dynamics are hallmarks. There's usually two covers in those sets, "Baba O'Riley" and a hard rock rendition of "Welcome to the Machine" are crowd favorites. Every now and then "Beat It" sneeks in there.

These songs are played in no particular order: "Longest Road," "Stand," "The Rose," "Killing Songs," "Bound," "So," "White Eyed," and "Sprinkles"