Nothing on the radio can match this concoction of heavy, melody, harmony, and musicianship.


So we arrive in Geneva, OH for a show and some promotion and I look over at Red(the original drummer till he was forced to leave for health reasons) and I say "Let's go find the bar manager" he says, "Sure, just let me take my pills."
Sounds fine to me, he grabs his bag and proceeds to take out 11 bottles of medication for the myriad of problems he had, and I just stared blankly at him in awe.
During the show I noticed a few differences in his playing and come to find out later that he had a seizure during the show and kept playing. He had a certain condition that even on meds could end up making his body weak. None of the other bands could believe that he kept going. It happened a couple times over the two years we were together with him, but we were dedicated to the musice, we still consider him a member.
As for the rest of us:
After spending years in an acoustic rock band, 2007 was the year Wookie took to his own path of music, eventually adding Fish in2008. Influenced by everything from Soilwork to Vivaldi Eyeshot composes pieces of music that change and refrain from beginning to end, don't stop listening after the first minute, you'll miss all the magic in the rest of it.
Our music is set apart for a couple reasons. We are a three piece yet when we played at McGuffy's in Dayton the owner said that before she actually came out to see us she thought there were more of us b/c we sounded so heavy. We utilize our influences of melody, progressive and simple rhythms, and harmony to make every song sound like it's own creation. We don't confine ourselves to certain areas of music, we play heavy stuff that death metal fans were digging at an Akron show and acoustic stuff that a small open mic night was digging.
When we played in the Battle for XFest here in Dayton we blew the crowd away, their were people that voted for us even though they were there for their friend's band.


Eyeshot: Call it what it is...
Eyeshot: Range of Vision Demo. 2010
"Finish" and "Sadman" have both been on 103.9 The X in Dayton.

Set List

Our set is predominantly originals. We play usually for about an hour to an hour and a half but have played up to three hours as well.
Believe Me
Use #1 & 2
Word Association
Black Ocean
By The Fire
Fucked up Tonight
Centuries of Twilight: From Edward to Bella
Something Good
Can't See Straight
Misfits, Alice in Chains, My Chemical Romance, Breaking Benjamin, Three Doors Down, Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Rob Zombie, Journey, Pearl Jam, Iron Maiden, Damone, The Donnas, Rush, Nickelback with more to come, we play songs we like.