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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock




"Eyes Lips Eyes Cut an Instant Classic"

Presently this full length release, “Blue Red” from Eyes Lips Eyes is only available on vinyl and digital download. The band does something which is rarely achieved; they capture the energy of their live show in a recording. It’s near impossible to sit still while listening to ELE.
“Pretty” is the opening track on which singer Tony Hello muses on the nightlife of the beautiful people out and about in the city of Angels. Thoughts of mortality are as shallow as the city is sprawling and ultimately of no concern when he sings “Pretty enough to never say Good-bye/Pretty enough to die.” Is this the wry observation of an outsider or a moment of self awareness?
“Tickle” starts with one of the most memorable and playful guitar riffs ever recorded. Incessant, upbeat and sunny, “Tickle” is alight with movement. There’s no sense in attempting to resist. There’s disco and funk running throughout the song. In a just world this track would be a perfect piece of summertime pop; always on the radio.
“Bear Trap” is a subtle, slow burn of a song reminiscent of some of INXS’s quieter moments. With glistening guitar work and tension filled pacing, the song flutters lightly. Hello’s vocals are laconic and beautifully understated. But it’s the rhythm section who owns this song, making it a standout track. When it finally opens up, it’s like watching a dam burst.
A digital download of the release comes with a purchase of the vinyl LP, plus four bonus tracks, “Elect,” “Good Swimmer,” “False Prophet,” and the band’s outstanding cover of the Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer.” Their rendition is true to form and as energized as any of TH’s full band performances on “Stop Making Sense.”
Eyes Lips Eyes are a formidable band, and one whose career bears watching. This is a horse worth betting on. - Indie Music

"Album Review: Blue Red"

The breakthrough album for Eyes Lips Eyes, “Blue Red” is the culmination of a year’s worth of single releases plus some album-exclusive songs released throughout 2011. Based in Provo, Utah, Eyes Lips Eyes has a whirlwind sound that reflects many of their old school influences, blending Red Hot Chili Peppers styled funk-punk rock rhythms with the lyrics and vocal style of the Talking Heads.

Kicking off with their hit single, “Pretty,” Eyes Lips Eyes sets the tone for the rest of the album, pushing out oddball kinetic song after oddball kinetic song. The almost bouncy rhythms coupled with simple guitar and bass riffs give each and every song a quality of fun that is hard to find in most modern albums today. Self-described as a Disco Punk band, Eyes Lips Eyes takes the energy of punk rock but smoothes out the rough edges in favor of simplistic music styling. With an offbeat lyricism reminiscent of Beck and the Talking Heads, vocalist Tony Hello belts out the wild, zany and sometimes sincere lyrics of the album in a unique vocal style. They even manage to pull off a spirited take on the Talking Heads’ hit song “Psycho Killer.” Continuing through the album, from the frantic “This Stuff” to the funky spiral that is “False Prophet,” there is an ample amount of variety in “Blue Red.”

Although some songs may seem to blend together, I see that as the true appeal to “Blue Red.” A perfect example of an enjoyable and simple listening experience, Eyes Lips Eyes stands out from other indie bands by having a quirky approach to their music and an equally impressive variation in music styling. - Reporter Online

"Film at 11: Eyes Lips eyes"

It may not be an instantaneous recognition with the guitar intro, but once vocalist Tony Hello jumps right in, you know there’s no turning back or turning off. The L.A.-based Eyes Lips Eyes takes a more abrasive-rock approach to its cover of “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads. The song’s video does take on a cerebral approach, following Hello into the depths of the ocean, eventually ending with him singing the song underwater while being joined by his fellow bandmates. It’s as if that compelling bass line pushed him to the shoreline of insanity. “Psycho Killer” is off new album Blue Red, and we are proud to premiere the song’s video today on magnetmagazine.com. - Magnet Magazine

"Eyes Lips Eyes' New Single is a Tickle"

Describing themselves as "disco punk," Eyes Lips Eyes is a group of gentlemen that are set to make you feel jazzed up with their new album, Blue Red, and below, we have their first single to premiere for you!

The album has been in the works for a year but they have also released a single, B-side and one video per month all from the inside of their industrial China Town loft in Los Angeles. Over the year-long recording process, the band chose their 12 best tracks to assemble as their Blue Red album. Their single "Tickle" sounds almost exactly like you would think it should. Filled with fluttering guitars, harmonized vocals and a grooving bass line, the tune bursts with upbeat energy.

Stream and download "Tickle" below and make sure you pick up the forthcoming album, Blue Red, on September 13 via Roll Call Records. - Filter Magazine

"CNN: 5 things to watch for at SXSW"

Which ones will break out is anyone's guess, although pre-festival [SXSW] buzz is building around indie popsters Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Montreal singer-songwriter Grimes, disco-punk outfit Eyes Lips Eyes and College, the French composer behind the music in the film "Drive." Just to name a few. - CNN

"Velour's 'Dead Ball' to headline three bands"

“If anyone could replace the Monkey Grinder we thought it would be the Neon Trees, [Eyes Lips Eyes] and The Brobecks, which are all headliners,” Fox said. “Three headliners on the same show, it should be a big show!” - The Daily Universe

"CD Reviews"

[Eyes Lips Eyes]: "Hola May"

The Provo-based five piece wastes no time with their inaugural release. The title track kicks off with driving bass, jaggedy guitars and a barrage of hand claps. Meanwhile, singer Tony Peterson and his warbly tenor try to dance right off of the disc and into your living room.

Throughout the EP, the band slips in and out of blue-eyed funk, disco and new wave. Standout track "Sweat Swat Swote" begins at the swarthy Studio 54 and ends up feeling entirely sincere, thanks to an undeniably beautiful chorus and the sultry French language backup vocals of Hillery Hathaway.

After the chaotic climax of album closer "Cut My Line," listeners get an unexpected surprise. Hathaway steps to the vocal forefront on secret track "An Instant." The gorgeous little ballad could easily knock Feist right off of those iPod Nano commercials.

For fans of: Franz Ferdinand, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - IN Utah Magazine

"Friday Mixtape CXI"

"...the kind of toe-tappin’, finger wavin’ tunes that will make you want to boogie the night away." - Consequence of Sound

"Utah band on the up-and-up"

"Former Utah band Eyes Lips Eyes, formerly known as Elizabethan Report (ER), changed their name and have posted their new single "Pretty."
They are releasing a new single every month for the next 11 months as part of a no-album concept.
"Pretty," simply described as "disco punk" by the band's publicist, is the first single from this release." - Salt Lake Tribune

"Indie Spotlight: Eyes Lips Eyes"

"Their music embodies some of the best elements of the indie rock genre, yet scuffs it up like that fresh pair of Chucks." - BMI

"The Next Big Thing"

"...Eyes Lips Eyes has been cooking what you’ve been smelling. After playing a couple shows with these guys, I can attest to the level of professionalism and skill they have..." - Rhombus Magazine

"Eyes Lips Eyes::Pretty (Video)"

"L.A.’s Eyes Lips Eyes present the video for “Pretty,” the first single from a series of singles they are releasing every month for the next 11 months as part of a no-album concept." - Parasites and Syncophants

"Actually Very Good Indie Rock"

"The vocals on this one immediately reminded me of Morrissey, wavy and with moans, but not in a bad way. You know, in a Morrissey way. The instrumentals for this one steal the show, with a stomping building to a fast-paced chorus. From this material (combined with watching of one of their youtube videos), I can tell these guys must have a great live show." - Foward Music

"Eyes Lips Eyes "tickle my heart""

"Check out the new single from Eyes Lips Eyes...entitled “Tickle.” It’s a cheerful little indie pop tune that is bound to put a smile on your face. " - Passionate Sounds

"Video: Eyes Lips Eyes 'Tickle'"

"They’ve got a new wave type of sound. It’s a real fun, rock / pop style; sure to brighten your day up." - Music Savage

"Eyes Lips Eyes post a track"

"'Tickle,' the second single from this release, is an upbeat track with bright power-pop instrumentals and irresistible hooks. " - Absolute Punk

"Music to raise funds for schools"

" 'Their attitude and willingness to give back is very impressive,' Niden said. The Web site’s featured debut band is Eyes Lips Eyes, a Los Angeles band that actually got its start in Provo, Utah. " - Palos Verdes Peninsula News

"Eyes Lips Eyes singles take flight"

"Sort of like Nightmare Of You in that indie/pop style, Eyes Lips Eyes sneak into the scene with some awesome music." - The Album Project

"Eyes Lips Eyes in Las Vegas"

"They took the street performance all the way up the stairs to the stage with me following and began one of the most energetic sets I had ever seen in my years playing music. Tony had props and proceeded to use them as instruments of his own. " - Life and Revolution

"Elizabethan Report"

Think Modest Mouse with more estrogen. “SSS” is the coolest song on ER’s Hola May EP, which sports a “Pollocked” rainbow of paint splatter and nothing else. This Provo bands drips coolness on each of the five songs off their debut effort. The lyrics are just as clever as Utah veterans Red Bennies’ or Starmy’s material. The Talking Heads-like riffs will also make you shake your booty, indeed. I like to listen to this CD after I hit the pillow. Elizabethan started four years ago in Provo with cousins Spencer and Tony Petersen, then they gained popularity playing campfires and the like. Eventually, the shows grew too wild for just a couple of guys on guitars. So, in 2007, they decided to create a bigger band by hiring a female vocalist, a bassist and a drummer. And big is beautiful. Catch them at Kilby Court with Seattle’s Cops on May 6.
By Portia Early - City Weekly


-September 2011.

- debut 5-song EP released March 2007.

-Full-length album. Released February 2009




Fresh off a new record, Blue Red (Oct 2011), Eyes Lips Eyes is back to work in the studio with producer, John Goodmanson, slated to release sometime this summer.

The Utah quartet, now based in Los Angeles, describes it's sound as "disco-punk."
The upbeat, hook-laden songs, rehearsed at the band’s loft party-performances, recall elements of Television and other late seventies post punk, mixed with the unbridled, night out energy of The Strokes and Talking Heads.

Eyes Lips Eyes has taken it's high-energy garbage can banging performances all over the country. In a few short years, they've performed with acts like Spoon, Black Keys, Raconteurs, Shiny Toy Guns, Bob Dylan, and created buzz at festivals like SXSW.


"Pre-festival [SXSW] buzz is building around indie popsters Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Montreal singer-songwriter Grimes, disco-punk outfit Eyes Lips Eyes and College, the French composer behind the music in the film "Drive." Just to name a few."
- Brandon Griggs, CNN

"Arguably the most exciting thing to come out of Utah since John Stockton's short shorts, Eyes Lips Eyes describe their high-flying sound as "disco-punk." With guitar riffs that could come off a Strokes album, and the energy of OK Go, the band sounds like the caffeine-induced, uplifting version of The Smiths. And we like that."
- Adam Wenger, Zimbio

"This Provo bands drips coolness on each of the five songs off their
debut effort."
- Portia Early, City Weekly

"[Eyes Lips Eyes] has thrown aside that ‘too cool’ attitude permeating music
venues that prohibit good times and has thrown itself passionately into
performing. Thank goodness—we need to get up and dance around
- Square Magazine

"The murderers may be closer than you think. On their debut LP,
[Eyes Lips Eyes] is killing it."
- Spencer Southerland, In Utah

"[Eyes Lips Eyes] plays a mix of quirky, catchy, upbeat, high danceable, groove-filled music....Live, ELE visually recalls the balls out physical show of The Who at their prime in 1972."
- Thrust Magazine

"I fully expect to see these guys touring with Edward Sharp And The Magnetic Zeros, or dare I say it, The Flaming Lips."
- SLUG Magazine