Eyes of Argus

Eyes of Argus

 Staten Island, New York, USA

Eyes of Argus is all about the music. Perhaps Rock and Roll. Perhaps Funk. Five key players, plus additional musical talents are what make Eyes of Argus


Five key players, plus additional musical talents are what make Eyes of Argus. They like diverse sounds and embrace experimentalism.

Some of the members have worked together for more than a decade. In the past, some have held the role of teacher...some, student. But all have inspired each other musically in one way or another...

Jim Callahan on Acoustic and Electric rhythm guitar. His riffs cut and tear. He loves to lure the listener with melodic and percussive rhythms that keep you on your toes. His arrangements are the foundation for many songs in the Argus archive. During his formative years, his chops were honed on an acoustic guitar, which he than transposed to the bass in the late eighties/early nineties. He played bass for years with Pangaea and before that, with Blue Tang. After the Pangaea journey ended, he returned to his roots on the guitar. As a founding member of Argus, the music reflects much of his temper, fear and faith.

Greg Schwab, former drummer for ThirdKind, Amethyst, and Inner Sanctum, has been through many musical adventures, and joining Eyes of Argus has led to a glorious new frontier. His approach to percussion has always been a blend of art, emotion and science. An aficionado of the fusion, funk, prog and metal genres, his style is applied gracefully to the Eyes of Argus mood. Ranging from dark and tribal to precise and complex. His tempo maps drive the music with surprise, misdirection and global grooviness. He knows when to accompany and when to lead, bouncing back and forth between the two often in a song. He loves to mix genres, veering away from what one might expect in a song, adding to the unique sound of Argus.

Michael Mahoney. Longtime comrade to Jim Callahan, former front man for Pangaea. His lyrical prose is dense with wit, passion and meditation. It seems easy for him to slither into your gut and make you feel his emotion. His messages are occasionally simple, yet spiced with the frustrations and intensities that life offers to everyone. He sees & feels then reiterates in song. Every word he writes is intentional and beautifully crafted, free of the fluff that so often stagnates today's music with boring clich�s and monotony. He has a progressive style to his vocal melodies, often layering his voice multiple times and using unorthodox tempos; but his melodies always rest themselves comfortably with inexplicable elegance. It's difficult to describe, and the only thing to do is to simply listen carefully for yourself and pay attention to the subtle details he produces.

Jim Golden, strategist, mood-sweetener and musical travel agent.

Bringing his vibe to the EOA arsenal of aural penetrations has proven to be both refreshing and fascinating. He explores melodic terrain fearlessly. Like Crocodile Dundee in Manhattan. Crocodile Golden. His command of music theory and technology is tremendous and his additions to the arrangements are unassuming, subtle and beautiful. Yet, without hesitation, he slips in & out of lead guitar, bringing just the required veracity a piece summons, and transitioning back, sharpening the melodic background that anchors much of the emotions carried within themes of the EOA songlist.

Jim was a member of Pangaea in the mid-90's along with Callahan & Mahoney, so his style is somewhat familiar... but this history, along with his personal & musical evolution of the past 10+ years, has created the exact combination of elements we hoped for when collaborating and bringing in another guitarist.

John Neilson, low-frequencies extraordinaire. John joined Argus in spring of 2008. He instantaneously was a member of the family and after 4 practices, he had the set list down. His 4-string experience and 6-string agility has enhanced the older tunes and challenges the band as a whole when writing new material... it is idealistic. He is the musical Hunk Utopian... that is also his WWE name.

John has been a committed member of the band and amazingly maintains many other musical relationships. He plays out almost every weekend and is quite possibly the 2nd hardest working man in show-business.

Jeff Buckley, Ron Thal / Bumblefoot, Modus Tollens, Oysterhead, Rusted Root, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Sean Malone, Jethro Tull, RUSH, Neil Peart, Opeth, Sting, Genesis, bruce Springsteen, Yes, Incubus, King Crimson, & Al Dimeola



Written By: EOA

David was a boy with a truth stone in his pocket
Gonna step up won’t back down
He ain’t afraid of any intimidation
He will stand fast hold his ground
And even if the old men turn away
He gonna stand tall and fight it anyway

He was not afraid
A lie ……..

David, David
Fight that monster

David was a boy with a truth stone in his pocket
Gonna step up won’t back down
He ain’t afraid of any legislation
Passed to keep his freedoms down
And even if his friends and family turn away
He’s gonna stand up and fight them anyway

He was not afraid
A lie……..
But he did it anyway
Ands survived
To thirve
And became a King that day

David, David, David, David,


Written By: EOA

The most common question wrongly answered, more elusive than the cure for caner
Or maybe there’s no truth all, we neither rise nor burn and fall
Perhaps a three pound brain contains the whole, of it all

Locked outside of the gate here, thinking I should return a little bit later
But maybe it’s not manned at all, another ornate party hall
Three million tons of stone without a soul

I don’t know
I’ve been troubled since I was five,
When no one could adequately explain why we happened to be alive
Always hidden behind lies and disguises

I continue

To look for you, maybe the answer is you, I look for you

Not in the places that they say, always hidden in the hearsay
In the gilded halls of justice, or my lonely kitchen room
I look for you, I look for you

To know the nature of an atom lost in the tranquil of a midsummer’s twilight
I look for you
In the essence of these things I see and do
I look for you

Bubbles at the bottom of my glass, the knowledge of a dream in the which the embers last
Underneath the ashes f our everyday, I pray for you, TO STEP UP (and fan the fire)
I look for you
You thought I would have know by now, didn’t ya, didn’t ya

I, I, sometimes I wonder why, why, I need to try so desperately

To look for you, I look for you
OLEANDER, poison but beautiful

The moon reflecting on the water, in the smile of my daughter
In the bloody efforts of my hands that no one seems to understand

I look for you, TO STEP UP, and fan the fire, I look for ……….

I, I, I, look for, I, I, I don’t know what to do, I, I, I thought I knew I thought I knew, that it was I, I, was it always I, I, was it always me, always was it……. I

I look for you, Maybe some day you’ll leap through


Written By: EOA

Amy had a drinking problem, and knew that they all knew
but that devil had fueled her success
so what could she now do?
Staggering on the precipice, her topography of strife
revealing failure as a mother, and a cartoon nasty wife
is this my life?

Daniel made three million dollars, dealing darkly sides
speeding in his Cadillac,
swatting truth like flies,
examples lead his children, savage mimics of his greed
has he done one single good thing, or has he just added weeds
what is this life, for?

the things that we refuse to see, limiting our thoughts,
avenues left unexplored, are SO OUTRAGEOUS
we ignore the energy, the fabric space and time,
stare vacantly into the day, it’s SO OUTRAGEOUS
outrageous, outrageous, it’s so outrageous

Maybe we all have a problem, fearing to decide
can we accept a quantum theory
and know we can not hide
Tie me to the universe, send my atoms through the sun
I’m turning from my singular and melting in to One.
I can change my life.

and everything that separates, removes us from the core,
and segregates in distinct camps, is SO OUTRAGEOUS
one improbability is what I call your life
ignoring possibilities, is SO OUTRAGEOUS
outrageous, outrageous, it’s so outrageous

this is my life.


Written By: EOA

she took a step back from the edge
and focused on her leather shoes
they were worn in places she had never noticed
so many miles she had forged ahead, how many happy?

tomorrow brings a chance to try again,
maybe, Amy might have something to discuss.

his nasty garden bore some bitter fruit
and they vultured around, around
they were mean in ways he couldn’t bear to notice
lonely digits lost their luster gold,
can't buy his kids a soul

save me
could this somehow rearrange?
if only I engage (in love)

tomorrow was a new chance yesterday,
today, tomorrow is another day away,

I’ll pray to God, if it seems you really care for me,
and if I love, please don’t peg me to a tree,
if I’m not what you supposed that I should be

maybe I can change
take a step in to the strange

tomorrow is a chance to try again
maybe, we could find some space to love again
in a sea of energy
that links the fabric you to me
we can change what
we can be.


This Great Experiment

Written By: EOA

Look around, confounded, upside down,
feet in the air and spider bound.
Left to drown, and ground, sold by the pound,
but still afraid to make a sound.

Crack your eyes, SURPRISE, you're still alive
although a shadow of your former size,
we must rise, devise, and organize,
to save the Great Experiment (right now)

but what you really ought to know………
We're on our way (media babble)
to a land where lies are true
because they're said, and said, and said,
To a home where fear
smothers liberty in bed,
where we bleed our young
to gorge the one percent,……

Let us amass, with class, informed, kick ass,
Truth and humor can split callousness
and never fear to scream, "Alas!,
that this is NOT FOR ME!"

To lose this game, the shame, we're all to blame,
to leave the prize in charge of the insane,
but now its handled by a clan with plans
the kill our Great Experiment

so what you really ought to know…… (right now)
We're on our way
to a place where corporations
are the law
and our children are well oiled
from birth for war,
whispering tales of freedoms lost…..
not needed,…….

NO! Can't let them ruin this Great Experiment!

(break) dead presidents speak and no one listens

NO! Can't let them ruin this Great Experiment!


The Most Common Question 2010
Abandoned 2006
Eyes of Argus 2003
Christmas Card 1998

Set List

Show Me, Oleander, Outrageous, Maybe,Downtown, 505, Democracy, Truth Hurts, Prison Me, Abandoned, Energy Wasted, Buffalo, This Great Experiment,