Eyes On Fire

Eyes On Fire

 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

With a commanding live performance, touring experience, an addictive and captivating new record that embodies the prowess and energy of Eyes On Fire, the band is geared to spread their infectious sound to the world.


Welcome to your glimpse into the world of Eyes On Fire. We’d like thank you for paying enough attention to our band that you’ve become interested in what we have to say about ourselves. This is the part where we convince you that were awesome and show you our tough guy promo pic. It’s a good shot though, right?
So, we’re Eyes On Fire…we’re a metal band from Indianapolis. Our mission is to play music all year and meet cool people and make some money. We write heavy music with melodic hooks because we love to throw down but we like having girls at our shows too. People say we remind them of Bullet For My Valentine. I guess we can take that as complimentary, those dudes rip, but there’s elements of all styles of metal in our mix. None of us really like ALL of the same music, there’s a variety in the influence.
Since we started this back in 09 we’ve played a bunch of shows just about anywhere we could go in a weekend and be back for work on Monday and shared stages with some of our favorite bands, put out some killer tunes, dropped a video, made some awesome friends and it’s been amazing. It’s far from over though, the project evolves daily and new music continues to flow. Come catch an EOF live show and you’ll get why we do this.


Anger To Ashes - 2009 debut release

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