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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Self-Promotion Spotlight"

I enjoy moog sounds and high pitched vocals as much as the next guy, but hearing the two combined countless times is too much for any man. It was in this tired state that I came upon Eyes on the Prize. Guitarist Karl Swanson, who's currently repping a great Tombstone avatar ("I'm your Huckleberry"), began a thread in the Self-Promotion forum on behalf of his band, and these kids are impressive. Even if they look like pop punk kids, I'd place them somewhere in the post-hardcore / rock area. They keep the instruments heavy and the vocals harsh without resorting to screaming gibberish. I don't believe their first EP is available for purchase online yet, but their myspace page is chock full of songs. Give them a visit and tell them AbsolutePunk.net sent you.

Recommended Listening"Subrosa Seductive," "Is There No One Else"

For Fans OfThrice, Saosin, Park, Senses Fail, New Jersey teens who can rock alongside the big boys


Link to review:

http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=308091 - Absolutepunk.net by Adrian Villagomez

"Small Band Round Up"

Eyes On The Prize has just released a 4 song online EP on their myspace. It was produced by Dion Paci and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=295787 - Absolutepunk.net by Jamie Pham


Singles from our upcoming full length recorded by Ace Enders:

I'm No Amateur, I'm a Pro; a Veteran If You Will.
She Always Knows

Anything/Everything EP (Subrosa Seductive, Anything Everything, I Alone, Spontaneous)

Dual Single EP (This Device Can Perform Faster and Is There No One Else)

Self-titled EP ( The Story, Knock on the Blanket, You Find Me, 322 and Habeas Corbus [Things You Take])

Single Tracks include:

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause Cover (Christmas Special)
The Score was Tied 3-3



Most musically devoted individuals claim that friendship can cloud and deteriorate progression in musicianship. In the case of Eyes on the Prize, nothing is further from the truth. Five young boys met in the middle school and developed a friendship immediately. The entire quintet was desperately dedicated to music and all had rivaling bands. The root of Eyes on the Prize was established as a band in their seventh year of schooling know as 9-star in the year 2003. Original members were Jeff Salkowski, Kevin Ferry, and Kyle McCloskey. The current lead vocalist and guitarist of Eyes on the Prize, Patrick McCue, was in a different band at the time, as was current lead guitarist, Karl Swanson. Both of their bands disintegrated once high school hit. Kevin, Jeff and Kyle wanted to start taking their music further than pop punk covers and generic original tracks. They recruited Patrick in late 2004, the band immediately developed interest all over their town competing with the biggest high school fish.

In 2005 the band recorded a five song self-titled demo; despite the young age of the musicians people were starting to take this once proclaimed “middle-school” band a bit more seriously. During this time, Karl Swanson was needy for some sort of musical outlet and decided that there was no better group to join other than his best friends’ who were also in need of another guitarist to fill their sound. Karl started playing overdubs that Jeff laid down on the demo as well as adding some of his own artistic input and taking advice from the veteran members, especially McCue.

One year later they realized that just playing local shows with the same five song set would not aid to the goals they so desired to attain. After this realization they commenced writing for their new EP. After reaching two songs and playing them live, their fans became desperate for a recording, so instead they recorded the two songs and promised a better-produced EP later on. The two songs eventually got hooked up with one of the most premier booking agents in southern New Jersey simply known as Brad. They were also asked to play for Philadelphia’s Trocadero. Getting caught up in the local scene, the band put off writing material and made minor adjustments to their old songs to catch up with their artistic maturity.

After gaining a following spanning out into Pennsylvania, North Jersey, New York and Delaware they knew it was time to hit the studio again. The band also noticed how their style had changed just enough to no longer be recognized as The Atlantic they once were. With a new EP on the way it was decided a reinvention of the band was also due. They hit the studio in early 2007 with producer Dion Paci with four new songs they knew were their ticket to fulfilling what they wanted as musicians and also winning the hearts and emotion of new fans while keeping the integrity of a tight knit group their old fans had come to love.

During the entire recording process one common theme was ever present as a group of artists and friends alike: keeping their eyes on the prize of making music that is valuable to not only them as interpreters of life, but also to their fans, who now were more than fans, but supporters and friends. In January of 2008 the EP was fully recorded and mixed; they knew that there was only one place they could send this creation they had birthed which consisted of all of their energy and time. Brand New’s earlier material had influenced the entire band at the early stages of their lives that West West Side seemed to be their only option. Looking back with a fine sense of nostalgia the entire band agreed this would be the place to have their EP mastered.

After the EP dropped, Eyes on the Prize was even further projected into the spotlight; gaining recognition from sources like Alternative Press, Absolutepunk.net, various labels and booking agents, playing Warped Tour and most importantly from fans and friends. Because of this large success, the band decided booking a tour was in order and successfully booked and toured the entire east coast.

Once the majority of the band graduated high school, college became a fairly large road bump. Eventually, Salkowski had realized that his schooling was only getting in the way of the advancement of the band, and decided that it would be best for him to step down from being the guitarist. They all remain great friends with him still, and he still provides his musical input on their newer material, but he left a hole for them to fill.

In September of 2008, the band recruited Dean Marchese to take the role of guitarist/vocalist. Since he was already a close friend of the band, and has all the credentials needed to fill the spot that Jeff left, it was a very easy decision to make. This new addition also gave them the opportunity to further develop their sound, which seemed to be pushing towards a fuller sound. McCue decided to add