Eyes To Fall

Eyes To Fall


Eyes To Fall has a very unique sound. We sound like no other band out there today.


The band was started when singer/songwriter Dave (Vocals/Guitar) and long time friend and band mate Mike (Drums) wanted to see some original demos come to life. Looking for a third member to complete the duo, Mike suggested a co-worker and new friend Karl (Bass). He liked our material and we liked the way he changed our sound. Since then, we have written numerous songs which are now being recorded. We can't wait to get them out to you! This band takes pride in giving you an option of something a little different to listen to. We hope our effort stands out and we also hope to see you supporting the real bands - trying to keep the good scenes alive (they are scarce!) and to see you at the shows ROCKIN' OUT!


Demos 2006
Demos 2007

Set List

Typical Set List:

1. Tear From An Ocean
2. My Favorite Shade of Fire
3. Dying (to see you)
4. Running Out of Lies
5. Fragile
6. Left for Dead
7. From A Far
8. At Your Mercy
9. Shackles for the Free

Eyes To Fall plays a variety of originals and covers. We can play any covers from Metallica to Incubus to Kiss and many more. Our sets can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the show. Every show and set is different - we never play the same set twice.