Eyes to Space

Eyes to Space


The catchiness of 60s pop, the blissed-out chord progressions of grainy educational filmstrips, the bombast of post-rock guitar, and the bouncy synth melodies of old-school Nintendo — all get distorted through the ironic lens of nerd-gone-underground. This is music that’s aggressive, witty and fun.


Eyes to Space plays dance music for the robot intelligentsia! Tone-bending blasts from frontman Jay Cartwright’s homemade keytar punctuate complex, hook-laden songs that anachronistically sample from different genres, including nerd-pop, new wave, prog rock and '70s educational filmstrip music. Songs about science and humanity, the dread and hope for apocalypse: these are thematically bleak tunes presented with relentless glee. Influences include by Devo, They Might be Giants, Trans Am, Blondie, Talking Heads and Iron Maiden.

Since forming in February 2002, they've earned a growing fanbase with their kinetic live show -- playing in their native Chapel Hill, up and down the east coast, in the Midwest and a few dates in Wendy's homeland of Canada. They self-recorded and self-released their first album The Elephant Experiment in January 2003, which was followed up by a four-song EP entitled 4-Sight, released in August 2003 and recorded by Jerry Kee of Duck Kee Studios. Another EP was released in 2005, and a second full-length album will be released in early 2007.

Eyes to Space was recently nominated for Best Rock Band, part of the Independent Weekly's annual Indy music awards - a high honor, as the Independent is the alternative weekly that covers the vibrant Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh, NC music scenes. Eyes to Space was also a spotlighted sonicbids artist in January 2006, and was selected to perform at the Music Law Conference in Gainesville, Florida, in February 2006. The band was also the winner of the first Battle of the Bands in Wilkesboro, North Carolina (Oct. 2004) and won again in 2006 as Best Instrumentalists. They've played in such venues as the Cat's Cradle (Chapel Hill, NC), the Knitting Factory (NYC) and the Earl (Atlanta, GA), and have shared the bill with acts as disparate as Captured! By Robots, Matt Pond PA, IQU, Mary Prankster, the Rosebuds, Get Him Eat Him and Neil Hamburger, among many, many others.

To book Eyes to Space for your next robot sock hop, please email eyestospace@yahoo.com.


Destructive Behavior

Written By: Jay Cartwright

Where you walk there shines a spotlight
Turned on people pulled from boredom
When you close your eyes you're falling
Down a sparkly diamond mine
Any day, in a splash of pink you'll
Shake a hand onstage

But now you're fenced in, hardly breathing
Vacant stares in normal clothes
You hope no one will take your photo
It's harder than it looks
And you're afraid
That you're the dumb one
They're happy to take you on

If they looked you in the eye
They'd see the fire
But instead they see someone
Who's gone nowhere, but is tired

Walk down to the burned out restaurant
Where you used to talk to God
Not the one who's in the bible
The one that you spraypainted on the wall
In gold and purple
You sit and blow smoke rings

And they say that smoking is
Destructive behavior
But until you're famous they're stuck with
Destructive behavior

You're only as old as you feel
You're never too old to enjoy a good meal
You're never too old, to sit and watch tv
Or hide under the blankets from the shadows that you see

Yesterday I heard that they bulldozed the woods
Where we used to get trashed
in your neighborhood

Will it be you
or will it be me
One of us will stare down the other from a screen
Or maybe all of us will find happiness one day
From writing books to shooting films or selling real estate

I'm tired of you shooting down my pies in the sky
You'll never win the prize if you live your life

Where you walk there shines a spotlight
Turned on people pulled from boredom
When you're on your deathbed will you
Wish I'd pulled that cigarette from your hand
Or called your boss and lied that you'd moved on

We'll tell him that you're in the pink
and tickled pink, I'll buy you a drink
We'll tell jokes to the lonely crowds
'til everyone's turned on

In an Unfamiliar Land

Written By: Jay Cartwright

The sky is falling
Does anybody care?
The phone is ringing
Does anybody care?

Will anybody hear us
as they sneak down the stairs
They're on the phone I'm afraid it's time to go
Life's not fair

My stomach's churning
I need a little air
There's plenty where we'll go
Plenty of fresh air

Will anybody miss us
As they fall down the stairs
They're on the phone I'm afraid it's time to go
Life's not fair

Chicken Little
But big are my plans
I'll never fight a fight
that I don't understand
I'd rather go to sleep
In an unfamiliar land

My brain's too valuable to spill out on the sand

The sky is falling
Does anybody care?
I hear explosions
Explosions that aren't there

We're so spineless
We're so childish
They're on the phone I'm afraid it's time to go
Life's not fair

Life's not fair
Life's not fair
Life's not fair
Life's not fair


The Elephant Experiment (full-length self-released album, 2002)
4-Sight (EP, self-released, 2003)
New Frontiers: A Compilation of Up-and-Coming Chapel Hill Bands (song on full-length compilation, Bu Hanan Records, 2004)
EP (self-titled, Solarium Records, Sept. 2005)
From the Bureau of Robotic Affairs (Solarium Records, to be released March 27, 2007)

Set List

The band usually plays a single set with an average length of 45 minutes.
The following is a sample listing of our body of material, our set is chosen from these songs:

The Bottom Stone
Chainlink Fence
Dear Sir
Destructive Behavior
Engineering Entropy
Experts Made the Forecast
Eyes to Space
In an Unfamiliar Land
One Minute Mile
The Rabbit
Small Aisles, All Smiles
There She is Again Standing on the Pier
You Would Love it if You Lived Here