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"A Band With No Fans!"

"One of my driving passions is finding local talent and supporting it - sometimes the music business can get too commercial, prepackaged, and monotonous. Somebody told me about a band from Versailles, Ky called "EYESUPONUS." Now, ever since I started writing this column, I get about three or four bands a month wanting me to write about them. Some are good, some are bad, some are very strange, but every now and then you find a band that is unique in a market full of sameness. Like I said before, I like local talent because of the connection you can have with the artists as opposed to national acts that are impersonal and all-too-often too arrogant to hang with the average Joe.

The first thing I noticed on the "EYESUPONUS" website (I always check out the website before listening to the band) is that they declare that "we have no fans - we have friends." I liked these guys already - they are a band that realizes that the people who come to see them and support them are more than just faces and dollar signs. They realize that their fan base - or friend base, as they would call it - is made up of people they want to connect with on a personal basis. That's good stuff - and THAT'S the key to good Christian music. Christianity has always been spread along social networks; friends simply telling friends their stories. Big, impersonal TV broadcasts and mainstream media convert and minister to very few people. Therefore, a good Christian band will always become personal and connected with their fan base to accomplish their overall mission - the glorification of Jesus Christ.

"EYESUPONUS" is based at Pinckard Baptist Church in Versailles, which is a growing church out in the country off Rt. 169. I would categorize their music as Top 40 style, but it's difficult to find a band to compare them to. Listening to their debut CD, "Fishers of Men," the first thing that stood out to me was the excellent lead guitar playing on the album. Most average garage bands have lead players that can play power chords; this band's lead player, Chris Simpson, knows how to voice his chords and plays more riffs than power chords to really drive the songs. The lead vocalist, Christopher Cool, has a great range and is very strong vocally. The rhythm section, rounded out by bassist Andrew Joyce and drummer Eric Drane, complete the package with solid and tight foundation. I look forward to an opportunity to see them live.

EYESUPONUS can be found at www.eyesuponus.net and on MySpace music. Their debut CD, Fishers of Men, is available now. Check their website and support these local guys who are building their fan base one friend at a time. I'll see you at their next concert." - David Kibler - ME Music News


Album - "Fishers of Men" - (2008)

Singles currently being played on the radio:

"Scars" - in rotation on WLRY in Ohio, ZROCK in Pikeville, KY, TSR (the Spirit Radio), and also in rotation on ChristianRocker.com's internet radio. We are also blessed to announce that "Scars" was ranked #1 overall on ChristianRocker.com's music chart for the months of January and February 2009. That's #1 out of 700+ artists.

"Savor the Moment" - in rotation on ZROCK in Pikeville, KY, TSR (the Spirit Radio), and ChristianRocker.com's internet radio

"I Don't Deserve" - in rotation on ChristianRocker.com's internet radio

"You Bring Me Up" - in rotation on ChristianRocker.com's internet radio



We are a Christian rock/alternative band, based in Georgetown and Versailles, KY. We have been together for four years. After lots of hard work in the studio, we released our debut album, "Fishers of Men" in August 2008. The main reason for our ministry is to reach the lost and spread the word about Jesus Christ.

Since we’ve been together, we’ve performed for crowds ranging from just a few people to approximately 18,000. We have played for small churches, large venues such as the Ichthus Festival and everything in between.