Eyes Wide

Eyes Wide


Undoubtedly loud; there’s a fine balance between indie pop and dirty rock that has this band labelled the best two boy, one girl action you’ll see outside of Thailand this year.


There’s no messing around here; their plug in, tune up and lets go attitude sees them tear through a set and work up a sweat under the bright lights. The whirlwind of distortion is lead by a pounding beat, overlaid with stories of love, life and belonging. Looking to bring an edge back to the scene; this is music for those who at heart, work hard and play harder.

Based in Manchester, you will find these northern souls have given the usual scene an altogether edgier twist. This is the real sound in the city.


Kimberly has recieved some UK radio airplay.

Set List

Average approx 30 mins (longer if required); no covers. Current set includes:

Pull the Trigger
Lies and Beauty
Norther High Rise
You Deserve Better