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"Milk Milk Lemonade"

Saturday, August 23, 2008
Eye Was An Ion

Where updates are concerned, today's featured artist finds us reaching back into some of the earliest days of the MML music blog, It was just over two years ago, on July 7 2006, when we originally presented what was then a two piece from Canada consisting of Mac Colasimone and Ryan Kitchen on the now dormant MML MySpace group page. Another mention of the band was made on our compilation post Celebrating The Duo and, since that time, there have been some recent additions to the lineup. Patrick and Martin (full names/instrumental duties unavailable) now round out the full band experience and there is also great news of an upcoming LP to report. This yet-to-be-titled DIY release, which we are only guessing by the new t-shirts to be self-titled, will become available within the upcoming month of September so it is highly recommended... no wait, mandatory for you dry-tank regulars to visit the Eye Was An Ion MySpace page for updated information on the exact date of release. If our first listen to the track I Will Hunt You is any indication of what to expect out of the latest material from this understated Sudbury, Ontario, Canada indie rock outfit, there will be plenty of additional updates and enthusiasm from our direction.

- Casey


Mon Aug 07, 2007

Fans of early Modest Mouse, Pavement, or Pixies will get a rise out of this multi-talented Canadian Indie band. Real relaxed and diverse music these guys put out and deserve some musical recognition. Enjoy gazing out at the stars in your partners arms while listening to this album. : D - Long Live Desire


Aug.9 2008

First up, Eye Was An Ion from Canada, who are in the process of recording their first album. They have a couple of tracks you can download off of their myspace, and they're highly recommended - if you're in the mood for simple, soothing, indie rock. Looking forward to hearing the album! - angmoh!

"The Sudbury Star"

Boys from Capreol to debut EP at the Townehouse

Eye was an Ion got started more than a decade ago when Capreol natives Ryan Kitchen and Mac Colasimone began writing and recording music together.

In 2006, they began posting music to MySpace, which helped get the word out across the Internet. That created demand for live shows, but that meant they had to put a full band together. Enter drummer Patrick Brierley, an old friend, and guitarist/songwriter Martin Lees, who was found by chance on a random Internet post.

The band will debut the Eye was an Ion EP at a CD release show on May 1 at The Townehouse Tavern. They are writing new songs for a full-length CD to be released next year. The Star spoke to Colasimone on Wednesday morning.

Tell me about your sound.

MC:"It's rock, but it's not a traditional sort of rock. There's not a lot of rules to it. It has a dreamy quality to it, mixed with loud. It's a mixed bag of a lot of influences."

What kind of influences? MC:"Ranging from the Velvet Underground, to Sonic Youth, Pavement, The Pixies ... But we make it as original music."

Can you tell me about your musical relationship with Ryan?

MC:"We grew up in the same town, Capreol. He listened to the softer side of music -- Simon and Garfunkel, Elvis Costello, stuff like that. And I was more into The Pixies and Sonic Youth. We developed a music relationship just by jamming together and playing as fellow guitar players. And we just kept plugging away.

"We started recording our own music in the early '90s, and we just kept recording and recording as a sort of art form. We must have 200 songs ... I'd guess you'd call them lo-fithese days.

"A couple of years ago we got serious about it and started polishing the songs a little and make an eight-song EP."

What do you guys write about? What sorts of topics?

MC:"Ummm, personal experiences, basically, is the main topic. Typically, one of the four of us will have an idea for a song, and one of us will write the lyrics based on personal experience or general observation of life. There's no real reasoning or method behind it. It's whatever comes to mind. And we all have our take on it, and usually the song changes 100 per cent. We all treat it as an art form."

How often do you all get to play live?

MC:"Our first show at the Townehouse went really well, surprisingly enough. We got really good reviews. We practice enough -- once or twice a week -- and we've refined the sound. We've only played together live four times, but people liked it."

How far are you hoping to take the band?

MC:"We're still treating it as a beautiful hobby. We're planning to hopefully take a road trip to Montreal or Toronto to play some shows. We're just having a lot of fun doing it."

What kind of show will you be putting on May 1?

MC:"Well, we'll be playing the whole EP. It's only got eight songs, and we'll be doing 15, so we'll take some out of the vault, and we've written some new ones, as well."

Who's opening for you? MC:"A band called Willett.

They're friends of ours and they were nice enough to come and play with us. And hopefully at the end of the night we're going to get both bands together and jam it out."
Article ID# 1517672 - The Sudbury Star


The Eye was an Ion EP- released May 1st, 2009.
"the measure of attitude" single- streaming on internet radio & podcasts as well as the CBC Radio.



Ryan Kitchen & Mac Colasimone have been writing and recording music together for over 10 years. This duo has always perceived their art to be an outlet of sorts and creating it was a personal passion without the intent of public display. Pressure from friends and colleagues to release their songs was mounting so they decided to release a few tracks. By mid 2006, Eye was an Ion was born and their music was made available on MySpace. A few months had passed and the songs were now being heard with great reviews and a fan following was starting to emerge. The songs were now being streamed on Webcasts, Internet Radio and even featured on CBC Radio. There was now demand for the music to be played in a live setting which posed a significant problem. They had to find other musicians to replicate what they had recorded. After a long journey they had finally found some fantastic musicians and the band was now complete. Patrick Brierley, an old friend and wonderful drummer, had taken up percussion duties and was an obvious compliment to the band. The band also netted the multi-talented Martin Lees , an already seasoned song writer found through friends in the Sudbury music scene.
Eye was an Ion have been extremely busy writing, recording, practicing and playing as many shows as their already busy lives can allow. The band is set to debut "the Eye was an Ion EP" at their CD release show on May 1st, 2009 in their hometown of Sudbury. ON at The Townehouse Tavern. Also, they are writing new songs for a future full length CD to be released by 2010. Keep stopping by the website as new tracks are added often.
Thanks so much for your interest and spread the word.