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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Ezekiel's Eye - EP Review"

Walking by one of the stages at Ichthus 2005, I heard some great modern rock and rock music coming from the speakers. It was Ezekiel's Eye. Listening to their 4 song ep, this captures the style and variety of the band very effectively. "I Will Always" starts off like it is going to be a cover from They Might Be Giants but then the crash begins and a pretty good rock tune hits. The longer the song goes along the more I like it. The guitar chord does get a little repetitious at times though. "My Everything" slows down the pace a bit with a great ballad type song with Police sounding influence. A great chorus kicks in with crashing cymbals and a good bass line. "Run" kicks in a little harder and has more of a hard rock radio number with another good bass line starting in. An aggressive song for the Creed type hard rock fan. "There is so Much More" is a great song which encompasses variety from the other three tracks and does it with great style and control. Looking forward to hearing a full length soon. - Dennis Miner - Wise Men Promotions

"Ezekiel's Eye - Live Concert Review"

...Ezekiel's Eye was up next. These guys were a nice surprise for the evening. Although unsigned, you could tell that these guys were for real. They owned the room, performing songs from their full-length albums and their new EP, "there is so much more."
Their sound was a blend of catchy alternative rock and all-out hard rock. It was all-out high-energy rock led by singer/guitarist Scott Wilson's raspy and passionate voice. This is definitely a band to seek out and keep your eye on.
- Mark Fisher - Times West Virginian


So-Called Beautiful Day, 2000
The Occupants of a Prominent Place, 2003
There Is So Much More, 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Imagine a valley filled with bones. As you look out over it the bones come together to form skeletons. The skeletons stand in silence, growing flesh before your very eyes. You stand there, more than a little nervous, wiping your eyes, wondering if what you see is real. It can’t be real…can it? The bones have become lifeless human beings. They stand in perfect silence before you. And then it happens. God, the same God that spoke the universe into existence, breathes life into the lifeless bodies. This was Ezekiel’s vision. This is what he saw with his own eyes and this is the very same story that would give life to an Orlando based rock band thousands of years later. This is the story that would become the purpose and direction for Ezekiel’s Eye. This is the message that they would bring to a lifeless world.

“Our hope is that our music will pierce people’s hearts and let people know that there is a God who loves them,” says Ezekiel’s Eye’s founder/vocalist/guitarist Scott Wilson. As he speaks the other band members nod in agreement and it becomes quickly evident that this is a band that is passionate about their purpose and their music. “We love to play music, “enthuses drummer Dan Powell, We like it to be ministry as well as self-expression, and I think our songs reflect that passion, but it all comes down to the fact that we love to play music.”

In a musical landscape dominated by pop punk and slickly produced bands, Ezekiel’s Eye offers a fresh sound. Since forming in 1997 the band has released two independent albums, So-Called Beautiful Day (2000) and the occupants of a prominent place (2003). It is the striking and skillful EP there is so much more (2005) though that will undoubtedly stake their claim in the crowded world of rock and roll. Produced by James Paul Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, Underoath, Further Seems Forever) the EP exhibits the style and talent of any veteran rock band. “there is so much more is different from our other releases. The way we write songs and the way we structure them, we have grown a lot and matured in our writing styles,” states Powell. With tight, crisp production and an energetic rock sound that is rarely heard in this day and age it is obvious that this is a band that doesn’t fit the mold yet sounds somehow familiar.

Ezekiel’s Eye is a band dedicated to performing live. While their recordings will certainly move you, their live show will ensure that you never forget their name. In 2003 and 2004 alone the band performed hundreds of shows and completed three coast to coast, national tours. Refusing to be confined to a specific genre Ezekiel’s Eye has performed alongside a variety of bands. From rock outfits like Anberlin, Bleach, Lucerin Blue, and Switchfoot to the artistic sounds of Denison Marrs and Cool Hand Luke to the worshipful By The Tree, Paul Wright, and Smalltown Poets to the vast expanse of hard edged bands like Disciple, GS Megaphone, and Forever Changed, Ezekiel’s Eye have found a place in the hearts of every fan they have stepped in front of regardless of genre. Their music effortlessly transcends the invisible boundaries of modern music.

The heart of Ezekiel’s Eye can be captured in 4 words; passionate, skillful, energetic, and dedicated. Even a casual listen to the band’s music proves the essence of these simple words. They pour from the band, both as people and as musicians. Don’t try to label them because they won’t fit. Don’t try to ignore them because you won’t be able to. Don’t try and run from them because they will catch you. Ezekiel’s Eye is a band that understands their purpose and is ready to take it wherever the road leads.

**For up-to-date tour info and 2004 Past Performances, go to www.ee37.com

**Because of file size restrictions here, please listen to more songs from our 2005 release at www.purevolume.com/ezekielseye