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"The Ten-fingered Tzar of the Tenor Guitar" ------------------------------------ Music that makes lovers think wishes have power!


My music career started by busking in San Diego's Balboa Park in a string band called the Normal Heights Lounge Lizards. It was illegal back then, but the law was in violation of the constitution. We pressed the issue, and the park, with Chip Moon at the helm, issued me the first performer permit. I performed as part of the SD Rep. for a while and moved to Santa Cruz, were I started a new band with friends called La Flor Perdida. We specialized in early Californio music. Later, I was in a large folk-orchestra called the Ethnophonic Orchestra. We specialized in pan-european and Gypsy music.

I moved back to San Diego after six years and got a job as an electric fiddler with the North Forty Band, playing CW at the Lake Wolhford lodge. Moving north again, I've played in a new band with old friends for years called the Budapest Bros. I also do solo appearances.


The Lamb Most Lost

Written By: E. Z. Marc Poschman

The lamb most lost
A hysapiko by EZ Marc Poschman

Verse: !

There's a story in the bible in a chapter called "fifteen",
and it's one of them Luke swears that Jesus told...
Of a lamb that went a-wandering, got lost down a ravine
and how God felt about the ninety nine that stayed among the fold.

Jesus tells us in line seven that there'll always be more joy
With the one who makes it back into the flock.
Was he trying to pull your leg, are you calling him a liar,
Or maybe just a guy who liked to hear himself talk.


Jesus paid for all your sins, so make it worth his fuckin' while
Get your asses out of church, for heaven's sake
With a death bed conversion you can make the angels smile
And in the meantime, just imagine all of the trouble you can make!
(alternate lyric: "pleasures you can take")

Yes, with a death • bed • conversion at the end
you can make him glad he died upon the cross.
Take the risk to make them happy, but leave time to make amends,
and struggle all your life to be the lamb most lost!

Verse: 2

Now there's priests around the world who try to get you not to sin
and to only seek relations apropos...
Then they're caught astride an alterboy stewing in their own chagrin
Could it be that their not telling everybody all they know?

So since Jesus says it's jake with him if we stray from the path
As long as we wander back before the end,
it won't do to act self-rightous,
so we'd best rack up some sins,
'cause we'll want something to barter for eternal dividends!



I've played on three LPs as a side man, and am readying a personal CD for sale that includes songs I've written.
My first video is available here:

Set List

It would depend on what type of music I'm playing.
Several Web Pierce, Ray Price, Hank Williams songs would be on a honky-tonk list.
Many foreign titles like Malazuesella, Yeorgos and Que Importa al Mundo would be among the ethnic songs list.
Only one original song, but it's very dangerous.

Here's a Honky-tonk/Country list I work from:

1. Almost persuaded
2. Always Late
3. Big hurt
4. Bumin' around
5. Carmelita
6. Cherokee Fiddle
7. Crazy Arms
8. Don't let the stars get in your eyes
9. Don't worry 'bout me
10. Girl on the billboard
11. Guitars, Cadilacs
12. Green Door
13. Heard it in a love song
14. Heartaches by the number
15. Hello Mrs. Johnson
16. Honkytonk man
17. Honkytonk blues
18. I can't help it if I'm still in love with you
19. I've got $5 and it's saturday night
20. I'm movin' on
21. It keeps right on a'hurtin'
22. Lonely weekends
23. My shoes keep walkin back
24. Oklahoma hills
25. Oh lonesome me
26. Only daddy that'll walk the line
27. Pi