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Rap sensation, EZ MAYNE was born in the hub of underground music in Dallas, Texas. However, music was not always part of his life’s equation. Raised by a single mother juggling four children and a demanding workload-often placed the youngster with a pocketful of money and in the arms of his grandmother. Influenced early on to hustle for the better things in life is what made EZ MAYNE unique to the game.

Unlike most artists, he jumpstarted life with the motivation and knowledge to hustle to keep his pockets full- finding himself hustling on a basketball court rather than the streets. Landing a full ride to Texas Tech University shooting hoops, the star athlete seemed to be accomplishing the life he had always dreamed….until everything changed with a single jump that caused him to break his knee cap. Forced from playing the game of his life, his focused switched from grinding on the courts to grinding in the streets.

In 2002, EZ MAYNE took a leap of faith when Red Cloud Entertainment called and passed him the microphone instead of a basketball. Thrown into the industry, writing lyrics was the simple part, but his delivery required practice. As the rapper evolved, many notable artists like Big Chief and NFL took notice and started jumping on his tracks, boosting him to the next level. The newly discovered talent began dropping albums representing his motivation like All Around Hustler Vol. 1, All Around Hustler Vol. 2, and I Can Get It On My Own.

Absorbed in the Texas Music Movement, EZ MAYNE is strongly supported by his hood and is paving the way for other young up-and-coming artists with songs like, “Married to the Streets” and “Do It For Tha Hood.” EZ MAYNE is making a bold statement to secure his name as an artist with his album entitle, Triple D, Triple Threat, dropping in late July, 2011. “Assume Tha Position” is a track off the album already heating up the club scene in the DFW. His latest single, “Booming” has fans cranking up the volume and seems to predict the future of his career.

The “Triple D” artist is known for his grind and always giving 110%. True to the streets and to the lyrics he spits, the top notch entertainer says that, “If I ain’t been through it or did it-I can’t rap about it. We all in this together and nobody’s better that the next person.” Continuing to respectfully grind with a goal to help others, EZ MAYNE plans to start his own label, passing the mic to younger artists and giving them the same opportunity he was given,.

EZ MAYNE didn’t originally factor in rap as part of his life’s equation, but it’s clear to see that his hustle and talent equal success. Playing basketball may not have been his destiny, but it simplified his transition to the streets and the game of life where he continues to gain fans with each lyric he spits. EZ MAYNE…..the rapper with talent and motivation, hustling to get to the top in any game.


Greedy Grove Hustlaz Mixtape Vol. 1
I Can Get It On My Own
King Of The Streets