Ezra Furman and the Harpoons

Ezra Furman and the Harpoons


The music of Ezra Furman & The Harpoons is a delicious romp through the innocent years of punk rock but with a devilishly soft, folky edge for the ladies.


Twenty three-year-old Chicago native Ezra Furman
received the greatest Bar Mitzvah present ever. At the
mere age of thirteen he was given a guitar, and ever since he
has been creating memorable and melodic songs with
reckless abandon.

Ezra's fantastic tales challenge your worldview while
pulsing with a frenetic rock energy that could make
even the dead dance.

In 2008, Ezra & The Harpoons appeared by invitation,
at a Lou Reed tribute at SXSW, performing for Lou
Reed himself, graduated college and . . . recorded their
current album, Inside The Human Body, with producer
Brian Deck.

As of 2009, the band has been on successful trips across
the U.S. and Europe, the latter including a well
received set at the Primavera Festival in Barcelona and in Chicago, IL at Lollapalooza.

Currently residing in Brooklyn, the band has returned from a
successful European tour. Besides touring Germany, Spain and the UK on this trip, Ezra & The Harpoons premiered on stages throughout
Austria to promote their #1 radio single on FM4 this summer with their song "Take Off Your Sunglasses".

After SXSW, the band is heading to Los Angeles to record new material with producer Doug Boehm [French Kicks, Starsailor] and are looking for a new label going forward.


"Banging Down the Doors" - Fall 2007 on Minty Fresh Records.

"Inside The Human Body" - October 2008 on Minty Fresh Records.

"MOON FACE: Bootlegs & Road Recordings 2006 - 2009" - October 2009 (Self-released).





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