Ezra Lee

Ezra Lee


Ezra Lee and his band play a variety of styles from Rock 'n' Roll, Country, Honky Tonk through to more blues and swing type tunes, this gets fantastic reactions from young and old, also to the bands credit 90% of the songs are original. Ezra also has 2 CDs out and has a film clip on Australian TV


At 15 years old was was a full-time member of Australia's best loved blues band (The Blues Cowboys),Ezra plays each song in his own style, a mixture of country/rock vocals with a boogie-woogie piano style reminisent of Jerry Lee Lewis and Georgre Jones with a modern sound.


'You Can't Stop A Freight Train',(2009) and 'Out Of The Valley', (2009) recorded for Press- Tone Inernational in Melbourne, Australia.

Set List

Our sets range from 45 mind to an hour depending on requirments and we have 3 hours worth of material, we can send our sets by email if required.