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"Ezra Reich"

Ezra Reich

by Jennifer Brown

Some time back, I wrote some gibberish about the up-and-coming danceable rock genre. Well, it seems someone over at Tractor Beam Management, home to Ezra Reich; a synth-rock marvel took notice and slipped a sweet little CD my way. Or perhaps it was his friends over at Unisex Salon that told him that SZ needed to be one of the first to hear Milkshake Arcade.

With rich vocals that blend all the good of Ric Ocasek, Morrissey, Roy Orbison and Robert Smith with vintage 80’s synthesizer beats, Ezra Reich has a sound that is unique, yet familiar. Exciting and new, but still welcomingly comforting and reassuring, largely in part due to past association. Kind of like that boy I hooked up with, just because he looked like my ex.

Milkshake Arcade, the latest release from Ezra Reich offers multiple throwbacks from the days gone by. Taking cues from many talents of the past; the sugary-sweet innocence of the “girl-groups,” of the 60’s blended with the neo-new-wave glam decadence of the 80’s fares well for this upbeat, energetic album.

A local favorite here in New York with the vintage blazer wearing boys, and cherry lipsticked girls, Ezra Reich has played at various hot spots, including the Knitting Factory, Don Hill’s, Piano’s and most recently, Sin-e. Lucky me, I was able to catch a bit of his set earlier this month at Sin-e. While I had my doubts as to what the evening held in store for me; tactfully trying to avoid a former one-nighter in the crowd, and trying to fend off blissful sleep through the soothingly melodic crooning of Summer Lawns; my mind was put at ease as soon as the smartly—yet colorfully, dressed Ezra Reich took to the stage. Backing his playfully crafted poppy synthed beats was an equally fierce band, proving yet again that the mixing of textured sounds is indeed a pleasing one.

While my stealthy game of hide-and-seek prevented me from playing the role of Louis Lane a la rock club, if you’d like more info on Ezra Reich, check out http://www.ezrareich.com. And if you are a slacker and haven’t made your New Years’ Eve plans yet (good luck with the resolutions), why don’t you swing by Sin-e, Ezra Reich will be there.

- Sugarzine

"Ezra Reich-Milkshake Arcade"

Ezra Reich
by Stephanie Myers

Well thank God. Someone's doing something right.
From the Jazzy hymn "Simplify" to the addictive catchiness of "In The Middle," Ezra Reich's Milkshake Arcade is a coheseive set of polished tunes. Ezra's delivery is reminiscent of Ric Ocasek's deliberatly hiccuping vocals. While the music draws comparisons to David Byrne and Roxy Music, one need not be a fan of either artist to enjoy Reich's work. The energy of the performances on the recordings is excellent - he's talented, sure, but it's also obvious that he's having a lot of fun here.
www.ezrareich.com - The Deli

"aol music year end best of list"


Mike Rich, Entertainment Products
(in no particular order)
1. Prince at Madison Square Garden
2. The Arcade Fire, 'Funeral'
3. Jay-Z & Friends at Madison Square Garden
4. The Libertines, 'The Libertines'
5. Danger Mouse, 'The Grey Album'
6. Ben Kweller, 'On My Way'
7. Franz Ferdinand, 'Franz Ferdinand'
8. Kanye West, 'The College Dropout'
9. Ezra Reich, 'Milkshake Arcade'
10. Jadakiss, 'Why'
11. Ryan Adams, 'Love Is Hell' - aol music


Freeze the Night-self-released -2003
Milkshake Arcade-Tractorbeam-2005
untitled record-unreleased



Ezra Reich is a native New Yorker, now based in Los Angeles, whose music has been described as "Beatles meets Prince" (NY Noise) and compared to "Everything from Bryan Ferry to the Cars" (TimeOut London), with songwriting that "reminds you of the value of melody" (Indieville). Most recently LA artist Juli Crockett wrote, "Ezra Reich’s music is (in my opinion) like John Maus arm-wrestling David Lynch in a Technicolor water ballet" .Here are some things that happened: In 2003, "Behind the Scenes", from Reich's first album Freeze the Night, was featured on AOL Music's First break, with the song being downloaded thousands of times. In early 2004, Reich's music was the theme to a national advertising campaign for Tommy Hilfiger's "H" Line, featuring David Bowie. Ezra spent the rest of the year co-producing his second record, Milkshake Arcade, with Ron A. Shaffer (Ambulance Ltd., Tricky). In early 2006, Reich debuted new material at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, backed by horn and string accompaniment. This would mark the begining of his use of an all female string quartet as a permanent part of the live show. Ezra has toured the UK, played South by Southwest and performs regularly in both New York City and, now, Los Angeles.