Ezra Tarlowe

Ezra Tarlowe


Playing relaxed acoustic music influenced by rock, pop, and folk, Ezra brings a wide variety of acoustic songs to the stage ranging from Otis Redding and Paramore covers to many of his original songs. He is a regular performer at many local venues near his hometown of Hackettstown, New Jersey.


Ezra started his music career by learning to play many classic rock greats in a rock band, but has evolved over the years, turning to a solo acoustic project and expanding his repertoire of covers to include everything from The Rolling Stones to Mumford and Sons, as well as many of his original songs, musically influenced by acoustic rock and folk and lyrically influenced by love and nature.


Ezra's "Back to Eden EP" was released in July 2012, and includes five songs, written and recorded by Ezra. He played the guitar, bass, keyboards, and sings for the EP, and produced it himself, releasing it by the name of Easy T.