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"Arrived to the moment of her big completion?"

November 21, 2007

“It is not what I imagined of Ezter!

I am standing at a pillar of the Palace of Arts and I am enthralled by watching her concert. Her beautiful voice that flows from heart freely rose high in the high registers, shaking lust at the depths, confessions to the souls when she sings in the middle range, as she chants, jubilates, mourns, as she speaks of joy, disappointment, fulfillment, persecution, birth, death, wedding, farewell, hope, disillusion. About the distant past and the close future, the tragically beautiful way of existence. The quiet, shy girl from couple of days ago is now burning, flaming, glowing through everything with her hot passion. Plays the piano, sings, dances. The Jewish songs that were born in more thousand years of distances from each other in her performance give a new, fresh, spontaneous experience. Could it be that the sovereign artist who walks on her own way without languidity and who does not know compromise finally arrived to the moment of her big completion?”

- Women’s Magazine (Written by Andras Szego)

"The upbeat of the record is already new sounding"

December 27. 2007. - January 9. 2008.

“ … The upbeat of the record is already new sounding. It is stirring through the well-know New York klezmer tune, Bei Mir Bist Du Shein with electronic sounds, and in this spirit travels it through places and times through the whole material. On the techno, house bases the ancient Yiddish songs and the fresher Jewish musical themes twist as convolvulus; the tradition and the most modern sound meet each other in some totally new patent. Accordingly to that the arrangement is pretty mixed, equally heard the clarinet which is indispensable in klezmer music, while the bass persistently pulsates, the keyboard works and throbs the rhythm…”

- Pesti Program

"It is a strike of a genius, a brand new idea of music"

June-July 2008.

„When I received her record, I was not prepared that Ezter would go far away from authentic arrangements towards pop, so I had to go after the changes. Fodo, the Ezter project’s drummer, arranger and composer is the principal, he is the reason of all. (…)

The music primarily is the rethinking of traditional Jewish music performed in Hebrew, English and Hungarian. It is a strike of a genius, a brand new idea of music, which is rare nowadays.”

- Musician’s Magazine


(Miss Biro Publishing, 2007)
Our songs are played on radio and TV in Hungary
More information at www.ezter.com



Ezter performs a spectacular show with projections and light effects. The production has Ezter, 6 musicians, a sound and a light engineer and 2 Visual Jockeys. The instruments include drums, clarinet, kaval, gadulka, Bulgarian bagpipe, melodica, keyboard, bass, guitar and percussions on which outstanding musicians play. This show is an extraordinary, youthful production that fits outdoor festivals and major stages as well as music clubs.

The band’s latest shows include the ones at A38 boat (Budapest), The Palace of the Arts (Budapest) and the Zaragoza World Expo (Spain). One of the songs from the record was chosen for Hungary’s main promotional compilation record, the Hungry for Hungary (released in 15 000 copies).

Eszter Biro „Ezter“ is inspired by the Jewish musical tradition of the Eastern European heritage in which she grew up. In versatile composer, arranger, drummer Fodo she had found her dream musical partner. The ancient Jewish songs are sung in 9 different languages in modern, electro-acoustic arrangement with strong visual messages as projections by the Kiego Izzok VJ team. The newest folk song is in Yiddish from the beginning of the 20th century from New York and the most ancient is in Aramaic from a thousand year ago from Iraq.