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Ezy Payne

Borough of Queens, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Borough of Queens, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"‘BMZ’ Is An Hip Hop Music Which Is Made By The Sensational Ezy Payne Entertainment Latest News Music July 11, 2018 Ezy Payne Philadelphia, Jul 11, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Ezy Payne has come with his uplifting BMZ. The song is high as the musical work"

Philadelphia, Jul 11, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Ezy Payne has come with his uplifting BMZ. The song is high as the musical work and his vocal is very attractive. He is an independent singer all the way from Cameroon, Africa and the styling of music will heal your mind. His rapping style is different from others. You will never get bored after hearing his incredible music. He is rich in spirit and everyone will understand the kind of work he does. The perfection and the tune are perfect for anyone. If deep down somewhere you feel bad his song is nice to make you happy. You will get all of his songs rather than BMZ on SoundCloud.

Ezy Panes vocal work goes from high to low and his super enthusiastic flow will trigger into your mind. He has also done one important event at Philadelphia and has made his place famous. He is famous among all hip hop fans and you will also become one of his followers. The soundscape is positive and you will get super addicted to his music. The verses have a modern kind of beat offers great excitement. The touch of grace and melody is quite infectious. His song has different kind of connection which you will like to hear.

Ezy Panes song offers magic and the styling with different kinds of instruments too is nice. The positive kind of flow in his music will boost up your mind. The true nature of music is really interesting. You will groove to his amazing beat and smoothness. You will have a different kind of feel after you hear his music. If you want to feel relaxed his songs are great. You will love his BMZ because it is lively and penetrative. The boost up sensation and the creativity will bring one good smile at your face. - Scoop 24x7

"Ezy Payne Delivers His Best Performances Through New Track ‘Believe’"

Philadelphia, Jul 17, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Ezy Payne is confident with his new released tracks. His music playing ability will give you the best experiences ever. This artist first got inclined to music at a tender age. When he was only 22 years old he used to perform at different shows. Ezy Payne is also known to his audiences as Michael Ngufor. Being a 22 years old singing star, he has driven good audience count in his soundcloud profile. The variation he has brought in his tracks is amazing. It creates a new aura that anybody will love to enjoy. Ezy Paynes new creation Believe is an unbelievable piece that has driven traffic in his music profile.

The singer is really creating buzz with this new single. The opening riffs and guitar chords are perfectly mingled with each other. The beats that he introduces throughout the single have a true throw of musicality that is based on hip hop and rap. The pitches instantly switch between high to low. His vocal effects have mesmerized many other singers and listeners as well. Believe has evolved with its musicality. The more you will listen to this song, the more you will get deep into its new rhythmic fusions.

In Believe, the artist has a lot to offer to his audiences. The song reflects a new energy, excellent soundscape and the unmatchable backdrop as well. No matter, how your mood is, it is always a pleasure to experience the back-to-back new releases of the rising star Ezy Payne. The artist was landed in Philadelphia for pursuing his music career and shine in this field. Ezy Payne is ready to offer you with a mind-blowing music while you will tune into the latest released track Believe. Being a pro musician, he has the sense of rhythm and verse which has helped him a lot in crafting outstanding hip hop tracks. - Scoop 24x7

"Ezy Payne Depicts New Upbeat Combinations in the Latest Song 'i8'"

Ezy Payne has focused on his latest music ‘i8’ to deliver all new hip hop beats. His listeners are excited to get into the upbeat combinations. Surprisingly, ‘i8’ covers raw hip hop musicality along with the best soundscape. There is a deep yet dark presentation that has encouraged the lyricism of the song. The distant drum-line adds a layer of realness and it gives another means to the single. A reverb-soaked rhythmic blend has made the song a big hit amongst the crowd. This young guy Ezy Payne has introduced a thick yet simple and groovy melody throughout the tracks.

The lyrics therefore leave a similar effect as it boost s the enthusiasm in you. Without any doubt, the singer is going to grab the first line position in the soundcloud. There is a new swagger that is connected with the verses and gives an appropriate vibe to the ears. The leading vocal performances by the singer will leave you in a state of amazement. Whenever you will listen to the song, it offers a good time and relaxing mood. The artist has also highlighted the blissful soundscape in the track ‘i8’.

The beats in the music is brilliantly organized with the unison of the lyrical prowess. ‘i8’ has presented all the new hip hop and rapping style in front of the listeners. The fans and followers are eager to get into its tune. The word playing ability of the singer will mesmerize you as well. Moreover, his skills and knowledge on rapping style will revive your energetic nerves. The voice and consciously sharp displays of language will add excellent vibrancy. The perfect rhythm, down-tempo as well as the immense synth synchronization have made Ezy Payne’s song a true hip hop track. Ezy Payne is ready to work on many other tracks. To experience his outstanding skills, stay tuned! - Open PR


i8 - 2018
Bag on Me - 2018
Believe - 2018
Notice - 2018
Trapalina - 2018
Ezyy - 2018
My Way - 2018
Trappin we Love - 2018
Moufasa - 2018
BMZ - 2018



Michael Ngufor, a.k.a Ezy Payne now 22, spent his childhood in the heart of Queens, New York. Creating unique sound since a young age, in 2016 Ezy started to gain noticeable traction internationally. Specifically in Canada and France. In 2017-2018, he has performed throughout New York City, Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia and Washington DC. He has also opened up for acts such as MoneyBagg yo, Gillie The Kid, Kash Doll, A Boogie and, Lil' Baby. With each loving every aspect of his music and live performance. Ezy Payne's sound is described as commercial hip-hop with a hint of rock. What makes him so special is his "Hit song" only mentality and stellar live performance. In 2018, he released 10 singles globally. Gaining 50k plus plays. As of today, Ezy Payne is primarily on the road performing and promoting his newly released single "i8". Stay updated, as he may be coming to a city near you.