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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop Soul




"Los Angeles’ Own F.Y.I. Asks Audiophiles To Not Judge In “These The Times” Video"

A standout cut from the album, ameriBLACKKK, rapper-songwriter F.Y.I. offers his definitive account of everyday life experiences.
Those Chosen rap group impresario, F.Y.I., has released a host of songs, mixtapes and videos to help burgeon his brand. Successful at being sharp, timely and present in what’s going on in the world, this Los Angeles rising talent has worked with some of the best in the business from IZ Avila to Wes Jackson to Ab-Soul.
Fast forward to today, and we’re ecstatic to share with you all the newest video project from F.Y.I. “These The Times,” directed by Marlon “Hightop Bully” Womack this cut finds us watching the real unfold as life music. “The culture of hip-hop is in the music,” F.Y.I. said in a press release. “All the triumphs, transitions and tragedies of life are all captured in my music,” he explained.
Much like the album ameriBLACKKK, F.Y.I. examines the ins and outs of racism, mental health and love, using his patented style and rhyme schemes. If you’re a fan of quality lyrics and universal themes then F.Y.I. is a relatable and must-hear effort for those who are. With featured guests such as Sir Jon Lee, Kaye Fox, Ryck Jane and Front Page — pressing play and copping this album are two of the best things you can do on this Tuesday winning afternoon. - Okayplayer.com

"Check Out F.Y.I.'s Latest Single Entitled "These The Times" (Don't Judge)"

Sit back and allow F.Y.I. to school you on how to maneuver through this thing called ‘life’ with the release of his new single “These The Times (Don’t Judge)“, with vocals by Kaye Fox and produced by Sir Jon Lee. The L.A. native’s new track reflects the hopeful mindset that the hard times shall pass and those hard times are also defined by the decisions we make. When we live in a society which determines, based on very bias factors, your quality of life, you can’t afford to get caught slipping. F.Y.I. does not want to judge but rather “provide the antidote” for the survival of his people.
He knows everyone has the potential to be great but are we really embracing our strengths, or are we just focused on quickly obtaining the things that don’t matter? Why you all figure that out be sure to prep yourself for F.Y.I.’s upcoming album ameriBLACKKK. Check out the track by clicking here. - The Source Magazine

"F.Y.I. – “ameriBLACKKK” (Album)"

“ameriBLACKKK”, new album by Los Angeles based rapper F.Y.I..  It’s the most definitive account of everyday life experiences of a society determined to elevate themselves and the communities they come from, also examining an array of life experiences ranging from racism, love, to mental health issues.   The project features Sir Jon Lee, Kaye Fox, Ryck Jane, and Front Page - Underground Hip Hop Blog

"ameriBLACKKK by F.Y.I."

L.A. emcee, F.Y.I., is presenting hip-hop lovers with a new album, ameriBLACKKK. With the striking album art and title, F.Y.I., is looking to strike a conversation about the current state of the [mis]treatment of African-Americans along with looking at the lineage of the continuous cycle since the beginning of the country. The name "ameriBLACKKK' is a way of describing himself and the community that he is a part of.

Within his music, the album was kicked off by its soulful lead track, "These The TImes (Don't Judge)" produced by Sir Jon Lee featuring Kaye Foxx and horn player, Ryck Jane. He utilizes verses and lines that hits you whether on a personal or indirect level, listeners will definitely gain an understanding as well as encourage important subject matters to be addressed about our communities.

https://magazines.jilster.com/pageflip/?magazine_id=213371&fullscreen=true#page/23 - Brash Magazine! "Making Noise On The Indie Scene"

"F.Y.I. Drops Animated “These The Times (Don’t Judge)” Visual"

Bring the bars from the West-Coast FYI delivers a sobering visual that makes you actually think about how crazy this damn world is. According to Okayplayer, “Much like the album ameriBLACKKK, F.Y.I. examines the ins and outs of racism, mental health and love, using his patented style and rhyme schemes.” This project is about quality lyrics and cool relaxing vibes. - Boi1da.com

"F.Y.I. - "These The Times (Don't Judge)""

F.Y.I., better than many, represents the true shift the Los Angeles hip hop scene has experienced over the past few years. Guys like him, Kendrick Lamar, and Ab-Soul have LA rap being about much more than gangsta rap, but also true lyricism. Continuing his run, F.Y.I. has a new album in store and “These The Times (Don’t Judge)” is the latest single from that album. - Hip-Hop Vibe

"Listen: F.Y.I. (@fyipsalms) - "These The Times (Don't Judge)""

F.Y.I. knows how to make an instant impression. You can’t really stumble across artwork such as this and not pay attention. “These The Times (Don’t Judge)” kicks off with the melodious vocals of Kaye Fox (who also laid down vocals for J. Cole’s “For Your Eyez Only) and horn player Ryck Jane. The song, produced by Sir Jon Lee, is the lead single from his forthcoming album ameriBLACKKK. Despite the ominous artwork, the song has an upbeat vibe and serves as motivation for those who may feel disoriented in these dark times.
“Whether you’re in a classroom, working a 9-5 or chasing your dreams, this song is the theme music. It sets the tone for the new project…” – F.Y.I. - Raw Roots (United Kingdom Music Blog)

""Yo! The Places You'll Go" goes #1 on WPTSradio CMJ's Hip-Hop Charts"

CMJ Issue #1390

Hip-Hop Chart reported by WPTSradio (http://wptsradio.org/) to CMJ

WPTSradio was voted "Best College Radio Station" according to MTVu - College Music Journal (CMJ)

"Age/Sex/Location #1 MOST ADDED on Hip-Hop Charts at KUNV"

#1 Most Added on Hip-Hop Charts at Las Vegas' KUNV - CMJ Chart

"Age/Sex/Location #5 MOST ADDED Record on CMJ Hip-Hop Charts"

"Age/Sex/Location" is the #5 MOST ADDED record on CMJ Hip-Hop Charts!! - College Music Journal (CMJ) Issue #1424

"Good Vibes Only Fundraiser"

Sunday, February 21, 2016 was all about good vibes only. We had our first fundraiser to start the process on creating ‘Good Vibes Only’—a music based festival for independent artists also an event to raise money for Lupus LA. Sunday also marked the day for All Access Blog’s first event and our 1 year anniversary since bringing the blog out of hiatus February 21, 2015.

Skateboard shop, Crown Roots, opened their doors to us as the beautiful ladies of Dizon Dreams hosted; making sure everyone had a good time. The fundraiser’s performers Julian Keyz, Jon Savage, FYI, Knottyboy, Stevie Rockit and Kity Maureen proved it was all about good vibes as they all left everything they had out on stage.

Julian Keyz kicked off the evening’s entertainment with a live band and an energy filled performance while Jon Savage started his performance off with a freestyle that showcased his lyricism, quickly gaining the undivided attention of the audience. F.Y.I. spoke nothing but the truth and demanded audience participation such as when performing “Hueman”, his second single from his EP ‘Age/Sex/Location’.

Heading into the second half of performances, Knottyboy shocked the crowd with fast-talking, long winded raps and hard-hitting beats that made everyone really feel the music. Slowing it down, Stevie Rockit helped us wind down as he serenaded us with his strong R&B vocals and the queen of the night, the only female performer, Kity Maureen wrapped up performances by caressing our ears with her sexy and sultry sound.

The event’s art was donated by artists Tray Lee, Tyrone Jennings and Taylor Reinhold.

With many un-expectancies, thank you to everyone that came out to support Good Vibes Only and All Access Blog. Stay tuned for our next fundraiser to be announced.


Crown Roots (Venue)

Dizon Dreams (Hosts)

Lupus LA (Sponsor)

Shop Bats Breath (Sponsor)

Kiss My Black Arts (Sponsor)

Vshnz Clothing (Sponsor)

Tyrone Jennings (Artist)

Tay (Artist)

Taylor Reinhold (Artist)

Julian Keyz (Musician)

Jon Savage (Musician)

F.Y.I. (Musician)

Knottyboy (Musician)

Stevie Rockit (Musician)

Kity Maureen (Musician)

All who participated in this fundraiser, future fundraisers and the Good Vibes Only Festival will be listed as sub-donors once All Access Blog donates to Lupus LA. - AllAccessBlog.net


From rocking the mic with Top Dawg Entertainment's Ab-Soul to embracing his mission as a creative artist through his latest album ‘Age/ Sex/ Location’, Los Angeles-based F.Y.I. is committed to his artist mission: To show others through actions that God is real. Dizon Dreams talk with the rising emcee on how LA shaped his sound, the importance of building with the right people for ‘Age/Sex/Location’ and staying true to your artistic vision:

Dizon Dreams: How would you describe your artist mission?

F.Y.I.: My artist mission is to show others through my actions that God is real and He lives in me and I live in Him. I'm just a vessel and I'm learning day by day that any wonderful or beautiful things that come from me are from Him and I'm just the messenger from which He brought it out of.

You describe yourself as "hueman" - and on a mission to color the world. What other 'huemans' inspire you in your work?

God. Family. Friends. Foes. Any one of these entities inspires me to create and move forward in this journey I'm on.

You're from mid-city LA. How did your environment and the artists you grew up listening to help shape your sound as an artist?

Yes. I represent Mid-City LA. It's all walks of life around my section of the city. It's raw, it's fast, it's dark, it's light, it's street, it's hippy-dippy and it's niggerish all at the same time. My parents were soul babies so I grew up listening to everything from Rick James to Earth, Wind, and Fire, but when my ears tuned into the hip-hop frequency I never changed the dial, real spittery. It became my DNA. For me, it's way too many artists to name a select few that shaped me into the artist I am today. I studied hip-hop growing up and was part of the culture since day one coming up so whether it's heavy underground or that bubble gum radio rap, I've paid attention to it all to a certain extent. But personally, I've always gravitated towards emcees that had something profound to say along with dope wordplay and other techniques (as a skillful emcee) that sometimes can overshadow the actual subject matter if the listener has not trained themselves to really hear what an emcee is saying. But off top, I'd say Nas, Common, Mos Def, Black Thought, Chuck D, 2Pac, Ice Cube circa '89-93, Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest, OutKast, and Cee-Lo Green of Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley.

What did you enjoy the most about creating/ recording your latest project 'Age/Sex/Location'?

Getting my co-production popping in the sense of orchestrating the mixes of the vocals, the tracks, and getting some live instrumentation on the record. That was a new experience for me. All the singing and melodies were written by me and I pride myself in pushing them lines so lyrically I wanted to smack n*ggas in the face with pillowcases full of bar soap just to let'em know I'm not playing with the bars (haha). The entire process of creating an idea or concept in my head and then having it develop into a recorded piece of work never gets old and with time through God's grace I'm just learning more and more how to play with it and sculpt it into this living breathing thing that grows bigger and bigger in the hearts and minds of people minute by minute.

What advice can you give to other artists creating a unique sound for themselves in this day and age?

In order to create a unique sound, the key word is unique. IMO, if an artist is too fond of or inspired by someone else's story or creative truth then the world will never get know their story or creative truth. The hardest part is for someone to transition from fan to artist. The goal is to a be an artist not a skillful fan that can mimic what people are aleady familiar with sonically. The world does not need another [insert artist name], it needs the next you. If that's not what a person is creating the music for then it won't last or stand the test of time IMO.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2016? (Touring, new projects, etc.)

Seeing God move. He's working everyday. I'm just here to make sure to clock-in and jump on board with His next move because He stays with a dope playbook. With that being said, I'm sure He cooking up more things for me to do as an artist like more high profile gigs, touring, getting crazy merch sales popping, new music, signing a solid deal, all that and more than I can imagine.

To hear more of F.Y.I.’s music, listen now on: https://fyipsalms.bandcamp.com/

And continue the conversation via social:
Twitter: @fyipsalms
instagram: @fyipsalms - www.dizondreams.com

"CviddyTV's Artist To Watch - F.Y.I."

Briefly Introduce Yourself
I’m an emcee from Mid-City Los Angeles, California. My new EP, “AGE/SEX/LOCATION” recently released and is available on www.fyipsalms.com as well as iTunes and other digital outlets. This EP is the follow-up to my record,”Yo! The Places You’ll Go” which went #1 on CMJ hip-hop charts at WPTSradio (Best College Radio Station by MTVu). My songs have been featured on sites like The Source, HipHopDX, EarMilk and Paste Magazine. I’ve has collaborated with Ab-Soul and Grammy Winning Producer,IZ Avila. Fans can find my music on Spotify, iTunes, & Pandora. I’ve been fortunate to have performed at festivals like CMJ, BK Hip-Hop Festival and A3C Hip-Hop Festival with rap’s new & true like Big Sean and De La Soul.
How Long Have You Been Doing Music?
I was formerly known as Foreshadow and I co-founded of the Los Angeles based rap group called Those Chosen, prior to branching out into a solo career in 2012 with the release of a single called “10 Worlds”.
My musical journey began with Those Chosen in the mid-’00’s culminating in recording over 100 songs with the group resulting in official music videos, mixtapes, and commercial releases. I helped bring Those Chosen to prominence over the last several years which landed helped me become one of URB Magazine’s Top 25 Artists to Watch along with a distribution deal with Wes Jackson’s, President/Founder of the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, indie digital imprint Savannah Boogie. Upon signing to the imprint, I wrote some of the major hits that ended up being a part of Those Chosen’s critically acclaimed ep, “5IVE”.

What Do You Want Your Listeners To Get Out Of Your Music?
My new tape, Age/Sex/Location is a progression from the last album, Yo! The Places You’ll Go. Hopefully, when people hear the new material, they hear progression and development of me as an artist and person. I call those that listen to my music, huemans, because to me people are colorful and not one-dimensional. People have many sides to them. They have different hues within their spirit and my music evokes those colors. I describe my music as “life music” and when you hear my music you’re hearing about life whether it’s something personally relatable or something that reminds you of someone that you know with a similar story to what I’m talking about in a song.

Is Hip-Hop Lyricism Experiencing A Renaissance Now? What’s The State Of The Genre?
Honestly, I did not know it was a “genre”. Rap music especially and rappers in general were always supposed to put thought and effort into what they wrote and created songs in my humble opinion. That’s the foundation of understanding I’m coming from. With that being said, I’ll continue to put focus on the rhyme schemes/patterns and being as fresh with it as possible because I’m a hip-hop artist and in rap music you are supposed to throw them spears when you on the mic. Period!

Tell Us About Any Released Or Upcoming Projects?
My new EP, AGE/SEX/LOCATION is available at www.fyipsalms.com or www.fyipsalms.bandcamp or fans can buy it at digital retailers like iTunes.

Hip-hop Is Obviously A Competitive Sport, What Makes You Stand Out?
I’ve heard that before in regards to calling hip-hop a sport. I don’t liken it to a sport, it’s a culture to me. My culture. I stand out in my culture because I’m me. I’m comfortable with being me and love being me and no one in the world can be me. There’s only one me like there’s only one you. I’m an original. One of a kind. No arrogance in these statements I’m just telling you God’s truth. Unfortunately, there seems to be too many in the culture that idolize and want to imitate and emulate somebody else instead of being their God given selves. So until more originals present themselves on a consistent basis; standing out will look more like an exception to the rule instead of the standard.

If Someone Wants To Book You Or Follow You Where Can They Find You On Social Media?
Follow, Like, or Subscribe to me at @FYIpsalms for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud or contact me at my website – www.fyipsalms.com

Website/ Music Links
http://fyipsalms.bandcamp.com/ - CVIDDYTV.com

"Premiere: F.Y.I. - "One Thang""

"One Thang"—the latest single from L.A. rapper F.Y.I.'s new EP Age / Sex / Location—is an urgent, propulsive anthem ready to spread its wings and take flight over the City of Angels. A fresh contribution to the current upper echelon of rappers in F.Y.I.'s hometown (including contemporaries like Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and SchoolBoy Q), "One Thang" is an unapologetic sonic manifesto about putting every last ounce of energy into whatever it is that's most important to you. For F.Y.I., it's clearly his craft—inventive beats, sharp-tongued lyricism, Kareem-caliber skyhook choruses and all. And on "One Thang," the SoCal emcee brings it all home on the song's outro with a quick but ultra-satisfying nod to soul legend Etta James.

"The whole thing sounds like Mid-City Los Angeles on steroids," F.Y.I. says of the new single. "The sound of the song is what the city is about—aggressive, fast-paced, funky, unfuckwitable. I'm basically saying, "Sound the trumpets!" Whatever wave is out right now, it's my duty to create a tsunami coming from Mid City Los Angeles. Whoever people think is their "Top 5 MC," I want to work hard to replace one of their favorites and be that person's new favorite. That 'one thing' in my life can symbolize the mic, creativity, opportunity, my relationship with God, my goals to be a legend and well respected in hip-hop, and the intimate connection I want to share with humans who love my music. It can symbolize so much."

F.Y.I. is set to drop his sophomore release Age / Sex / Location Nov. 10. The new EP was recorded with producer and frequent collaborator Dual Output, best known for his work with 50 Cent and Joe Budden. "Dual Output sends bangers to me unexpectedly at times," F.Y.I. says, "and depending on the mental space I'm in, I may sit on something for awhile and just vibe with the beat, but when I heard 'One Thang,' I felt I had something special. Tracks like this basically write themselves because the instrumental alone is so dope. I just wanted to put my sheen on it with ill lines to make the joint glow. Once I wrote it, it was straight to the kitchen [aka recording studio] to start the cook up as usual."

F.Y.I.’s musical journey began a decade ago under the name Foreshadow with L.A. rap group Those Chosen, whose critically acclaimed EP 5IVE was produced by Grammy winner IZ Avila (Usher, Janet Jackson, Gwen Stefani). His debut solo record, Yo! The Places You'll Go, featured guest verses from fellow Angelenos Ab-Soul and Rich Kidd, and F.Y.I. has been hard at work ever since, performing alongside artists such as The Game, B.O.B., Big Sean, Curren$y, Slick Rick, De La Soul, Pac Div, Dead Prez, Little Brother, Black Milk, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, and Boot Camp Clik—it's an impressive list that reads like it was pulled from a rap-history timeline, from the Golden Era to the present day.

"Unfortunately, my father never got to hear 'One Thang' along with other songs from my new record because he passed away before I even planned to release the tape," F.Y.I. says. "He was my biggest supporter and was an overall good dude. I miss him dearly. He taught me a lot about life and gave me that love for music at an early age. This new project is dedicated to him and my mother because they always believed in me, so I want to go extra hard for them. Lord willing, I can shine bright enough for both of them to see me from Heaven."

Check out "One Thang" in the player above, connect with F.Y.I. on Facebook or Twitter, and you can pre-order a copy of Age / Sex / Location here. - Paste Magazine

"Premiere: F.Y.I. - "No Shx!""

Mid-city Los Angeles rapper F.Y.I. has been doing his thing for over a decade now, formerly going by the name Foreshadow, and co-founding the L.A. rap group Those Chosen in the mid-Aughts, releasing the “5ive” EP in 2010, produced by IZ Avila. His debut, 2014’s “Yo! The Places You’ll Go” with its Dr. Seuss reference, was full of great beats and interesting rhymes with substance, especially on the great tracks “Like Me,” and “Dopamine” featuring Ab-Soul and his Those Chosen cohorts to close out the album. His sophomore project, the new “Age / Sex / Location” EP, arrives next Tuesday. The six-track effort was produced by frequent collaborator Dual Output and builds on its predecessor with dynamite production incorporating live instrumentation, and a dynamite flow to match it. The lead single “No Shx!” (think ‘it’ in lieu of ‘x,’ for the grown-ups) coasts on a smooth dancehall groove built around a lively bass line and melancholic sample that resembles the phrase “you don’t know shit,” with Nigerian-born singer/songwriter Smalls on the hook, and F.Y.I.’s rhymes both quick in speed and wit. Other standout tracks are soul-flipping funky rhymefest opener “One Thang” and the soulful ode to the boo, “Our World.” - Buzzbands.la

"LA's F.Y.I. drops "Mind Body" From His Forthcoming Yo! The Places You'll Go Album"

SoCal MC F.Y.I. releases the debut single from his upcoming LP due in May

F.Y.I. will be releasing his record, Yo! The Places You’ll Go on May 7th 2014. “Mind Body” is the single leading up to this release and is produced by Toronto’s Rich Kidd. F.Y.I tells a story on this track riding beat that mixes a festive soca-like rhythm with some hard hitting drums, which showcases that F.Y.I desires to take music somewhere fresh and innovative. Check out F.Y.I.’s original sound on this gem which is guaranteed to make you check the album.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus) - TheSource.com (The Source Magazine's website)

"Check Out F.Y.I.'s Iz Avila Produced "Gatekeeper" Video"

F.Y.I. releases his visual for “Gatekeeper.” The track is produced by Iz Avila of the Grammy winning superproducer duo the Avila Brothers. This banger is featured on his latest project, Yo! The Places You’ll Go, which features guests such as Ab-Soul and Rich Kidd. Gatekeeper definitely keeps you watching and breaks out of the formulaic run of the mill visuals that most hip-hop fans are used to seeing nowadays. In this age of one hit wonder viral sensations, TMZish scandals, and who has the hottest IG posts for the day; it’s refreshing to see an emcee just provide us with dope music, dope visuals, and bars! Gatekeepers be alert! F.Y.I. got the key. - TheSource.com (The Source Magazine's Website)

"F.Y.I. gives you the "Mind Body" Connection"

For your information, Los Angeles based emcee F.Y.I is ready to take on the Hip Hop game by storm. As one third of Those Chosen, he's no stranger to fame; having been co-signed by guys like the legendary Ras Kass and TDE's Ab-Soul, F.Y.I (who also goes by Foreshadow) has become a rising force, thanks to the aforementioned rappers and his experience in the game. With a catchy soca-inspired instrumental from Toronto's Rich Kidd, "Mind Body" is the Hip Hop summer track you desperately need. Full of energetic horns, grooving beats, and witty bars involving his preference for bow-legged women who are as fine as all outdoors, it's a tune that appeals if your in the mood or some slick lyrics or if you just wanna dance.

"Mind Body" is the first single from F.Y.I's upcoming project, Yo! The Places You'll Go, which is slated for an early summer release and will showcase the rapper's outgoing side without sacrificing his ability to flow and tell a relatable story. Break out the Mai Tais, turn this one up all the way and enjoy. - Earmilk

"CD Review (Hip-Hop): Yo! The Places You'll Go by F.Y.I."

3.5 Stars Out of 5 Stars for GOOD (rating)

Reviewed by: Chris Fiorentino

F.Y.I. presents us with his debut album, Yo! the Places You’ll Go. Coming from central-L.A., F.Y.I. is a part of the rap group trio ‘Those Chosen’ which segued him to have the chance for his own career considering their success. F.Y.I., in his solo work, describes his style as “life music” from considering all the ups and downs that life has to offer instead of rapping about the music industries “rap-game” or bitches and money. This is exactly why his music is unique. He is very charismatic with a production of soulful and deep lyrics that one can relate to when they’re down or happy. His growing popularity has given him the chance to feature some hip hop stars on his album, such as, Ab-Soul, Rich Kidd, and Chauncey Meynor. In his single “Gatekeeper,” gives off a classic hip hop vibe with poetic lyrics dismaying how much of a badass he is. It’s interesting sometimes to see how rappers portray themselves in their opinion. On my favorite track, “The Weeknd,” is just an all-around feel good song about fun times of the weekend in Los Angeles. Something I can relate to since I grew up there. Overall his album is dope.

Yo! The Places You’ll Go
Like Me
Clap Clap
Rattrap feat. Early - WPTSradio

"Video: "Gatekeeper" @FYIpsalms (F.Y.I.)"

This is easily one of the best videos I’ve seen in 2015. F.Y.I. returns with this amazing video for his “Gatekeeper” track. You’ll have to watch it a couple of times because the video captures you and takes your mind away from the lyrical content that F.Y.I. is spitting throughout. Check it out after the break and go grab his Yo! The Places You’ll Go project. - JoeHova's Mindframe

"F.Y.I. - Off The Grid [Breaking Heat]"

AllHipHop highlights F.Y.I.'s video, Off The Grid. - AllHipHop.com

"F.Y.I. - Incense"

I hear a LOT of rappers and one of rappers' favorite thing to say is, "I'm working." What that usually translates to is, "I spend a lot of time in my friend's bedroom studio creepin' on a come up." It's terribly cliche and repetitive but that's what rappin' ass rappers do, so whatever.

Then there are rappers like F.Y.I. He is working. From performing at some of the country's biggest indie music festivals like A3C and CMJ to landing a spot on a reality TV show to being named a Top 25 Artist to Watch on URB Magazine; F.Y.I. is doing real work.

The newest showcase in his storied history is the single, "Incense" produced by LA based hitmaker Shlohmo. It's a cloudy tale of a lascivious late night told in a cryptic style that really sets F.Y.I. apart as an artist. There is a behind the scenes clip available from the video shoot and I can't wait to see it.

Now I need to find my damn incense. "We burning incense slooooowwwww...." - Rox Fontaine

"On The Rise: F.Y.I."

By DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The West Coast is back popping again and their run proves good things do come if a person is patient enough to see it through. Los Angeles has many of the hottest hitmakers on the mainstream and grinders in the streets. Because of their recent success, many wish the “New West” tag would no longer be applied to them.

Understandable, as Los Angeles continues to dominate the game and guys like F.Y.I. begin to make their mark. Also known as Foreshadow, F.Y.I. is currently working on his new street album, Yo! The Places You’ll Go. The album title came during a time when he needed motivation the most.

It’s been a while since Hip Hop Vibe did On The Rise, so it felt right to start it back up with a hungry talent from Los Angeles. F.Y.I. proved he is just that, as he explained how he got to this position in the game and everything he is working on. He told Hip Hop Vibe exactly what fans should expect from him all the time.

Read the entire interview below:

Right now, Los Angeles has a lot going on with their hip hop scene and a lot of stars blowing up, does that give you more confidence in your own rise? It’s a dope time to be from Los Angeles and the entire West Coast, because people around the world are checking for what we’re doing out here. It’s coming back full circle from when the west coast music scene was dominating back in the 1990s.

So to answer the question, yes, I’m super charged about putting new music out to add to the new legacy. Before I became a solo artist, I was able to help add to this new legacy with my group, Those Chosen. The L.A. hip-hop scene started picking up more steam again around 2008 and my group was a part of that first wave of artists from that time period that created all this energy that people are feeling now.

But, I’d like to add that God is good and I keep my confidence in Him as far as when He says it’s time to blow up.

Seeing how your name is beginning to pick up momentum, do you find yourself understanding the struggles established stars mention in their earlier music? Yes, I do. I’m a part of the culture, so I keep my feet are firmly rooted on the ground and I have had my own share of tradegy, transition, and triumph on this journey we call life. I can relate to other artists’ stories because in one sense everyone’s different, but in another sense we are all the same in regards to striving towards getting our artistry heard by as many people as possible.

Some artist’s struggles seem harder than others, but let’s be honest; I’m a black male born in America to a working class family. For those that understand what I am saying, that should explain the path taken thus far for me to reach a certain level of success and what it will continue to take in order for me to reach the full potential of my vision. Because the goal is to become as successful as the legends that influenced me to push the culture forward like NaS, Ice Cube, Common, Kanye West, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, and so on.

Your music, however, is definitely rising and has a growing fan base and Yo! The Places You’ll Go is the title, can you explain how this project came together? I’m going to give ya’ll the short story (laughs). Like I mentioned before, I was in a group called Those Chosen. But, for whatever reason, the other two members of the group did not want to continue to pursue the dream we started together. I guess the drive and determination that it takes to make a splash in the game was not in them anymore. So, I made the decision to continue on my own. At the same time, the group was going on hiatus, I got into trouble with johnny law.

All these issues put me in a dark space and I had to make some hard decisions as an artist and as a man coming into my own. Fast forward a little bit, an associate of mine gave me this book to read as a form of encouragement because he could tell I was going through some shit. The book was called “Oh! The Places You’ll Go” and it was written by Dr. Seuss. I almost threw the book at homie because I was not trying to read no baby book when I had some real things going on in my life. But he was like “just read it” and once I read it, I was like “yo, this book is deep!”

To me, the book is not a little kid’s book in the truest sense of the word. In reality, the book is about life and all it’s ups and downs. You have to have lived though some things in order to fully understand what the book is trying to say. Interestingly, it was the last book that Dr. Seuss wrote before he died and it’s definitely his most introspective one. But don’t get it twisted, ain’t no nursery rhymes on my record at all!!! I liked the book so much that I decided to freak the title and make it my own.

My project is audio literature because I’m not only telling my story, but everyone’s story; so the title and the music go together. When people sit down and listen to the record, they are going to be inspired to keep moving forward towards their destiny and not look back at their defeats. So make sure to download the project off the bandcamp page or support it by purchasing a copy on iTunes when it’s released on May 7, 2014.

In terms of production, Rich Kidd is known for helping make stars, most notably Drake, do you feel as if he will help make another one with you and your project? Good question! Lord willing. God is working! He linked us up musically for a reason and we’ve worked on several records together in the past, and he’s on this project heavy as well. We keep growing together musically, just getting better with each song that we complete. So, I continue to look forward to the future as this connection gets bigger and stronger. It’s that “C – A” connection from Toronto, CAnada to Los Angeles, CAlifornia! In general, niggas shouldn’t sleep, I got bangers on my project from other talented producers as well like IZ Avila, Dual Output, and Boonie Mayfield. It’s been a honor to work with all these talented people.

Ab-Soul will also be contributing to your new project, with a verse, do you have a preexisting relationship with TDE or did you two recently come together for this collaboration? I’ve crossed paths with the TDE camp over the recent years and an opportunity presented itself to get a record done with someone from the camp. It happened to be Soul. I thought of the concept and sent it to him. From there, creative worlds combined to form a new universe the listeners know in song form as “Dopamine” and the rest is history as they say.

Have you taken any pointers from the TDE squad, within itself, and applied it to your own movement? Yes, their business model is solid. It’s obvious from that camp that organization is key and making sure to surround yourself with the right team of like-minded and driven people. Two minds are better than one, but as it is written; a three cord rope is not easily broken and that’s what I see over there at the camp, unity. So, with that being said, I would like the world to become more and more familiar with the collective (I call “huemans”) that surrounds me as this journey continues. This extends not only to my immediate team, but anyone that hears what I’m saying and knows that they are hueman too. Basically, a hueman is a person that is colorful and wants to add color to the world because the world tries to us to trap us into black or white scenarios. This or that. But, we are so much more than the labels that the world puts on us.

On Twitter, you have mentioned having the support from the DJs, who are some of the DJs who have been supporting you? I’m feeling the support from internet DJs out there that follow me on Twitter and have played singles that I’ve released. Of course, college radio shows support and I’m going to continue to service more DJs with records. It’s all about the fans and the DJs and the DJs are one of the most important people to spread the message to listeners about the music.

Definitely, shout out to B-Real (of Cypress Hill), who also spins records under the name Dr. Greenthumb. He has played my video on BREALTV and interviewed me on the Dr. Greenthumb Show. So, props to BREALTV and staff. I’ve gotten love from Mick Boogie with records that I’ve made. Lastly, I chopped it up with DJ Drama and put him up on the music. So, it’s been positive energy and support coming from DJs.

You have a lot going on as a solo artist, but will fans be seeing you pop up on projects from some other artists? Yeah, I’m open to collaborations with other artists that are passionate about their craft like I am. They can hit me up at foreshadowisfyi@gmail.com if they’re trying to collaborate. If it’s dope, then we can take it from there. I did a record with Rich Kidd, it’s not out yet, but it’s going to be fire when y’all hear it. I got some records out with a fellow hueman named Early (The MC). Check out the songs that I featured on from his project. The songs are called “Otherside of the Moon” and “Westcoast Pass.” Me and Early also got a record out with Hollygrove Mikey, who’s down with YMCMB. That song is called “Are We There Yet (A.W.T.Y.).”

Can you let the people know where they can find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Y’all can stay connected and get added to my mailing list for upcoming news at http://www.fyipsalms.com/, or “like” my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FYIpsalms or tweet or RT with hashtag #hueman on twitter at https://twitter.com/FYIpsalms.

I want to also say much love and appreciation for Hip Hop Vibe for speaking with me. - Hip Hop Vibe

"F.Y.I. - Dopamine feat. Ab-Soul & Those Chosen"

A free track featured on F.Y.I. a/k/a Foreshadow's Bandcamp page off his upcoming "Yo! The Places You'll Go" project. - HipHopDX

"F.Y.I. - Dopamine feat. Ab-Soul & Those Chosen"

Off the artist formally known as Foreshadow's (of Those Chosen) solo project Yo! The Places You'll Go, coming soon. - 2DopeBoyz



Saturday / February 21st, 2015 / Rafa’s Lounge (1836 Sunset Studios) in Los Angeles, CA

FREE ENTRY / Doors Open at 9 pm

HomeGrownRadio.Net & All Access Lifestyle Clothing presents DOPAMINE featuring F.Y.I.

F.Y.I. has continued to raise more awareness about his latest project, Yo! The Places You’ll Go and his style of hip-hop which is allowing him to garner a buzz on the hip-hop scene. With the buzz growing, F.Y.I. plans to perform fan favorite songs from the project along with showcasing some of LA’s up-and-coming hip-hop acts prior to him hitting the stage. F.Y.I. has been featured on major hip-hop blogs such as HipHopDX, 2Dopeboyz, BREALtv, and The Source. DOPAMINE is a song featured on his album that has a guest verse from Ab-Soul and is the inspiration behind the event’s name. Fans can anticipate giveaways from All Access Lifestyle clothing along with reasonably priced drinks all night long as they enjoy the music from F.Y.I. and the rest of the artists featured on the event. This is a FREE event and should be one the first entertaining hip-hop events of the new year to attend in Los Angeles, CA. - HomeGrownRadio.Net

"RESPECT. Premiere: F.Y.I. Releases Music Video for “Trust Me”"

The Los Angeles based emcee F.Y.I. has just released his music video for his song “Trust Me.” The video was directed by HighTopBully.
“Trust Me” is a single from F.Y.I.’s EP F.Y.I. Invented Green, and was produced by Dale Danja. The emcee made his musical debut as part of the trio Those Chosen, whose works included the EP 5ive, and were largely produced by Grammy Award winner IZ Avila, . F.Y.I. also collaborated with Ab-Soul on “Dopamine” in 2012 which had made it onto the performers first solo mixtape that also hit #1 on CMJ’s Hip Hop Charts, titled Yo! The Places You’ll Go. He calls his style of music “life music,” saying that, “The culture of hip-hop is in the music.  It’s not just a rapper talking about the “game” of the rap music industry – you hear soul;  you hear culture.   All the triumphs, transitions and tragedies of life are all captured in my music.”
F.Y.I. had some things to say about his new song and the video that was directed for it. The single represents not only his particular style of music, but also his thoughts on the industry that became his inspiration for the single:
“Based on my observation of the culture and how it’s become so commercialized and watered down that people are starving to hear an emcee that they can trust to be raw and express themselves totally with NO false pretense fake sh*t.”
F.Y.I. certainly speaks his mind in his new video, and you can see for yourselves down below if you agree with his observations. - Respect Magazine

"F.Y.I. Presents America's Unsung Truth In "These The Time's (Don't Judge)""

At times life deals cards that leave us feeling cornered. We’re put in situations that force us to survive, which in FYI’s case is to sell drugs and inebriation. From the outside looking in, we never really see what leads up to the situation, and therefore, gives us more reason to not judge a person’s life decisions. This perspective is presented in FYI’s latest single ‘These The Times (Don’t Judge).’

In the first single off his upcoming project ameriBLACKKK, FYI battles himself on countless factors: selling drugs, attending a 4-year university, or simply succumbing to sliding in DMs. The chorus, sung by Kaye Foxx, reveals that these battles are what many young Americans go through, especially African Americans. However, the Los Angeles-based rapper opens up with “Sometimes to see the bigger picture you have to develop the negative/Resuscitate our problem causing drama to have a chance to live,” to show that these battles are what produces the strongest warriors.

As a Filipino American, I don’t fully comprehend the struggles that my African American brothers and sisters go through. I’ve felt cornered, judged and discriminated, but not synonymously. Listening to ‘These The Times (Don’t Judge)’ helps me further understand the situations most African Americans are born in to. It’s sometimes inevitable to be born into a life of selling drugs, but it does also come down to how far any of us are willing to remain in that life.
Though these cards aren’t the best hand to be dealt with, FYI raps “Do I graduate Cal State, or pimp baddies on Instagram?/Either way before I hurt I’ll put a doubter in an ambulance,” where I realize his willingness to place himself in a better situation.

This track depicts his perspective on the black community and how trapped some people may feel, but also leads the way for improvement from this comfortability. ‘These The Times’ will be on his upcoming project ameriBLACKKK. Catch his release party on May 19th at Delicious Pizza in Hollywood. - The Lunch Table Talks


Solo Discography:
F.Y.I. Invented Green (EP)
Age/Sex/Location (EP)

Yo! The Places You'll Go (LP)
10 Worlds (single)
Off The Grid (single)
Dopamine feat. Ab-Soul and Those Chosen (single)
Incense (single)
Clap Clap (single)
Mind Body (single)
Gatekeeper (single)
One Thang (single)
Hueman (single)
Trust Me (single)
Legend Of The G.O.A.T. (single)
These The Times (Don't Judge) (single)

Those Chosen (group) Discography

Book 67 (Double LP)
Stuck Pedestrians (LP)
Reign Food (LP)
5ive (EP)

cA (EP)
Steamulus: The Watts Riot Effect (Mixtape - Hosted by Terry Urban & Mick Boogie)
TC 4 President (mixtape)
Cochise Classics Vol. 1 (mixtape)
The Lion and The Lamb (Solo / Those Chosen Mixtape)
Water (mixtape)
FWMJ's Rappers I Know presents J. Bizness 3P Series Vol. 5 (EP)
Unseen World (vinyl single only)
Lava Lampin' (single)
This is cA feat. Blake Carrington (single)
One Day feat. Rich Kidd (single)
Act Like You Know (single)
Carmeggedon (single)
Just When I Say (single)
Soundclash (single)



F.Y.I., was formerly known as Foreshadow and a co-founder of the Los Angeles based rap group, Those Chosen, prior to branching out into a solo career in 2012 with the release of a single called "10 Worlds". 

His musical journey began with Those Chosen in the mid-2000's culminating in recording over 100 songs resulting in the release of official music videos, mixtapes, and commercial releases.  F.Y.I. helped to bring Those Chosen to prominence over the last several years which landed him as URB Magazine's Top 25 Artists to Watch along with a distribution deal with Wes Jackson's, President/Founder of the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, indie digital imprint Savannah Boogie. Upon signing to the imprint, F.Y.I. helped write some of the major hits that ended up being a part of Those Chosen's critically acclaimed ep, "5IVE".

5IVE was produced mainly by Grammy-Award winning super producer, IZ Avila (of the Avila Brothers) and
featured the #3 record on U.S. College Radio, "Soundclash", along with cuts like "Spare Tires", and "The 1ne". 

Follow up projects and videos with Those Chosen allowed F.Y.I. to work with some of hip-hop's brightest stars such as Alex Da Kid, Rich Kidd, T.H.X. of Drop City Yacht Club, Ras Kass, and Ab-Soul along with helping him build an audience through touring in big market cities, appearing on MTV2, and performing at major music festivals like CMJ, A3C Hip-Hop Festival, and the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival along with rap stars past and present (i.e. B.O.B., Big Sean, Curren$y, Slick Rick and De La Soul).

F.Y.I.'s charisma and passion for music caught the attention of an European network which allowed him to star/co-host in a reality show called Holland in Da Hood which garnered a weekly 1 million viewership for the duration of the show series. The anticipation for the show was such a hit that when the first episode debuted it became the #3 trending topic worldwide on twitter just below the NFL's season opener. 

Now F.Y.I., a self-described hueman, is on a mission to continue to color the world with his songs, tweets, and videos by splashing it with new pictures. In 2014, he released a record called "Yo! The Places You'll Go" that became #1 on the hip-hop charts at WPTSradio (Woodie Award Winner for Best College Radio Station according to MTVu). The record features guest verses from Ab-Soul and Rich Kidd along with groundbreaking beats which compliment the always outspoken and sometimes controversial emcee on a new chapter in his journey through having message over mayhem and walking by faith not by sight.  In 2015, his record "Age/Sex/Location" featured beats entirely from Dual Output and was co-produced by F.Y.I.  A/S/L has become the #5 Most Added Hip-Hop Record on the CMJ Hip-Hop Charts and features the infectious single/video, "One Thang". In 2016, F.Y.I. was the main hip-hop artist featured at the 2016 YouBloom Music Festival and he performed songs from his record, "F.Y.I. Invented Green".  Currently, his latest record, "ameriBLACKKK" has been featured in The Source.

Band Members