Blues-Flavored, Alternative-Metal, with a pinch of reggae.


F1RSTBORNE is composed of 4 members ranging in age from 20 to 38. We are an eclectic, "alt.-metal" band with 2 hours worth of rockin' tunes. Influences range from Iron Maiden, to Satriani, to Bob Marley, to The Smashing Pumpkins.

Tim Dunow, (formerly of "Abstract" and "Dead Meat"), and Doug O'Keefe conceived the premise of the band in summer of 2005. Shortly thereafter, they met with Dan Robles, (also formerly of "Abstract"), and the three started writing material and searching for a drummer. in january of 2006, Brian Flores became the drummer... and we've been rocking pants off, ever since.


Broken Soul

can all be heard on myspace

Set List

Broken Soul 5:00
Helldive 4:00
Hypnotica 5:00
Integrity 8:00
Face the Day 3:30
Maybe you will 4:30
Drunk Bastard 3:00
Hangover 3:15
N.M.F.B. (no money for beer) 4:00
The Leaving 6:30
Not this Man 4:45
Snap City Limits 3:00
Rape and Revenge 5:00