fragile to know one

fragile to know one


Very high energy, experamental metal. A little punk, a little funk, a little dance. We've been compared to bands like Rage against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Pepers, Anthrax, 311, Primus, System Of A Down, and Mudvayne, but we like to let our music speak for itself.


Fragile To Know One was born of the remains of two very different bands from Springfield, Chris and Tyler, played bass and drums for the band Sighlent, a heavy sreamo type band. And Thomas played bass in the band Arazu, a heavy funk/punk pop band. Both bands had some upheaval at about the same time, so Chris, back on his favorite guitar, and Tyler with their newly recruted friend Houston on vocals, gave Thomas a call. A few jams, beers, and practices later Fragile To Know One was born.


We just released Inhumane Society, Demo/Ep, which is our first studio recording and are about to record a full length album this summer.

Set List

We change things up every show. We can play a long set list (hour and a half) or short. Maybe just jam out. We love improv and guest appearances and sometimes we do a cover but mostly original organic jungle beat rock.