Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Fostercare produces dark and surreal electronic music and beats with a progressive edge. With an experiemental take towards pop music, Fostercare incorporates rap, ebm, pop and techno to "blur the line between terror and ecstasy" and present a unique visual and sonic style that is all his own.


Based in Minneapolis via Brooklyn, Fostercare continues to forge new territory as an emerging underground producer and video artist that specializes in emotional, dark and surreal techno-pop with a dance edge. He will be releasing his first vinyl album Altered Creature with the London-based label, Robot Elephant Records, on April 23rd.

Certainly not entirely new to the scene, artist Marc Jason has been making music as Fostercare since 2008. His first official releases were on the syrupy, dark and gritty labels, Disaro and Clan Destine. He has since been reviewed by NME who called out his "inventive sounds" and Altered Zones, who said his songs "blur the line between terror and ecstasy". He has remixed the ethereal goth of White Ring and has played shows with the likes of Pictureplane and Slava. Online he is equally known for his apoplectic and transcendentally bedroom-ravey videos.

You can catch Fostercare this Spring as he ventures on his first full EU tour, also making stops in Russia and the UK. With music driven by arpeggiated sequences, stutters and breakbeats, apocalyptic sentiments and broken dreams, Fostercare is music for the simulacrum- a peeling away of future underworlds and neon pulses. This is a mirror-world answer to The Knife on Adderal, a bedroom rave that gets lost in Lynchian ether. Fostercare is one vision for the hyperactive tomorrow of electronic music.

Fostercare has been interviewed by and profiled in i:D magazine, Dazed and Confused, Word Magazine and other mags.

“Fostercare’s tracks go deeper than the beat..."-Mishka

"Fostercare has everything we love: dark content, rap and rave plus big beatz. How do we call this genre? Maybe: Future primitive okkvlt urban tribal juntz. You name it.” -Electronic Beats

“inventive sounds” -NME

“calls to mind Gary Numan’s cold grandeur. Impressive stuff...” -Cyclic Defrost, Australian magazine

"strangely reminiscent of Underworld's Karl Hyde "-The Quietus

“an intense rave feel- blurring the lines of terror and ecstasy" -Get Off the Coast,Altered Zones blog


Altered Creature (Robot Elephant, Apr 2012)
Stray (self-release, 2011)
Fostercare vs Ritualz (Robot Elephant, 2011)
Second Thoughts (self-release, 2011)
Refixes (self-release, 2010)
Heaven's Gate (Clan Destine, 2010)
Sunfreeze (Disaro, 2010)

"Cold Light" featured on ISVOLT Compilation (Robot Elephant, Dec 2010)

Set List

01 The Empire Will Drain U
02 City of Gods
03 Korean Lesson
04 Welcome World
05 Paint the Mango
06 Future Tribes
07 Sleepless
08 Trans-sensory
09 Deep
10 Daedalus

* can play shorter set