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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | INDIE

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | INDIE
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"Bling a Bitch"

At the beginning of the week Fostercare released his newest EP, Stray. It's actually the first in a five-EP series titled Key of Chains that will be released during the rest of this year and into next. Stray has an intense rave feel to it, blurring the lines of terror and ecstasy throughout. Check out my favorite track from the EP (and one of my favorite tracks of the year so far), and tell your browser bling is a real word if it tries to say otherwise.
- Get off the Coast (an Altered Zones blog)


Hailing from the darkest streets of Brooklyn, Marc Jason aka Fostercare delivered some brilliant, considerably gloomy stuff via Disaro and Clan Destine last year, making him one of the most exciting exponents of that certain genre whose name is banned from these pages. In any case, Marc hit us up with exciting news the other day, announcing a new label he has set up to release a few artists a year, thereby focusing on music “that is experimental and works outside of a singular genre, while also having a distinctly pop aesthetic”, which sounds more than noteworthy to us. The first work dropped via JI9X is Refixes, a collection of Fostercare material that’s been, well, “refixed”, which in the artist’s description means that the jams have been reworked to make them more complex and to add a “screwed rave aesthetic”. Considering the terrific result re Sunfreeze, the title track of last year’s EP on Disaro, he has obviously been successful, as his Blown Out Refix is five minutes of deepest black that nonetheless makes you wanna dance in strange ways, and hasn’t this kind of music always been all about that in essence?

Below, watch the exclusive premiere of the video for the refix of Sunfreeze, an adequately dark piece that indeed is terrifying by all means, a flickering, restless collage of all nightmares you possibly had as of late. You probably shouldn’t watch this right before going to sleep. We’ve warned you. - No Fear of Pop

"Video: Fostercare - Sunfreeze (Blown Out Refix)"

Weird things happen to Fostercare’s face in this vid, cross-eyed and covered in sand. Weird things happen to bare chested people in chains, and on beaches and on soccer fields, and weird things happen to his voice, fighting its way through square waves and wet towels. Weirdly beautiful end though, as vocal glitches expire and the sun sets over Waikiki, a slow-robotting “Jon” from Delocated dancing his screw-rave debut. “Sunfreeze” and nine death-pitched others are available now on Fostercare’s Refixes album.

Read more: - The Fader

"Videodrome: This Week's best videos"

"Burn this City" the latest release from Fostercare has everything we love: dark content, rap and rave plus big beatz. How do we call this genre? Maybe: Future primitive okkvlt urban tribal juntz. You name it. - Electronic Beats

"Review: Fostercare - Second Thoughts"

Fostercare makes music that sounds like it is being made on a laptop from the third floor of the New Rose Crack Hotel. Desolate… desperate, this is Future Elliot Smith music; what it might sound like if Joy Division were raised in Chiba City and not Manchester. Filled with broken dreams and bass even more broken, the music on Second Thoughts lopes with dread and lonlieness.

Although Marc Jason hails from New York, his music could be from anywhere or nowhere. Built upon jagged and amateur beats, his songs are love songs to disgust and disappointment. At times they labor on, but that’s kind of the point. It is not always easy listening, but Fostercare is far from party music. Songs like “Jam” and Scavenger” seem honest, among a whole slew of music being made today that takes pride in sounding false. Utilizing sparse electronics, Jason raps in his own kind of talking blues mantra that may be more spoken word than hip hop. As the songs progress, he utilizes pitch and effects to create an atmosphere where his internal dialogue is externalized. The result is that the listener feels coerced into being a third party to his own inner conflict… and it is as unsettling as it sounds.

Much like the classical No Wave of Lydia Lunch’s 13:13, Fostercare’s Second Thoughts could be accused of being deliciously unlistenable. It seems too simple, and a disservice to all parties to simply lump Fostercare into the category of post Salem drag. What Marc Jason is doing seems to be more a direct descendent of minimal synth and the more challenging music of artists like the Swans and Not Available-era Residents.

Cyberpunk Industrial, perhaps. Future Anti-Folk, indeed. Witch House… absolutely not. - Mishka

"Fostercare and Ritualz Review"

"All the usual witch-house bagagge- enigmatic names, wordplay that mashes up hip-hop and occultism, a megaton of reverb, doesn't obscure these inventive sounds....Brooklynite Fostercare, whose mixtapes mingle This Mortal Coil with classical composers, contributes four Dystopian raps to this split album including the bastardized dubstep of 'Queen' and the gothic reverie of 'Low'." - NME


Altered Creature (Robot Elephant, Apr 2012)
Stray (self-release, 2011)
Fostercare vs Ritualz (Robot Elephant, 2011)
Second Thoughts (self-release, 2011)
Refixes (self-release, 2010)
Heaven's Gate (Clan Destine, 2010)
Sunfreeze (Disaro, 2010)

"Cold Light" featured on ISVOLT Compilation (Robot Elephant, Dec 2010)



Based in Minneapolis via Brooklyn, Fostercare continues to forge new territory as an emerging underground producer and video artist that specializes in emotional, dark and surreal techno-pop with a dance edge. He will be releasing his first vinyl album Altered Creature with the London-based label, Robot Elephant Records, on April 23rd.

Certainly not entirely new to the scene, artist Marc Jason has been making music as Fostercare since 2008. His first official releases were on the syrupy, dark and gritty labels, Disaro and Clan Destine. He has since been reviewed by NME who called out his "inventive sounds" and Altered Zones, who said his songs "blur the line between terror and ecstasy". He has remixed the ethereal goth of White Ring and has played shows with the likes of Pictureplane and Slava. Online he is equally known for his apoplectic and transcendentally bedroom-ravey videos.

You can catch Fostercare this Spring as he ventures on his first full EU tour, also making stops in Russia and the UK. With music driven by arpeggiated sequences, stutters and breakbeats, apocalyptic sentiments and broken dreams, Fostercare is music for the simulacrum- a peeling away of future underworlds and neon pulses. This is a mirror-world answer to The Knife on Adderal, a bedroom rave that gets lost in Lynchian ether. Fostercare is one vision for the hyperactive tomorrow of electronic music.

Fostercare has been interviewed by and profiled in i:D magazine, Dazed and Confused, Word Magazine and other mags.

“Fostercare’s tracks go deeper than the beat..."-Mishka

"Fostercare has everything we love: dark content, rap and rave plus big beatz. How do we call this genre? Maybe: Future primitive okkvlt urban tribal juntz. You name it.” -Electronic Beats

“inventive sounds” -NME

“calls to mind Gary Numan’s cold grandeur. Impressive stuff...” -Cyclic Defrost, Australian magazine

"strangely reminiscent of Underworld's Karl Hyde "-The Quietus

“an intense rave feel- blurring the lines of terror and ecstasy" -Get Off the Coast,Altered Zones blog