Fa'Bidden Jewlz
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Fa'Bidden Jewlz

Ewing, NJ | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | INDIE

Ewing, NJ | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop Soul




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Marvin Leon Griffin I, known in Hip Hop circles as Fa’Bidden Jewlz is an American rapper, producer, and the CEO of Bastardz Alley Production Co. was born December 3, 1974 in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

Fa’Bidden Jewlz is the son of the late George Lee Brookins, Pentecostal preacher. He grew up in Levittown, Pennsylvania, and became involved in the neighborhood hip hop scene at the young age of 9. Beat boxing behind the rhymes of his cousin, Redi Brown, formerly Divine C. Kingdom of the Trenton, New Jersey based rap group Da UndaTakaz.Fa’Bidden Jewlz, then known as MC. Fresh in 1985, made his introduction as an emcee at James Buchanan Elementary School. He was initially introduced to the Nation of Islam in 1991, and later began to follow the path of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.A.W.S. (May peace be upon Him), and took the name Moadib Abdul-Shakur.

He showed an early talent for music, playing baritone tuba for the James Buchanan Elementary School band. He also joined a number of fledgling rap groups at school, including Fa’Z 3 (Phase 3) and the Deuce Crew.His natural talent is evident from old recordings of the time, including a 1992 high-school performance alongside track team members including future star Ill Mass, where he bills himself as “GRIFF (God Revealed in Full Form).” He Joined the army in 1991 as part of the delayed entry program, where he would perform at the NCO clubs on the base all while making a name for himself and his new found partner “Day G” at different events around town such as The “Black Expo”.His decision to leave the army and pursue a music career in1994 and moving to Charlotte, North Carolina was the turning point in his life. He began to concentrate more on his craft and without access to original production purchased his first beat machine.College student and father by day while being rapper and producer by night, Griffin would meet and connect with a few guys that would later become known as K.O.T.R.T. (Knights of the Round Table). Although he was finally starting to get the notoriety that he was looking for, he felt as if something was missing. 1998 he returned back to the place that gave him his voice.Combining forces with Redi Brown to build a family structured record label, See Eye Entertainment was born. In an attempt to merge with Lab Addicts, in 2002 releasing Redi Brown’s “In the Mind of a Shadow” and recording numerous unreleased projects, the partnership seemed to not have the same impact as the idea.
After attempting a separate partnership with fellow rapper/producer Mike Madness, “Shamilal Edutainment” which didn’t fare so well, he figured it was time to make a major move. So in 2009, officially launches his own independent record Label, Bastardz Alley Production Co.  Appearing on numerous projects as Moadib with Redi Brown for See Eye Entertainment and 3rd Phloor Productions, he’d later adopted the name Fa’Bidden Jewlz during his incarceration at the Mercer County Work house in Trenton, New Jersey.
Releasing his 1st full length solo album in 2013, Fa’Bidden Jewlz has since built a name with not only his lyrical skill but his production as well. Having a taste for fashion since a child has influenced the creation of his “Militant Guerrilla” clothing line.Fa’Bidden Jewlz has always been compared to other artists. However, he remains in a lane of his own. DJ Too Tuff of the legendary Tuff Crew is quoted as saying “...Sounds like some Wise Intelligent type shit, but more streetwise feelin your flow and delivery....” Others seem to hear the vibe of Rakim.

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